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WWIII We The People #9 Real News – This is the news that you won’t hear on the “Legacy Media” stations. Boom – here is the firecracker news: We now have the data and facts to support the data and facts that we had 3 years ago.  All the people who had those facts and data were put through many versions of hell.  Some had their name smeared, others were taken off their social platforms that funded their lives.  Some were put in jail for this disinformation that was actually the TRUTH.  And now here we are struggling to continue living under the conditions created and extended in perpetual chaos by the very people who created the mess, continue to lie about it and are threatening/planning to make another pandemic.  These overlords are making the purchase of any items at extraordinarily high prices, squeezing even more stress into an already stress filled seven years.  I’m including the years of bully tactics to Trump that came in 4 years before the same tactics were used on everyone in the general public.  BUT now, we have the data and we have the facts that show how the lies controlled everything.

These are facts that were available three years ago but the main stream media only supported Dr. Fauci.

  1. The sickness was not a virus
  2. The pandemic started in a lab.
  3. The whole agenda was funded by the United States through the NIH and CDC, Dr. Fauci
  4. Frontline Doctors that stood on the steps at the US Capital had all the correct data.
  5. “The Science” that Fauci used was influenced, manipulated and fraudulent.
  6. Anyone who believed any of this was called a conspiracy theorist.

In this video Russell Brand shows the most recent facts covering #1-3, #5-6 above.

Update: October 2023 - This documentary presents only the facts from public records and videos for the 9/11.  Now, look and see if you can still believe what the news told us...


Here is an email from #4 listed above, Frontline Doctors, whom I have supported each month to continue the journey towards independence from medical tyranny and manipulated “science”.

Dear Sandra,

A new study released by Elsevier this week on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine for treating Covid-19 provides even more evidence that what AFLDS reported early on during the “plandemic” was true...

People who took hydroxychloroquine, in combination with another drug, while hospitalized with COVID-19 were less likely to die than those who didn't.

Here’s what we wrote in 2020:

Hydroxychloroquine has been FDA approved for 65 years, has shown remarkable efficacy against SARS-CoV-2, and its use is being wrongly restricted despite the immediate danger to the American people and the rest of the world. ...

As a result, not only are patients not being treated promptly, effectively, and safely, some patients die. And as the fear of the pandemic has overtaken the virus itself and it is impossible to change public and physician opinion quickly enough to save lives, we must make the medication available to the public directly.

America’s Frontline Doctors were right.

I criticized government agencies for their restrictive measures as I knew their actions would cause physical, mental, and financial destruction to the masses. 
Even so, I could not have imagined the extent of corruption and the blatant disregard for human life that would come to define the very institutions intended to protect our well-being.

This new study validates our commitment to present evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of medical treatments.

Our approach did
 prevent unnecessary suffering and unnecessary deaths. Not because we were smarter than everyone else. But because of our unwavering commitment to the unvarnished truth, no matter where it leads

There are costs to those who adhere to this standard, as we’ve documented time and time again. It is why there are so few doctors willing to speak out against medical tyranny. Florida State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo is one of those exceptions. I was honored to host him on the debut of my new podcast, The GOLD REPORT: Ep.1.

This is also why we desperately need courageous supporters like you to ensure our work endures and our mission persists. Your contribution means we can hold the line and continue safeguarding the principles of medical freedom, truth, and informed consent.

Donate Now


At a time when authoritarian influences in our government seek to dismiss evidence-based studies on effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine for political power and financial gain, the significance of your steadfast support cannot be overstated.

Your donation, whatever the amount, plays a vital role in sustaining our coalition of member-physicians. Many of these healthcare professionals have faced censorship, deplatforming, and vilification - yet they remain united in their commitment to safeguarding your health.

You have been such a generous and faithful AFLDS supporter. Can I count on your gift once again today?

God bless,

Simone Gold, MD, JD
Founder & President
America’s Frontline Doctors
The Trusted Name for Independent Information






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WWIII: We the People #8 Freedom WWIII: We the People #8 Freedom

Tulsi Gabbard says it for me...freedom is our birthright.  We are not reliant on any government to give us this freedom and no emergency may take it away.  The government of the United State of America and many others in the world are so rogue that we need to take them down and start again, in my opinion.  If you cannot follow the Consitution, then go home.

We have the freedom to live independently from the system that has been set up and made corrupted.  Below is a link to an alternative to healing the Covid shot problems with the Spike protein.  It is the work of Dr. Peter McCullough and others who have made studies of this shot and effect on the human body.  These studies are independent of the corrupt government/science/bussiness model that has lies at its core.  

The Wellness Company website:


Information on how to heal from the effects of the shot.


How not to get fooled again


This information comes from Dr. Lee Merritt, The Medical Rebel

In the Shop tab there are videos for health and articles as well as products.


Many links for medical  and legal help without the tryanny...

                Article by Dr. McCullough, he also has a newletter sent by email, if interested from his website.

                 Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide


Alternative healing - I have not tried it. So do your own homework and pay attention to your own intution to make decisions.


Dedicated to the renewing the promise of America





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WWIII We The People #7 Love is What We Are WWIII We The People - Love Is What We Are

It is up to each person to make the choice to live from the space of love.  We are love at our essence.  We are a spark of God.  We are NOT separate from God nor are we separate from each other.  Those who want to divide us try to say we are different because of religion, race, sex, political affiliation, class, country, etc. But those of us who live from love know that we can come together and assist each other and often do.

Some have chosen to live in the absence of love and we are seeing that with a great frequency and increased intensiveness. It is coming from elected officials and from many organizations that have appointed themselves in charge of us without our consent.  It is important that we do NOT CONSENT!

In the video below an expert, “researcher and activist Deborah Tavares returns to SGT Report to discuss Maui, the UN agenda to depopulate and enslave us with ‘smart cities’, which calls ‘death cities’, and UN agenda 2030 policies which will turn the people’s property into depopulated Hunger Games style UN zones.

-Find her truth sites:

Find out more about the crimes that are being perpetrated around the world.

Find out the plans to have water recycled from our toilets as drinking water.  And learn how there is NOT a limited supply of water and where it is located.

Find out about the chemicals put in our skies, the pattern used before the direct energy weapons cause fires.  Watch the documentary “Unconventional Grey” by someone who was persecuted and killed by the very people guilty of the truths presented.



Additionally, In the following videos Reinette Senum speaks with Sara Westall in an interview that is done in two videos.  The first video is about the pattern that the “bad guys” have taken in this attack on the humans.  She has experience that goes back to the Katrina Hurricane.  In a twist of events she is allowed into the “crime scene” and notices how the barriers were exploded – what?  And she has experience with other emergencies that were created, not natural.

In the second video there is a focus on the manipulation of weather….


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WWIII: We the People #6 We are Light

This is a picture of sunlight, unaltered or enhanced - captured by a Galaxy 9 Phone while looking up from the hammock where I frequently laid in meditation on a Sunday morning at the river.  This light is essential to our being.  We were told to avoid the sunlight in the middle of the day for the UV rays would damage us.  Well, it turns out that is another lie.  A Norwegian study and scientists at Tufts University in Massachusetts say going outside to soak up the noon sun helps ward off diabetes, curbing the risk by up to 78%.  The amount of time in the noon day sun is relative to the color in your skin.  The darker the pigment of skin, the more time it takes to soak in the Vitamin D which is its health benefit.  Light skin needs 10-15 minutes several times a week.  Darker skin needs 25 min or more. (more on this in a following post about the need for sunlight to protect from breast cancer).

Below is a short video of how our body receives light and how it is interpreted by our brains.  I had heard that our physical world is a hologram but I have never seen a better representation of how that relates to the light spectrum, Egyptian knowledge, and relationship to God as written in the Bible.  The video says there is a link to a PDF.  Since it was reposted when I found it, there was no link.  But I did copy the Wikipedia information and it is below the video. 

Sit down, just in case your mind needs room for expansion to internalize this information...

The Kybalion (full title: The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece) is a book originally published in 1908 by "Three Initiates" (often identified as the New Thought pioneer William Walker Atkinson, 1862–1932)[1] that purports to convey the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.

While it shares with ancient and medieval Hermetic texts a number of traits such as philosophical mentalism, the concept of 'as above, so below', and the idea that everything consists of gendered polar opposites, as a whole it is more indebted to the ideas of modern occultist authors, especially those of the New Thought movement to which Atkinson belonged.[2] A modern Hermetic tract, it has been widely influential in New Age circles since the twentieth century.[3]

Seven Hermetic principles

A central concept in the book is that there are "seven Hermetic principles, upon which the entire Hermetic philosophy is based".[4] These are, as literally quoted from the book:

1. The principle of mentalism

"The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental."[5]

2. The principle of correspondence

"As above, so below; as below, so above.” [...] This principle embodies the truth that there is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of being and life.[6]

3. The principle of vibration

"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."[7]

4. The principle of polarity

"Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled."[8]

5. The principle of rhythm

"Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates."[9]

6. The principle of cause and effect

"Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law."[10]

7. The principle of gender

"Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes."[11]

This information copied from this link.  Additional information available at the link.


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WWIII: We the People #5 Know Your Mind

And so this mind game and propaganda began many years ago.  This first video slows down the "National Anthem" that was used at the end of the day, back in the day when T.V. went off the air.  You will see the sublinear messages: Trust the Government, Consume, Stay Asleep, Don't question the Government, etc.  Wow!  I remember they got caught doing that in the 70's.  They said they quit. Right?!

Update: Here's the Nazi's play book on how to manipulate the mind...

In 1945,  Allen Dulles brought 1600 scientists from Nazi Germany into the United States.  It was called Operation Paperclip.  He clears all their records and makes sure they are not involved in the Nuremburg Trials.  All of them would have certainly been put to death for crimes against humanity.  He put them into government positions and gave them unlimited funding because he loved what they were doing with mind control.  So this in part is how the United States Government became so corrupted and the world is following. 

1.  Make sure the body is malnourished. 

2. Get heavy metals into the body.  Aluminum was the metal of choice at the time and is in many vaccines and blocks receptors in the brain.  The most recent shot has graphene oxide.

3.  Have a negative stimulus so there is punishment if you don't do what you are told to do.  (Examples: No mask, no entry. Must have a vaccine to put your child in school. Pay taxes. Driver's license, car license, taxes on the land your house is built upon etc.)

4.  Repeat messaging - these are heard on the news and on commercials.  For the Covid crisis, there were "experts" or celebrities that would lie to you every day of the week.

Now what you have is persons who are open to suggestibility and willing to be controlled in their mind.

Go deeper into the rabbit hole...

Try not to judge harshly those who got caught in the web especially the young adults who spent a lifetime in the indoctrination.  The “powers that ought not be” began this programing of the mind before I was a child.  So my children who are in their 30’s grew up with the T.V. and the introduction of the internet.  Now we have generations that have all of that all the time!  It’s everywhere.  All these marketing devices are telling you to only trust your 5 senses. This type of living puts the ego in charge and focuses on the self.  Our strength comes from the 6th sense.    This is the intuitive part of you that is still connected to God. It is the knowing that you have within you.  You have to learn to use it just like you have to learn to use your body.  Notice that all the “things” that get made fun of is part of the trappings of this mind control.  Remember how the propaganda told everyone to get the shot and were “name calling” anyone who did not do what the TV was telling you to do. It's tell-a-vision and it has programs; the names give a clue to the purpose of this technology. The social system of control allows the many to control each other.  The ones at the top cannot do this control, they need the help of people doing to each other.  Brainwashing is at the front of this agenda of mind control. 



Sarah Westall coverage of Mind Control:

Update, June 6


Psyop and other mind control activities:


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WWIII: We the People #4 Organize

WWIII: We the People #4 Organize – Side by side with old right beside new, along with the same intentions and goals, one of which is to stand together for the rights we were given by God and the government is actively trying to take from us.  The Global Walkout was begun in September 2022.  Week by week they have added ways to get away from the conveniences that have us stuck in this matrix.  There are resources and information for everything listed below at the site listed here.

  1. Keep cash alive
  2. Reignite farming
  3. Minimize Mainstream Media watching
  4. Support smaller banks
  5. Share you flag
  6. Community dinners – connect with others
  7. No more “self-checkouts” or QR codes
  8. Watch the documentary “The Real Anthony Fauci”
  9. Keep cash alive, business version
  10. Recap steps 1-9
  11. Boost your Vitamin D
  12. Curriculum awareness week
  13. Withdraw and reach out
  14. Digital ID awareness
  15. Let’s protect our data more
  16. Conscious buying
  17. Ditch the loyalty cards
  18. Delete that time stealing app
  19. Keep cash alive, #2
  20. Open a Proton mail account
  21. Install a landline phone
  22. Support “We Are Ready” events   web site:
  23.  Announced at link above June 4th




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WWIII: We the People #3 Legal Actions  

What if you were sworn into a job to uphold the Constitution and you didn't?  That's what this case is about...

Two Brunson brothers brought a case all the way through the courts and is on the docket for acceptance as a case to the Supreme Court. Why is this important? The case brings to light that 385 members of the legislative branch of our government who chose to ignore the Constitution. They voted to not take the 10 days required in the Constitution for investigation when concerns for validating an election are proposed. The case is NOT about the election results. It is about the Constitution that they are sworn to uphold. This court case is for The People who want to see our government run by the laws set up for it.

IF you would like more information, the complaint can be downloaded for $1 at It will give you the information and then the dollar supports their/our case. It's reported that they have spent 2 million so far.

Also send a short letter to the Supreme Court for example (or see next paragraph for an easier version): Attention to the 9 Justices of the Supreme Court, I support Brunson VS Alma S. Adams ET AL #22-380. Sign your name and date it. Address the envelope: Supreme Court, 1 First St. N.E., Washington, D.C. 20543. Then send the same letter to the brothers so they will know the support of letters going to the court. Loy & Raland Bunson, 4287 S. Harrison Blvd., Ogden, UT 84403.  If you don't download the complaint, consider sending a dollar in the envelope to the brothers.

At the above link Loy Brunson has a form letter that you can have sent over the internet.  The courts need to know that this is important to each person in this country.  The court wouldn’t look at the case because that was their reason.  By showing our interest, now the court is going to look at it again.  I sent my letters and dollars and I can’t wait for the Congress to be cleared so we can start all over.


Here is information about the Constitution - I haven't checked out yet but it is available to all.  it was in the comments under a Sarah Westall video.

Please contact them and help spread their information.

There is a video explaining some things and the series they have done with Mel for free. The links to the series is in the comments, but you have to sign up with an email to get to them. They have affidavits etc listed too. They have an older one on his channel too and it is linked to their website. These are things we can all do locally. Organize and help each other out.

Sarah Westall responded that there is an organization called the Assembly Movement that might be a good one to connect with.


Sarah Westall -  follows this case from different perspectives:



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WWIII Quiet War: We the People #2 Bodies Heal  

WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapon - We The People #2 Our Bodies Can Heal

Even old door can function as a door provided you can open it. It’s the physical process of opening it, that makes it a door instead of a wall.  The same can be said of your mind. In order to work properly you mind needs to be open.  Open the door to your mind, identify your belief systems so you can better understand the choices you make and why certain circumstances trigger your emotions.  When you access this internal information then you can work to overwrite what you have been taught. 

Let’s take the topic of healing.  When I was growing up we didn't go to the doctor for the "sniffles".  Most of the healing was done at home.  But that has changed a bit for some people. Now it is common to hear someone ask, "What did the Doctor say?"  As if that is the only source for healing information.  I recently had a conversation with a doctor that I respect.  We were discussing the rebel cell that took up residence in my right breast.  I was saying that I have been on a diet that does not support the growth of such cells and was postulating that perhaps there is a genetic component that allowed it (as there are a incidents of family members dealing with this issue).  He replied that he has a client with no family history that got the same cancer cell.  I asked it this person was a carnivorous eater.  He said he didn't know and that he is not schooled in nutrition.  That was no surprise to me and he is puzzled why I thought it is so important. It is my belief system that your mind, emotions, environment and your body all play in concert.  To treat the body without reference to the other is absurd in my opinion.  I know that is not how the medical community operates and I look forward to a more holistic integrated approach in the years to come.  I truly believe that I am going through this to help educate others that there are options available outside of the chemical based medical system that works towards healing as opposed to the pills that only work to cover the symptoms. 

 I am taking time to heal this cell with methods outside of the medical community.  I was given guidance for how to heal this cell even before I knew I had anything that needed healing.  I'll post an update here in May to let you know what I've learned. I know the body can heal when given the environment to facilitate it.  And so can your body do what it has always done, which is to act as the divine vessel created from a spark of God.

Those who believed the information about this crisis and the value of the shot will be confronted with how they think about the truth now that more information has been made available by independent journalists and seekers of the truth.  It will take a humble approach of self-reflection.  Taking responsibility for the decisions made and wanting healing will allow the unseen forces to work in your favor.  You must have a clean heart and a request.  You cannot hide intentions from the unseen world.  Be transparent.  Be responsible.  Be willing to forgive yourself and ask forgiveness from others if you followed the script of belittling, and blame that was pushed as propaganda on a daily basis.

Here is in part what I am doing...or skip ahead to the information for healing from the current crisis under the bold text below.

Breath is a large component of health.  Think about what you do when you are surprised or afraid or in a troubled space in your mind - you hold your breath.  I do anyway.  It helps me to know that I need to get out of my head and back into the body.  You can get out of your head or a thought pattern of anxiety by just looking at your hands.  It works quickly.  I know this technique but I didn't do it last week-end when my sorrow tried creeping in again.  It is a good technique.  Also just paying attention to your breath, noticing the exhale and intake will bring you back into your body.  Andrew Weil, M.D. mentions focusing on the breath with the exhale first and then the inhale in his book "8 Weeks to Optimum Health - A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power".  I've noticed that it's easier to keep focused on the breath using the exhale then inhale as opposed to inhale to exhale as the rhythm.  Breath is life.  Mindfulness of the breath is an easy practice for checking in on yourself during the day to see how much you are in the body and present moment or if you are living in your head

My personal journey to wellness:  I learned about this rebel cell in November 2022.  I refuse to identify by saying “I have” ____ insert c* word, as that makes it personal and I choose to detach from this way of thinking that identifies with a dis-ease. For the next three months I had a dedicated practice that included a special diet, breath work and meditation along with setting intentions and controlling the ego mind thought patterning helps but it only reduced the rebel cell a small amount.  I had a biopsy done in late February and it proved to be a very common rebel cell.  I was led to put my story on Facebook, which I rarely do.  But I have learned the intuition part of me over the years and know that by following its guidance I am always blessed (even when I don't understand at the time}.  And just know that if it feels uncomfortable, not pushy, then you are being guided by your intuition to grow in this experience.  Considering this way of being as a choice is a large portion of the reason why we are here as spirits in a human vessel…then buckle up and lean into it.   By making the public announcement of this dis-ease on Social Media, someone I don’t usually communicate with sent me a private message.  This message gave me information about terahertz technology.  Below is the information that I have learned.  What pulled me in beyond the intuition "knowing" that I needed to buy this wand was that fact that this wand vibrates at the electromagnet frequency.  This frequency is what our human bodies are made of and the Earth is too. 

May Update on use of iTerraCare Wand for impact on right breast as noted on official reports.  The FISH Report HER2/CEN-17 Dual-Probe (Breast Cancer) indicated in the analysis 41 tumor cells counted.  This test was conducted on Feb. 28, 2023.  On April 26 an MRI was done.  This report indicated only 1 tumor cell and a suspicious lymph node behind it.  After yet another sonogram (I honestly am tired of these people giving my breasts their attention) I was referred to a radiologist.  This lymph node was pronounced normal on May 17th.  I have already scheduled a varicose vein procedure for each leg in June and won't have a date for attending to this rebel cell until July.  The assistant to the radiologist gave me a number for the size of the rebel cell which was smaller than the measurement in February, which was also smaller than the size given to me in November of 2022.  So I have 4-6 more weeks of using terahertz technology along with other supplements to heal this.  I just received a package with Chlorine Dioxide as a kit for "water purification".  It's the same stuff that was used to cure a whole country of "the virus" back in 2020 (see blog post about the bioweapon)  Thank-you FDA for saving us from ourselves. - insert sarcasm....

July update: TBA 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  However, search the internet and you will find the testimonies of healing from every country except the United States and Canada because we are limited by the prior sentence.


Scientific Explanation of iTeraCare Wand

By Joey Phillips


More to Light than Meets the Eye

Light carries information in ways you may not realize. Cell phones use light to send and receive

calls and messages. Wireless routers use light to send pictures of cats from the internet to your

computer. Car radios use light to receive music from nearby radio stations. Even in nature, light

carries many kinds of information.


The electromagnetic spectrum describes all the wavelengths of frequency, both seen and

unseen. The light we can see, made up of the individual colors of the rainbow, represents only a

very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most of the light in the universe is invisible

to our eyes. Light travels in waves, much like the waves you find in the ocean. As a wave, light has several basic properties that describe it. One of which is frequency.


On one end of the electromagnetic spectrum are radio waves, which have wavelengths billions

of times longer than those of visible light. On the other end of the spectrum are gamma rays,

with wavelengths billions of times smaller than those of visible light.  In between these are what’s known as the “terahertz” frequency range, or “THz Gap”. It is called a “gap” because the technology for its generation and manipulation is still in its infancy. This band of electromagnetic frequency lies within the region between microwave and far infrared.


Almost every molecule has a 'fingerprint' spectrum in the terahertz frequency range. Terahertz

frequency is non-ionizing, meaning it doesn’t cause harm like ionizing radiation. Ionizing

radiation has a higher frequency and shorter wavelength than non-ionizing radiation and can be

a serious health hazard: exposure to it can cause burns, radiation sickness, many kinds of

cancer, and genetic damage. Non-ionizing terahertz frequency is safe as opposed to ionizing



How Does It Work?

Frequency Determines Physiology

Our bodies are made up of an array of materials. Beyond the organic flesh and blood that first

come to mind lie the inorganic crystalline-based mineral structures. The skin is the body’s largest organ. The dermis comprises a dense network of mechanoreceptors, in addition to nerve endings that penetrate the epidermis and together provide the senses of touch, pressure, vibration, pain, and heat. It works as the body’s thermoregulator, controlling blood flow within a few millimeters of the body surface and aids the sense of balance to modulate posture and gait.



The way in which the Terahertz frequency vibrations travel through our crystalline structures

within us determines the fundamental properties of the material, i.e., you!

Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials—such as

crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA, and various proteins—in

response to applied mechanical stress. The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure and latent heat. The iTeraCare Device vibrates at the same molecular level as our DNA, RNA, and Proteins thus influencing our health in a positive manner.


Hydro-Electric Machines

Just as the earth is roughly 70% water, so too are our bodies. There can be no doubt that water

is life. In addition, we have over 100 “ion channels” in the human body that relay information in

the form of frequency. They synchronize an array of biological processes, (such as Ca2+, Na+, K+

-ATPase) thus maintaining membrane voltage.


“Water is the driving force of all nature.” - Leonardo da Vinci


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and

vibration.” - Nikola Tesla


One of the ways the Terahertz Device works is through hydrogen bonds and water channels

called aquaporins. The water around proteins absorbs more terahertz than pure water, which

helps our proteins fold correctly. The correct folding of proteins is essential for cellular homeostasis and the prevention of disease.


Molecular vibrations of hydrogen bonds in proteins are important because they regulate the

function of proteins. The capacity of DNA, RNA, and Proteins to catalyze energetic reactions in

the body and convey information depends on their vibrational states accessible using

TERAHERTZ.  IN OTHER WORDS, You are a Hydro-Electric Being, and terahertz DIVINE FREQUENCY targets these mechanisms in you!


The Terahertz DNA Damage Response

The prime objective for every life form is to deliver its genetic material, intact and unchanged,

to the next generation. This must be achieved despite constant assaults by endogenous and

environmental agents on the DNA. To counter this threat, life has evolved several systems to detect DNA damage, signal its presence and mediate its repair. Such responses, which impact a wide range of cellular events, are biologically significant because they prevent diverse human diseases.



Studies show that terahertz frequency waves enhance hydrogen bond vibrations leading to

openings between the DNA strands. This then triggers the DNA Damage Response (DDR).

This is a good thing because it triggers a reaction that upregulates genes and pathways that

actually guard your genome, such as the gene called P53.


How does this work?

Water is well known as a substance of the highest importance for the stability and functioning

of biological macromolecules. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is not an exception. Terahertz stimulus allows for breaks in the hydrogen bonds on DNA inducing the DNA Damage

Response. Each of the 10 trillion cells in the human body receives tens of thousands of DNA lesions per day. These lesions can block genome replication and transcription, and if they are not repaired or are repaired incorrectly, they lead to mutations or wider-scale genome aberrations that threaten our health. Terahertz frequency induces a short duration of the DNA Damage Response which initiates DNA Repair to take place.


Heat Therapy

Heat therapy works by improving circulation and blood flow to a particular area due to

increased temperature. Increasing the temperature of the afflicted area even slightly can

soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility. Heat therapy can relax and soothe muscles

and assist the body to help heal damaged tissue.


“Those who cannot be cured by medicine can be cured by surgery. Those who cannot be cured

by surgery can be cured by fire [hyperthermia]. Those who cannot be cured by fire, they are

indeed incurable.” ― Hippocrates


Applying heat to a body part stimulates blood circulation to the injury site. This oxygen-rich

blood brings nutrients to the affected area, promoting healing. Heat also helps to remove lactic

acid buildup from overtaxed muscles, which allows them to “un-clench."


“If there’s a way to heat the bones, then all diseases can be treated.” ― Hippocrates


Researchers have discovered that heat applied to the bone keeps stem cells healthy. The

enhanced activity of the heat helps rebalance the cells’ state of equilibrium or homeostasis. The

recovery of protein homeostasis by enhanced heat activation was shown in both mouse and

human hematopoietic stem cells. Protein damage impairs stem cells during aging and likely

contributes to disrupting blood and immune cell production in older people.



In summary, the Terahertz frequency enhances hydrogen bond vibrations leading to enhanced

protein folding and induces the DNA Damage Response which triggers the expression of the

“Guardian of the Genome” P53. It also synchronizes an array of hydro-electrical voltage

properties such as Aquaporin water channels, Ca2+, Na+, K+ -ATPase ion channels thus

maintaining membrane voltage. Our body and cells need a specific amount of energy (or

voltage) to work. Without proper voltage, your body can't heal. Finally, the heat application

using the Terahertz Device has been shown in research to assist the body in the healing



More information on the P53 genome


#If you are interested in purchasing a wand or looking around at some of the products to increase your health – send me an email: [email protected] or put a comment below and it will send the comment to me in an email. 


Update May 31, 2023 - The video below tells about discoveries for healing that have been kept from us.  And there is talk about the Medbeds which use Terahertz energies and plasma.  These beds will come available after the evil doers of the world have been held accountable for their atrocities inflicted upon us especially from 2020 until now and for those devious acts that precluded that.



I have not purchased any of the products below.  I do trust the source of the information.  Have a look see and if it feels like truth to you then go forward with it.  If you do have experiences with the products then consider posting them in the comments.  Thanks in advance.

Healing from the shot and other poisons:

 This website supports Sarah Westall and it has been developed with Dr. McCullough and other doctors.  He has been outspoken about the affects of the manmade disease and shot on the heart.  There are products to purchase and information for free at the bottom.  Type it in as is (not .com needed)



Sarah Westall - Removing heavy metals, plastics and graphene oxide


Additional information in the comment section for healing with Clif High:

Clif High 

Bitchute channel:

Substack Newsletter:

Twitter: website:


Sarah Westall – Roman Empire, deciduous earth (I can't find this one...still looking June 1)


News from Dr. Pete Chambers


at 10 min. health products


gold juice


Sina’s story

Sina website


Remove the Spike protein



Christine Northrup – good overview of developing situation of CV19, @32 detox information


Russell Brand @7 min. advertising a product and Fauci gets laid out for fear


Overview – Why does it take so long…


Below is from Dr. Sharry Edwards MEd.  She takes a mathematical approach to this sequenced pathogen.  It is a frank report and very informative.


This is the main website.  She uses a voice print to give information about your personality and health.  I think it's a genius gift.



UPDATE: May 15, 2023

Dr Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters talk again about the research connecting venom to the symptoms of the "virus".  At 47 minutes he gives 4 ways to inhibit the effects of venom.  Additionally he talks about people in the forefront who won't look at the research, how ivermectin works and why tobacco can help long term covid suffering persons.  The Spike protein is designed for the body to make its own synthetic venom.

"Watch the Water - Conclusion"

Here's the first bombshell video detailing the research about the venom that came out in 2022 - "Watch the Water"




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WWIII: We The People #1 Truth Prevails

WWIII: We The People #1 Truth Prevails

And now, (finally) the truth is getting into the mainstream media.  The United States Government says the virus may have come from a Lab in Wuhan.  The rest of the truth seekers have known that for almost 3 years.  You can try to lock up lies but the truth comes out… eventually.

Below is a link for a video I found of a scientist, Astrid Stuckelberger who noticed the changes in the Implementation Plan of the W.H.O. and other related topics outlined below the link.


The original plan for the WHO had respect for humans and rules in place that protected individual rights.  Well NOT ANY MORE. She covers these changes.  Here is the link to publications on the WHO website.

It helps to know the specific name for a document and on my computer there were over a thousand pages of documents.  To get a in depth review of their work I suggest the link below.  James Roguski keeps a close, diligent eye on these people who appointed themselves to be in command of our lives.  During the week of Feb. 20 – 24 these people held meetings to decide how to take over the decision making of health of the world and place it into their own jurisdiction and more specifically the ONE man in charge of the WHO.    Any politician in the United States who grants to another the rights we have in our own Constitution is liable for treason.  May we stand vigilantly in opposition to anything that circumvents the sacred document of the Constitution.


There is mention of the Governments that are Corporations.  The United States became a corporation in 1871 and uses the Social Security Number and birth certificates on people as if we are commodities.  This link is a deep dive into that subject and how it was dismantled by one person! See the first video.  The way the evil ones have used words and syntax against us all these years blows my mind.  Our legal system is based on Admiral Maritime Law of the Sea. In the video you’ll see that America in Latin means: No mercy for sheep. A=no, meri= mercy, ca = sheep. (I haven’t watched any of the other videos on that link.)


She gives the real reason for the PCR test and how it is a research device NOT a diagnostic test.  It was not approved by any quality control or international consensus EXCEPT the WHO.  Astrid goes on to explain how the sensitive area in the nasal passages gives access to a person’s DNA.  Additionally she makes mention of the nefarious plans for placing additional elements on the swab to put into people unknowingly.  I suspected that could be an option and again I was laughed at for not wanting to have anything to do with the free test kits sent to the house by the Federal Government.


Near the end of the 30 minute video (at the top of the blog post) you can see the concern and revulsion for the preplanning of this virus and how history has repeated itself.  She connects the dots of these plans for world domination by the few.  She goes on to expound upon the business connections with Bill Gates.  He is the largest financial contributor to the WHO.  He also owns GAVI the company that produces vaccines.  Rockefeller is involved and partners with banking for funds and donations.  The global conspiracy by these billionaires continues until WE THE PEOPLE stand together and in all ways possible stop the complacency and ignorance and compliance.  Then we can get back to living with love, truth and integrity. 

This video is a short clip of Bill Gates telling how he wants to depopulate the world.


This last video is a call for indictments for a number of major players.  It is the justice that needs to be served to those who perpetrated these crimes against humanity.






(Moments Photography by Sandy) bioweapon crimes against humanity PCR silent weapons truth We The People WTP WWIII Wed, 01 Mar 2023 03:31:27 GMT
WWII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #25 Creeping Control  WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #25 Creeping Control is coming in the form of convenience.  If everything is digital, then the world can be controlled from a central place created by this matrix.  In the blog post about the Central Banking (Dec. 2022) an awareness of how making money digital, no cash – only digital wallets and phones makes it easy for “someone” to have access and total control over our money.  They advertise it like it’s so easy to use and will make our lives better to be able to swipe our phone or swipe our hand with a digital implant under the skin, God forbid!  Oh, it’s only the size of a grain of rice.  No big deal.  No BIG deal. NO!  In this way you can be tracked and controlled.  But it’s the convenience that they are selling.  Or they make it free.  You could get the bioweapon, called a vaccine for free.  And those shots give you a MAC address – Media Access Code, so now they have all your bio data.  Now if they can get your data, what is to keep them from sending data to your body?  Have you been a good boy/girl, as in, do you agree with EVERYTHING you are being told to do. No? Hum, who holds your data and what makes you think you won’t be punished.  Granted we haven’t seen punishment, yet.  Maybe it's hiding like people dying from so many different cancers these days.  It couldn’t be from the shot or could it?  Just recently the CDC admitted that the shot can cause strokes.  Wait just a minute – the shot is safe and effective.  At least that is what everyone was being told and you can still find advertisements for getting the latest injection.

Let’s put our eyes on Australia.  They are so locked down I haven’t heard news in a while.  The last I saw of the “Down Under” an official was on the T.V. telling people to turn in their neighbors for not getting the shot.  Canada is doing their best tyranny act and wanting to put anyone who didn’t get the shot in a mental facility.  Now, in England they are pushing in control by having monitors for traffic and travel.  The stop stations are being put in place under the guise of traffic control and claiming climate control (which they control, see previous post) as an excuse. They are monitoring who goes where.  You have to get permission to drive past 15 min. of your house.  If you Mom lives somewhere else, you have to get permission to go visit.  What?! AND you can only ask permission to go out of your area 100 times a year.  Creeping control….


The person in this video gives a short recap of how they are pushing a control agenda in the disguise of convenience, climate, concern for your health, etc.



No. No, is a complete sentence.  The people in Brazil found the H.A.A.R.P. facility in the Amazon forest and took it down.  That’s a start.  We need to take down 5G Weapon towers – it has NOTHING to do with watching more football as AT&T advertises.  “They” (the ones who plan to have all your data in a centralized place and control over your lives) need 5G to operate the A.I. for this control.  They need you to have everything electric so they can control it.  Ooops, we do like the convenience of electricity but NOT everything or they can control us.  No 5G.  No digital ID.  No digital passport. No digital money mandated.  Keep the creeps from creeping into our lives and the lives of our children.  Freedom is our end game.  Keep the main thing (the idea of freedom) the main thing in your life.




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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #23 Weather Manipulation

WWIII Quiet War – Silent Weapon #23 Weather Manipulation

Weather Manipulation is not the scientific terminology any more than chem trails.  To NOT be mocked use these terms: Geo Engineering, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and Solar Radiation Management. It all still comes down to the poisoning of our skies and everything under the skies. 

In the news you’ll hear about the carbon crisis.  If you dig for information in alternative places you’ll learn that farmers are being pressured with fines for carbon emissions from their cows.  These fines are so high, their farms are at risk for going under.  (Video below on the pressures to land grab in the Netherlands using carbon as the excuse.)


All of this as if carbon is the problem.  Carbon is not the problem.  Carbon is what trees love.  All plants love carbon.   People who have greenhouses put more carbon in to help the plants grow.  It is not carbon that is the problem.  It is the chemicals used for manipulation of the “climate” that is a HUGE problem.  Our time is shorter than I knew.  I only heard about H.A.A.R.P a couple of years ago.  The booklet I received was written in 1995.  And according to the video below, this geo engineering has been manipulating our weather for 75 years.

Here is a list of some of the Geoengineering chemicals used:

Aluminum, barium, strontium, mercury oxide, coal fly ash, polymers, surfactants

Look up Siberian Methane Craters – these are the problem.  The methane that surfaces due to the chemicals used in the sky is 120 times more of a problem over a ten year period than cow farts.  The Ozone is also being destroyed with the tons of chemicals put into the skies.  And they told us to be concerned about aerosol hair spray!  I knew the skies were looking worse and worse but I didn’t know how bad it was until I tuned to the people who have been tracking this issue.  In the video below Dane Wigington speaks about the gravity of this issue that needs to be at the forefront of all the other issues that have come to light recently: turning off energy sources, destroying the supply chain, the food supply, stealing our wealth, impacting our health, corroding our children’s future, infiltrating our democracy AND freedoms.  But if we can’t breathe nothing else matters.

His website:

 If you are interested in getting materials with information… pamphlets, cd, booklet at cost

 You can watch the cd listed above at the link below.  It is a documentary on the poisoning our skies.


Additionally you can check out this website for all the projects around the world for poisoning our skies:

The scientists in China have announced their ability to create snowstorms more than 10 YEARS AGO!  Put this in your browser: Chinese Scientists create snowstorm.  You'll find a number of links and many images.



7 Simple Solutions to the ongoing poisoning of our skies and bodies – from The Truth World Order, Instagram, *additional information from my research

  1. Alkalize Your Body – Consume lots of non-starchy fruits and vegetables. Dark leafy greens are especially helpful in supporting the overall immune function.  Alkalizing the blood will naturally assist the body to detox from ongoing heavy metal and chemical exposure. *Dr. Sebi has a list of foods that are alkaline to the body.  He was able to prove that you can cure cancer by making your body alkaline. *I used a powerful combination of cilantro with chlorella in a smoothie to detox my Mom from radiation therapy.
  2. Natural Chelation – Chelation is a chemical process where a substance is used to bind to metals or minerals so they can be excreted from the body.  Effective natural chelators include chlorella, spirulina, cilantro, edible grasses (*wheatgrass), and dark leafy greens. The higher the chlorophyll content, the stronger the chelating properties. *I used a bought combination of chlorella with cilantro in smoothies for my mother.  Along with lemons (see blog post   ?)her cancer numbers were reduced over a thousand points in one month. Also – no sugar in the diet.
  3. Activated Charcoal – Activated charcoal is used to hospitals for drug overdoses, food poisonings and toxin exposure.  It absorbs most organic and many no-organic chemicals metals, drugs and pesticides.  It is not to be used for extended periods of times as it binds to the minerals in your digestive tract and can leave you depleted of minerals.  Activated charcoal is a powerful remedy for treating moderate to extreme heavy metal poisoning when utilized properly.
  4. Humic/Fulvic Acid (Shilajit/Zeolite) - Fulvic acid, often taken in the form of Shilajit, a substance extracted from high mountain rock primarily composed of fulvic acid is becoming increasingly more popular for its multitude of health effects.  It has a heavy metal detoxing capacity due to its ability to interact with and bind to nanomaterials.  Fuvic Acid is also often combined with Zeolite, a volcanic mineral which offers various health benefits including heavy metal detoxification, which makes it especially useful when trying to combat nanomaterials like graphene oxide.  *Graphene Oxide has been found in the shots given for the man-made virus of 2020. 
  5. Borax/Boron – This product is used in laundry detergent and is the least understood by the general public.  Borax is a naturally occurring mined mineral salt.  Many studies and personal experiments are now showing that this simple compound is powerfully beneficial when taken in correct dosage (*dosage is calculated by your weight: 1/8 tsp per 100 pounds in 32 oz of water).  It can detox the body from metals. It is safe and necessary for optimal health. *It can also detox the body from nano particles and I have been using it in my water for nearly 2 years.  Because of the detoxification it has the added benefit of protecting you from arthritis. 
  6. Perspiration/Sweating – This is a natural bodily process that is commonly overlooked.  It is one of the most effective ways we naturally detox chemicals and metals from the body.  Whether it’s sitting in a sauna, intense exercise or hot yoga, sweating quickly followed by a shower is one of the simplest ways to detoxify.
  7. General Advice – Avoid exposure when possible.  Stay hydrated with pure, clean water.  Consume a variety of herbs and spices.  Avoid processed, non-organic and metal contaminated foods and food additives.  Support your liver an digestive system with quality whole foods and supplements as they play an important role in detoxification. Harness the potential of your mind and think thought that reaffirm the power of your body *to heal.  Avoid obsessive worry. *This blog post tells about the power of lemons added to your daily routine:



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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #22 World Economic Forum

WWIII Quiet War – Silent Weapon #22 World Economic Forum

The institution of the World Economic Forum is currently led by Klaus Schwab who was mentored by Harry Kissinger.  In 1967 Kissinger, interested in global governance and depopulation suggested subverting democracy by training global leaders.  The Young Global Leaders began at the Harvard International Seminar funded by the C.I.A. The WEF has been doing this with selected participants that are younger than 40 years old from worldwide communities and industries every year over the last 5 decades.

If you pay attention, they will tell you what they are going to do.  Not that we need to let them.  For example here are common talking points from Klaus Schwab. 1. By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy. 2. It changes your DNA. It is you who are changed.  It has a big impact on your identity. (Speaking of the digital implant under the skin.) 3. The key issue is the shift of the center of gravity from the West to the East, the rise of China and India. 4. “Imagine North Korea in 2030, when every citizen has to wear a biometric bracelet 24 hours a day. If you listen to a speech by the Great Leader and the bracelet picks up the tell-tale signs of anger, you are done for.”

And here are the talking points from another WEF representative, Yuvi Noah Harai. 1. Co vid legitimizes the necessity for basic health care that is under the skin. (He doesn’t mention that this disease was a coordinated effort of the WEF and the CDC inflicted upon the world population.) 2. The central idea of liberty and freedom and the idea that each individual is endowed with privacy and free-will is over.  3.  We have the technology to hack humans (but they do need you to put something under the skin and CHOOSE it.  Our CHOICE is the power of the human God force. We do NOT have to let them.) 4. Science is not about truth, it’s about power.

If you care to see more of what these people who think we are the cancer or “cattle” on the planet and what they have planned for us go to Rumble and find the Thrivetime Show: The ReAwakening verses the Great Reset. Videos are posted daily.

The main topic of the video is about the implant under the skin and how having a digital money instead of cash is a control sytem.  The media denied for years that the microchip was a conspiracy theory.  It was just an argument of terminology not technology. It is NOT a microchip but it is technology under the skin.  Now they will say aloud that they want to put a piece of technology into your body.  How about, “No!”

The video is very short but gets to the point that implants and a digital life is all about control.

Update - proof that the vaccine puts technology into your blood.  It also appears that even the nonvaccinated have technology in their blood.  This video shows the blood under a microscope.  There is evidence that the colloidal gold has in impact on these nano particles.


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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #21 Central Banking

WWIII Quiet War – Silent Weapon #21 Central Banking

At a conference in the Netherlands, the amazing, intelligent, brave and articulate Catherine Austin Fitts presents how to make the choices necessary to stay free from central banks.  We can allow the corrupted structure of central banking to fall.  We can take down the corrupted governments.  We can rebuild.  The video below tells us to use cash.  And I have been using it more and more over the last six months.  I follow the and participate to the fullest of my abilities, consciously adding on to my routine.  I encourage you to do what you can as well to make conscientious choices.


(Moments Photography by Sandy) be free be sovereign CAF central banking central banks cheat choose freedom choose wisely corruption digital camps lie silent weapons slavery steal WWIII Fri, 16 Dec 2022 17:55:24 GMT
WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #20 Flu Virus  

WWIII Quiet War – Silent Weapon #20 Flu Virus, #21 Central Banking

IN the video below Dr. David Martin, reveals the patent number for the SARS. It is NOT a virus and its origin is from a lab NOT an animal (screenshot from Brave Browser search of term).  It is NOT possible to patent nature. SARS is a man-made contagion pathogen and precursor to the current crisis. The patient was dated April 2002, a short time before the "Asian Flu" and all the other practice sessions before 2019. Even WWII was started with "the flu". Then Hitler began targeting groups of people to blame for the flu.  He blamed the Jews for being filthy and unfit.  I learned from Brene Brown in her book "Dare Greatly" that when you dehumanize people it makes it possible to treat them badly.  Let's jump ahead to our current situation with "the flu".  The same scenario is being used.  This time they blamed its origin on an animal (image uses the terminology zoonotic). And the unvaccinated were blamed and made to be shunned.  I have friends and family members that won't be around me because I made this choice.  I have worked hard to release the feelings that bother me about this but I'm also grateful to not be exposed to the shedding that is infecting everyone who gets close to people who took the shot.


The W.H.O practiced yet another session for a disease targeted at THE CHILDREN during their sessions Dec. 5-6, 2022. Are you outraged yet? Are you paying attention? They do love to throw things at us during holidays. The roll out of for total control of our money through the Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC was started on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. See the next blog post on Central Banking. Be aware and get ready to unleash your inner strength...


Dr. David Martin on the Stew Peters show... He is the same one who has a twenty year dossier on Anthony Fauci.




(Moments Photography by Sandy) deception flu season lies not a virus not the science seek only the truth silent weapons WWII WWIII Fri, 16 Dec 2022 17:38:00 GMT
WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #19 Snake Venom

Your God given body has a capacity to heal.  We have been programmed to go to the doctor.  I can still remember using salves and homemade potions to get rid of a cold.  There were no pills to help me with allergies when I was a child.  Dristan entered the market in the mid-70's but you were only allowed to take it for 10 days.  Fast forward more than a couple of decades and now the medical doctor is supposed to know how to handle anything you have a symptom for.  But we got dupped again on this C-19 disease of 2020.  It is not a virus.  It mimics a virus.  The ingredient that does it is venom.  There are 38 different types of venom in the manmade sequence.  The video below gives a good history with Dr. Ardis.  At around 25 minutes he mentions ways to heal from the shot if you got one and how to get rid of "long Covid" - nicotine, is the answer. No lie.

Words written by UK Essays (link below) 

Snake venom is adapted saliva that is formed by distinct glands of only certain species of snakes. The gland which secretes the zootoxin is an alteration of the parotid salivary gland of other vertebrates, and is usually located on each side of the head underneath and at the back of the eye, capitalized in a muscular case. It is offered with large alveoli in which the venom is stored before being transported by a vessel to the base of the fang across which it is expelled. Snake venom is a mixture of different enzymes and proteins which many of it not harmless to humans, but some are very toxic. Snake venoms are ordinarily not dangerous once ingested


  • Snake venom involves enzymes, proteins and substances with a cytotoxic, neurotoxic effect and coagulants:
  • Phosphodiesterases are used to affect the target’s cardiac system to decrease the blood pressure.
  • Phospholipase A2 lysing the cell membranes of red blood cells leads to hemolysis
  • Snake venom hinders cholinesterase causes loss of muscle control.
  • Hyaluronidase enhances permeability of tissue that boosts the rate of incorporation of other enzymes into the target’s cells.
  • Snake venom frequently contains ATPase which promote the hydrolysis of ATP
  • Amino acid oxidases responsible for the yellow color of the venom of some species

Some are Neurotoxins: Fasciculins Dendrotoxins α-neurotoxins

And other is Cytotoxins: Phospholipases Cardiotoxins Haemotoxins

(Snake venom)

Uses of snake venom:


Snake venom contains molecules with hemostatins (coagulation modifiers) that may be activators or inhibitors of coagulation process and some are basis for hemostasis tests

Such as Prothrombin Activators which are the best considered snake venom hemostatins. They are presently termed according to the taxonomic name of the snake of origin and advanced classification according to their cofactor condition




Group A (no cofactor requirement)

Echis Carinatus

Ecarin A

Group B (requires calcium)

Echis Carinatus

Carinactivase B

Group C (requires calcium and phospholipid)

Pseudonaja textilis

Oxyuranus scutellatus

Pseutarin C

Oscutarin C

Group D (requires calcium and phospholipids and Factor Va)

Pseudonaja textilis

Pseutarin D

Less Common Uses:

Thrombin-like enzymes (SVTLE) snake venom is used for fibrinogen breakdown assay and for the fibrinogen dysfunction detection. SVTLE are not repressed by heparin and therefore used for assaying antithrombin in heparin-containing testers. (Snake venom uses)

Effect of Snake Venom on Human Body

When human is bitten with hemotoxic venom by a snake, the venom decrease blood pressure and increase blood clotting. The venom also hits the heart muscle may causing death.

Cytotoxic venom causing death of tissues. Many cytotoxic types of venom also extent through the body increasing permeability of muscle cells.

Neurotoxic venom interrupts brain function and nervous system it produces paralysis or deficiency of muscle control.

Some animals have normal protection to snake venom, and immune bodies can be brought through cautious applications of managed venom; this technique is used to make the anti-venom treatments. (Effect of Snake Venom)


The full article in link below:


Additional information about this bioweapon, publications showing transhumanism agenda, Dr help in blog post below



(Moments Photography by Sandy) change your DNA depopulation manmade disease silent weapons snake venom stay strong WWIII Wed, 16 Nov 2022 18:56:21 GMT
WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #18 The Globe

WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #18 The Globe

What if EVERYTHING you were taught in school was a lie?  What if teaching you that the world was a globe and that we had scarcity and much potential for danger, political strife, wars and fear of cosmic happenings was only to keep you feeling small instead of the potentially expanded expression of the Creator?  The video below is presented by science of the "Flat Earthers".  Not like the drawings of the world being flat and that you can sail off the edge of it into oblivion, or the mouths of dragons like I thought (as those are the pictures presented in books).  No, this is a well-designed flat space that extends beyond what we were told in school. Everything we were taught in school was to teach us an agenda or narrative.  Marketing and propaganda are aimed at having us feel like we "need" to purchase something to enhance our mood, life or status.  Our food of GMO's, fluoride, chemical trails, and chemicals given for sickness are all designed to pollute our bodies and calcify the pineal gland in our heads which keep us in the small self, the egoic self.  This small self is never satisfied.  It is in a constant search to feel special.  It has to be a member of the wave, like everyone else instead of the particle status of a unique set of DNA equipped to impact this space we call Earth in ways of caring and compassion.  Enter with me into the idea that anything that is currently censored or debunked is actually the truth.  Let us conspire together.  Conspire means "to breathe together".  The only way we are getting out of the matrix of lies is to come together as the human species.  The ones who have been vaccinated can be healed but we might need to take down the 5G before it kills them (previous blog post).  Hold hands and find the unity.  We are of one consciousness and unity consciousness is our path.  And along the way we cleanse the consciousness of those who would use barbaric and satanic or luciferin practices against the commonality of love.  The bible says they will deceive before they destroy.  Let is journey together to see the deception.  In the first video below they state that the word NASA in Hebrew means "to deceive".  Wow, huh?

The image with the torus and the dome resonated with me.  The definition of Extraterrestrial as extra land made me excited and to see the ancient maps that had been altered is really no surprise considering all I’ve learned in the last two years since the two weeks to slow the “virus”.  It’s not a surprise and yet I like so many others, really hadn’t considered the globe as one of the lies.  How about that globe?  How about those Globalists that want to control it all?  It’s becoming apparent to me that there must be some law that forces these people in power to tell us what they are doing.  Some of that “telling” is done in movies and some is blatant, like the written agenda of the W.H.O. and Klaus Schwab’s talking points (among others).  The fact that Rockefeller was instrumental in changing not only the chemical system used for our medical system but also the education system was compelling. I was a school teacher for 26 years.  I wondered why a system that had been in place for many years could be so terrible.  My husband told me that my main problem was that I assumed that everyone wanted people to be educated.  Yes, that is what I was thinking.  Now after reading only a small portion of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” (see blog post of the same name, Feb. ‘22 ) a manuscript found in a government Xerox machine, I am aware that the only reason the government wants to provide day care is the exact opposite of caring and education.

Here’s an 11 min video, to be continued…

Video using scripture from the Bible about the flat Earth



(Moments Photography by Sandy) expanded consciousness flat Earth gobalists more land old maps quiet war silent weapons WWIII Thu, 06 Oct 2022 06:44:51 GMT
WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #17 5G Mind Control

WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #17 5G Mind Control

Somewhere out in the World Wide Web there is a picture of the 4G network across the planet.  When this image was placed on top of the image for the COVID-19 virus outbreaks you could see the correlation.  But the logical mindset would have no part of it.  I have been mocked for believing it but I still stand by my analysis.  Now, there is hard evidence that the 5G network is part of the plan for activating the Nano particles placed within the "vaccine" to be used as a bioweapon.  Karen Kingston shows the documentation of how the FDA and others classified the graphene placed into the body with this shot as a smart device which allowed them to put this in the body of a human without consent.  

The 5G MUST COME DOWN as soon as possible.  In the United States 5G towers were erected just a soon as schools shut down for the created "crisis" in 2020.  I knew it there had to be a connection but the people who got the shot wouldn't see the connection then or now.  Maybe you will.

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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #16 W.H.O. Treaty WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #16 World Health Organization Treaty

Never before in the history of mankind has an organization openly plotted a coup against the sovereignty and health freedom of every human on earth. - James Roguski

James Roguski has work tirelessly to give us factual information about the treaty.  He watched the meetings and reported on them.  I have seen him in many interviews on Rumble.  And I signed up for his emails so that I too can participate in keeping watch over the "powers that ought not be".  This vigilance over the last meeting had the people in charge scrambling to not give away the secretive decisions made behind in dark places. 

Other articles on his

UPdate 10/4/22 

Here is a video about how to defeat the W.H.O.  -  we just need to leave them.  They created their own lofty place and put themselves in charge.  So if we don't give them that power...


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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #15 Medical Tyranny

WWIII Quiet War – Silent Weapon #15 Medical Tyranny

After I noticed that the hospitals were required to follow a certain protocol for the said virus from an organization that does not treat patients, I began to wonder how this happened.  In a nation that was built on discussion, we now only have dictates.  And these protocols were not helping people get well.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) put themselves in charge of doctors.  They mandated drugs like Remdesivir that had no clinical trials that were not stopped because of deaths.  It was given emergency approval. Why would the FDA approve a drug that killed animals in every trial?  When asked about the data on humans, they replied that is was a straight to human protocol. How safe is that? It’s not. The public was additionally given “science” trials that used too much Ivermectin and then claimed that it wasn’t safe.  It was published in a science journal and broadcasted throughout the mainstream media.  But the retraction of this study was not.  The retraction was buried in the World Wide Web.  If you know the name of the study you can find it but not with just a general search.

Enter Dr. Paul Marik who found a way to heal patients with Sepsis and Septic Shock. It was a wonderful thing and his hospital made a video to document the success.  Then he used it to help patients reeling from the “vaccine”. The video was taken down and the nurses who supported the procedure were discredited. Now the “science” is claiming to have replicated his work and found it to not be worthy.  However, this is a protocol that needs to be done as early as possible and the “studies” were not doing it in a timely manner.  He was put on the world stage at a conference of scientists and doctors.  He maintains his integrity and poise although set up to fail by the committee.   The video link is below.  If you have a family member that goes into sepsis or septic shock consider the protocol in the image below.  You can request the hospital use this combination.  It has no side effects.  The combination is highly effective in getting the cells back to normal.  Individually the ingredients do not have any impact but as a combination they do.  A number of doctors who have treated patients and studied this pandemic predicted that bodies containing the shot (touted as a vaccine) would create a “storm” in the body as the spike protein is a constant factory for making the spike protein with no end in sight.  This combination might save their life.  It has already done that. It won’t hurt.


Additional information for healing from the shot.  More information in blog post #3 Bioweapon.


Facts about Remdesivir – “Stop the Remdesivir Experiment” Learn the facts about the money given to hospitals for using this drug and for documenting patients as COVID-19.

You can find the documentation for the facts given at


In the next blog post is information about Medical Tyranny on a Global Scale.


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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #14 Fact Checking Day 341Day 341

WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #14 Fact Checking


Checking your facts became a regular occurrence especially on Facebook only a few years ago.  Facebook even put a cover over your post if it was not supporting the narrative given to the public. And then a red flag arose in my field of discernment when Snoops did a fact check on something I knew to be true.  It wasn’t much later that we learned the fact checkers were being paid to make “opinions” on articles and justify the decision calling it facts while taking money from the corporate company that is still using censorship as an information weapon today. Now we have articles twisting the facts to perpetuate the idea that anyone who thinks there is a plan to track every human, control their lives and fulfill a prophecy of the Bible is more than wrong.  And in words of Bill Gates: “stupid”.  Well this is one more lie in the long list of lies given to the public about this exact plan for surveillance and control.  Klaus Schaub will say it out right, “You will have no privacy and you will be happy.” So, how do they plan to do this?

Pfizer has Luciferase in its “vaccine”.  A whistle blower came out with the information earlier this year (SGT Report on Rumble or put Pfizer Whistle blower in the Rumble app search).  This person was able to also obtain Satanic ritual emails.  This would sound very surreal if you didn’t already know that the proliferation of Satanic and Luciferian worship as a common practice for many who hold leadership roles around the world.  There is a video to catch you up in that area in a previous blog post: WWIII Quiet War – Silent Weapon #8 Deception.  It is based on the practice of the Freemasons and how it is reveled in plain sight (no rituals).  This Luciferase is a glowing ingredient in the shot given for Covid-19.  It has the ability to show up when using a special app. Was anyone told this was in the shot? No. 

This bio essence is being touted as something that will help you.  Of course, the very people who hide these ingredients, lie that it exists and then tell when they are found out that it will be a convenience for you.  You won’t have to keep up with paperwork to prove that you got the “vaccine”.  Poor countries wouldn’t have to spend money on documentation.  And you will have all your biometric data collected for you – for your health.  Right?  Well, this girl is not so stupid that I need anyone else to keep up with my “data” or tell me what I need to do to be healthy. I'm also thinking that if this system that they want to put on my body can send them data, might also be capable of receiving data as well. Pfizer is not a company that uses its resources to help people be healthy.

Our own Homeland Security has filed for a patent on this process of tracking humans. The NIH and Bill Gates are funding research on how to get a way of tracking every human “under the skin”.  The fact checking articles have titles like “Bill Gates is not planning to microchip the world through a COVID-19 vaccine.” That is correct as it is NOT a microchip.  But it doesn’t address the concept that he is funding the research to have a way to put a tattoo called a Quantum Dot or what amounts to a QR code on or into every human.

Another article “debunks” the idea that the name Luciferase as nothing to do with the fallen angel Lucifer so that means it doesn’t fulfill the prophecy of the Bible.  Revelation in the Bible speaks of a mark put on a person that would allow them to have goods and services.  Without this mark “of the Beast” you will not be able to live in society. These companies want to put a mark on your skin or under the skin.  I say it fits the description precisely.  You decide.   

Below is the video giving the articles and information listed above.


Things that make you go, “Hummm…”

  1. The vaccine companies only have to tell you 50% of what is in the shot.
  2. The companies have no liability for damages caused by the shot, thanks to the legislation that Fauci push through in the mid 1980’s.
  3. Pfizer wanted to keep the data about the trials and after effects of the shot hidden from the public for nearly 70 years.  The court gave them 2 years.  The information is coming out but you still have to go find it on your own.
  4. Check out the website to find out the effects of the shots by batch.
  5. Or this: Breaking news from Sunfellow on COVID-19, @ on June 17, 2022: Pfizer admits to lying to the Government about the efficacy of the "vaccine" on June 15.  Now their line of defense is that since the FDA and high government officials were in on the lie, which makes it OK. Link below:

      6. It's been 4 months since this collusion was revealed and no accountability has happened with Pfizer or the FDA that I am aware of.





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WWW III Quiet War - Silent Weapon #13 MISinformed Consent

Before you step foot in the direction of your making ask yourself, "Have I researched this enough to know or do I have a knowing within?"  You might not ever get a yes answer for the first part of the question these days.  But there are truth warriors out there that have been digging for data and been on a quest for truth even though you won't see it mainstream.  We, the seekers of truth have found other ways to connect and share information.  Some like the author in the link below have tracked how the changing stream of information was mostly lies.  Definitions were changed to support these lies after the lies were given into the mainstream of information.  The article makes statements and links the source of the statement within the article.  Make up your own mind.  If you had any of the shots for this claimed to be virus, your DNA has been altered from its original state.  Read on.

Update 10/04/2022 Graphene Oxide is used with 5G for Mind Control.  See video below

Update 10/4/2022 The "vaccine" changes the DNA

See blog post: WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #3 Bioweapon for additional information

Update - 1/23/23  Here's proof that the vaccine puts technology into your blood.  It also appears that even the nonvaccinated have technology in their blood.  This video shows the blood under a microscope.  There is evidence that the colloidal gold has in impact on these nano particles.


Movement for #stoptheshots video.  See also

In the video above, over 40 doctors speak out in support of #StopTheShots
The doctors are listed below in the order of appearance in the video.

Dr. Marivic Villa
Dr. Michael Uphues
Dr. Kat Lindley
Dr. Bob Apter
Dr. Mary Talley Bowden
Dr. Paul Alexander
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Avani Gupta
Dr. Bruce Boros
Dr. Myhuong Nguyen
Dr. Ben Marble
Dr. Pierre Kory
Dr. Chris Shoemaker
Dr. Grams
Dr. James A. Thorp
Dr. Sally Priester
Dr. Lynnell Lowry
Dr. Chris Hall
Dr. Fynn
Dr Rob Lowry
Dr. Moon
Dr. Steve Latulippe
Dr. Molly Rutherford
Dr. Calvin Blount
Dr. Erin Greer
Dr. Bryan Tyson
Dr. Mollie James
Dr. Terry Lakin
Dr. Claire Zengerle
Dr. Anthony
Dr. Angie Farella
Dr. Aaron Williams
Dr. Debra Viglione
Dr. Avery Brinkley
Dr. Neelu
Dr. Villa
Dr. John Witcher
Dr. Sonya Naryshkin
Dr. David Vella
Dr. Sigoloff
Dr. Bryan Ardis
Dr. Judy Mikovitz







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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #12 Emergency

WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #12 Emergencies  What? Who? Where and When?  These are the questions that you ask and need answering if an emergency arises.  These are the questions that I had to answer when placing a request to go out as a teenager.  My Dad wanted to know that I had thought through the event.  In theory that will help you to avoid getting in a tight spot.  You don’t want to have an emergency situation.  But if you do have one, having a thinking brain is helpful. 

Well, it’s no surprise that the evil thinkers in the world are using the emergency scenarios to lead us into a controlled crash.  First we had a planned health crisis.  It was practiced as Event 21 with the self-appointed leaders of the world in Davos only months before it was presented to the globe.  Fast forward to 2022 and they again practiced a scenario called Monkey Pox.  When questioned about it, the response was that it was just a coincidence. I guess that means both of them were just coincidences.  Right? The plan was to create an emergency so they could implement new strategies for “taking care of us”.  The self-appointed experts of the N.I.H., C.D.C., W.E.F and the W.H.O. are included in this gathering each year at Davos, Switzerland.  This emergency was to be solved by creating a vaccine.  The W.H.O. has a vaccine agenda for its goals and it should come as no surprise that Bill Gates is the largest benefactor.  If they can succeed to propagate fear then they have ways to strip you of your means to take care of yourself.  Just like in the previous post where the feudal system has you to give yourself to this other/person or government for protection from (in this case) an emergency and YOU now allow them to tell you what to do.  The W.H.O proclaimed an emergency for the planed pandemic.  The FDA allowed injections called vaccines for the emergency.  In this way they can now make available a shot for the emergency of the disease COVID.  But wait, a vaccine can only be used if there are no other ways to combat the problem.  And so we saw the obvious censorship of all doctors that gave claims for other ways to survive the so called Coronavirus.

Breaking news from Sunfellow on COVID-19, @ onJune 17, 2022: Pfizer admits to lying to the Government about the efficacy of the "vaccine" on June 15.  Now their line of defense is that since the FDA and high government officials were in on the lie, that makes it OK.

If you’re interested in where the censored information goes because you might want to learn about what is being said so you can make you your own mind…Here is a link – at the writing of this blog post there were 8,303 pages of censored videos.  Also check out the new avenues for open thinking. There are a number of them.  I like the format on Rumble.


If you’d like more information on how the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) changed from being about health to surveillance, see the amendments proposed for May 2022 meeting.  They didn’t go through with voting on them thanks to the smaller countries that brought up concerns about it. Thankfully each country only gets one vote.  James Roguski keeps a close eye on their activities and many others did too with the live broadcasts which brought to light some of the areas we need to be concerned about.  One major concern was the W.H.O. putting themselves in charge of announcing an emergency and putting themselves in charge of EVERYONE’s heath. If keeping a close eye on their activities keeps them from overstepping on my life, we all could take a turn.  James certainly has a history of doing this.  Here is his information and 2 videos for the interview with Sarah Westall.



Gas is now in the emergency category.  Prices are impacting every sector of the society.  The government is acting like the gas companies can just lower the price and it’s primarily the fault of their gluttony.  Exxon was not pleased and wrote a letter explaining the refinery process and the policies that impacted the problem. Oh, and Russia is to blame as well….Russia, Russia, Russia – I heard that when I was a little girl and they are still pulling that card out to play on us.

Journalist Savanah Hernandez references the letter mentioned above and news on the food crisis coming below.

Farms and food processing plants are in an emergency state in progress.  Farmers are being paid to destroy their crops.  Other farmers are unable to maintain and bring to market crops they have because of the fuel prices being too high.  Farms are being sold off at higher than market price to Bill Gates and the country of China.  And now they tell us the heat killed ten thousand cows.  It’s always been hot in Kansas.  I’m not buying that explanation at all.  Nor do I believe the baby food industry is to blame for the lower production of food.  Fact checkers will report there is “no evidence” that food processing plants are being purposefully burned.  Ok, but that doesn’t change the hard facts that 99 have burned in the last two years.  Another coincidence?

Elections are still being touted as the way to bring back the country.  Just wait for the Red Wave in November, I keep hearing from people who still believe we have a democratic process. But considering that the last presidential election was highly unusual and suspect AND isn’t allowed its day in court I am not holding my breath that we have fixed the problem.  What problem some say?  Really, because it was obvious there were problems. 

The movie “2000 Mules” allows you to see through the cameras what was happing at the drop boxes.  Make up your own mind.


If you disagree with the government you might find yourself defined as a terrorist…



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WWIII - Quiet War: Silent Weapon #11 Humans as Commodities


WWIII - Quiet War: Silent Weapon #11 Humans as Commodities
As a child and spark of God you are given inalienable rights.  However, unbeknownst to you, some of them have been changed.  Below are some links giving more information about the “vaccine” shot that has altered this sacred DNA given at birth.  This new human is called a transhumanism and someone holds a patent to your being.  Additionally almost everyone was transferred into a serf system in 1913, putting all who were born after that date unaware of this debt system and involuntary status in a matrix of commodities. If you want to get out of this system, consider the information below the following links about the DNA.  Roger Sayles’s interview with Sarah Westall was the basis for the information with some additional information found while researching.


Change in DNA and patents were first presented in the blog post WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapons #3, Bioweapons. Here is more information:



Getting Out of the Control System and Understanding It by Roger Sayles

- from his interview with Sarah Westall and additions from Sandy Gates’s notes from the videos below


“The only way I can protect my liberty is to protect yours.” – Roger Sayles
If it’s not voluntary, it’s tyranny.  In the Feudal system set up in Europe all those many years ago, you could volunteer out.  You could also volunteer into it.  If you received the benefit, you owed the duty.  This duty involved protection for allegiance and allegiance for protection.  There was an oath of fealty from the Latin word fidelities or faithfulness.  It was a pledge of allegiance of one person to another.  This was usually done with homage like kneeling before the person, then swearing on the Bible or a Saint’s relic which was a binding oath before God.  Homage and fealty were the key components to European feudalism.  You are now their property.  After the oath and allegiance you became property. You can’t own property and as you are now property. With this oath you gave your body and possessions to the person whom you pledged homage and fealty to. 

This concept of not owning anything because you are the property of another is at the basis of the matrix system set up by this group of global elites.  It was placed into the Federal Government through the 13th and 14th Amendments.  In the 13th Amendment all persons are included within the system.  There is no other ownership of persons by another (slavery).

Amendment 13 - Slavery Abolished. Ratified 12/6/1865.

1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Amendment 14 - Citizenship Rights. Ratified 7/9/1868.

  1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
  2. Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice-President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.
  3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.
  4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.
  5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

By having the knowledge of history you’ll be empowered to out speak anyone who might try to put you back into this system set up to confine and confuse the many.  Those who designed the system began this process generations ago to get to where we are today.  This matrix system was set up at a meeting in 1910 on Jekyll Island between the persons of wealth whose families benefited from creating a central baking system. There was much secrecy involved and all participants denied the event until after the laws changed for money system in 1913.  In this year 1913, the Feudal system was set up by using the 13th Amendment.  The 14th Amendment gave the Federal Government unlimited powers and jurisdiction over the newly created second class citizen declared in the 13th Amendment.  The 13th and 14th amendments were passed into jurisdiction by the federal government.  The Congress was not allowed to vote.  At this point everyone is now a property of the federal government.  And the Speaker of the House is the ruler of all these persons as citizens/serfs of the United States Corporation.


They excise taxes on all persons/citizens in the system towards the sustainability of the system.  Taxes like property tax are imposed because although you can pay to have the house, you do not own it. You must pay taxes for living there. That is why they will take your house if you don’t pay the yearly taxes on the property. You must pay taxes to the Federal Government for maintaining the records of your usage.  You pay employee taxes and your federal taxes are used to keep you in this serf system.  They can only be used on citizens of the United States.  Using equivocation with deliberate evasiveness in wording and by making an ambiguous meaning purposeful, you have been tricked into the agreement of being a Federal citizen in the latest Census unless of course you knew better.  If you agreed that you were a citizen of the United States on any document, maybe your passport, then you are in the system.  If you parents were in the system at your birth then the birth certificate put you in the system.  Perhaps the Census recently conducted asked if you were a citizen of the United States.  If you agreed to this statement then you agreed to being imprisoned as a serf by this matrix.  The United States is a corporation.  The United States of America is not.   You will learn how you need to classify yourself to break this matrix and have the specific wording and avadavat to remove yourself from it.

The certificate of birth into this feudal serf system is guarded and uses your federal tax monies to maintain its security.  Upon birth a certificate called Verification of Facts is generated.  It lists the physical characteristic of the child and is not signed by the parents.  This gives the linage to the system.  This certificate is taken to a computer terminal placed in every hospital by the Federal Government.  The data is put into the Bureau of Vital Statistics to which a birth certificate is generated and put into an armed guard bank safe.  This is considered a warehouse receipt or law merchant document.  This document provides proof of ownership of commodities.  It is a receipt that represents a title to the goods (the person).  These certificates are bonds (root word of bondage).  It is the bond holders that receive the tax money for maintaining the bonds and security of these certificates.

On March 9, 1933 the whole financial system was shut down for five days to reemerge as the feudal system now in place with different documents of paper representing money.  Franklin D. Roosevelt took the gold standard away that was used to back our money.  This money was replaced with the Federal Reserve Notes with the freemason all “seeing eye” and pyramid on the back.  It is a debt note.  This was a fraudulent bankruptcy that used the “Trading with the Enemy Act” of 1917 which was originally enacted with the enemy defined at the Germans of WWI and changed it to say the enemy was the “citizens of the United States”.  It also established the Federal Reserve

In 1954 the Supreme Court overturned the Jim Crow vs. Education changing the status of all citizens from separate but equal to equal in class and equal in society.  This opened the way for the IRS code to be placed on all citizens.  The code was put in place by the House of Representatives which has jurisdiction over Washington D.C.  It place the Speaker of the House in jurisdiction over all citizens.  But they can only tax Federal Citizens or residents.  If you are an alien or non-resident or national, you are not under this jurisdiction. 

If you go to website you can search for Certificates for Non Citizen Nationally.  At the very bottom of this page in the last paragraph is the sentence need to get out of the matrix.  The sentence is listed below for those born outside of the mainland states for the Norther Mariana Islands.  If you do not get the certificate, which is encouraged, saying that all U.S. citizens are nationals.  However, all nationals are not citizens.  You want to be a national, non citizen to get removed from the matrix of enslavement.

Section 302 of Public Law 94 - 241:

Any person who becomes a citizen of the United States solely by virtue of the provisions in Section 301 [applying to those born in or residing in the Northern Mariana Islands] may within six months after the effective date of that Section or within six months after reaching the age of 18 years, whichever date is later, become a national but not a citizen of the United States by making a declaration under oath before any court established by the Constitution or laws of the United States or any other court of record in the Commonwealth in the form as follows " I _____ being duly sworn, hereby declare my intention to be a national but not a citizen of the United States."

On Roger Sayles website:

under the description of the book are other examples of an avadavat  that can be used which are much more specific than the sentence at the end of the code above.  Although that one sentence is all that is necessary.  The following gives more specific references to the laws and knowledge of how the amendments and loyalty system in place is being thwarted.  Here is one I have chosen.



I, (name), being of sound mind and lawful age, do solemnly declare:
1. I am a freeman, born on the land of (State), of parents who were white, who were Citizen-Principals and whose parents time out of mind were and always had been white. As an hereditament I acquired directly the status of Citizen-Principal of said state sharing equally in its sovereignty. Slaughterhouse Cases, 83 U.S. 36 (1873).
2. As a white man, born on the land of Florida, I am not restricted by the 14th Amendment, and because I receive no protection from it, I have no reciprocal obligation to a 14th Amendment allegiance or sovereignty and owe no obedience to anyone under the 14th Amendment. United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898).
3. I am a free Citizen of the aforesaid state of my birth and derivative and mediate thereof I am also a Citizen of the United States of America as contemplated in the Constitutional Contract of 1787.
4. I am not a citizen of the United States as contemplated by the 14th Amendment, and I do not reside in any state with the intention of receiving from the Federal government or any other party a protection against the legislative power of that state pursuant to the authority of the 14th Amendment.
5. I am, therefore, “nonresident” to the residency and “alien” to the citizenship of the 14th Amendment.
6. As the tax imposed in 26 U.S.C.1, pursuant to 26 C.F.R. 1.1-1, is on citizens and residents as contemplated by the 14th Amendment, it is not an applicable Internal Revenue Law to me, as I am neither such a citizen or resident.
Notwithstanding the fact that I may have in past years filed U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns, such filings were done under mistake by me not knowing that such filings were and are mandated only on citizens and residents of the United States as contemplated by the 14th Amendment.
7. Furthermore, I am not a resident of any state under the 14th Amendment and hereby publicly disavow any contract, form, agreement, application, certificate, license, permit or other document that I or any other person may have signed expressly or by acquiescence that would grant me any privileges and thereby ascribe to me rights and duties under a substantive system of law other than that of the Constitutional Contract of 1787 for the United States of America and of the constitutions for the several states of the Union, exclusive of the 14th Amendment.
8. I reiterate that I have made the above determinations and this declaration under no duress, coercion, promise of reward or gain, or undue influence and of my own free will, with no mental reservation and with no intent to evade any legal duty under the laws of the United States or any of the several states.
9. I sincerely invite any person who has reason to know or believe that I am in error in my determinations and conclusions above to so inform me and to state the reason(s) they believe I am in error in writing at the location of my abode shown below.
(Name) – sui juris, with express reservation of all my rights in law, equity and all other natures of law.
[ Rights Reserved: UCC 1-308, Florida Statute 671.207 ]
(address), (City), (State) [zip code]( County ) ( State of ? )
Signed before me this ?th day of (month) 2013, by (Name), personally known to me and who did take an oath.
(Name of Notary)
My commission expires (date)
# (license number)
Bonded thru (Insurance company)


These are the words he used in the interview:

I, (name) do swear under penalty of perjury of the United States of American my intention to be a national with God given constitutional protected Capital R right and not a citizen of the United States in a condition of voluntary servitude under the scope and fur by (?) of the 14th Amendment.

Signed – optional, but recommended


Send to Secretary of State:  Anthony J. Blinken,

                                           2201 C St., NW
                                           Washington, DC 20520




You can refile for your passport and attach this affdafit to have an offical document for this new free status which is what the United States of America is all about.  That is my plan.

Update - June 1, 2022

The following video is information for other ways to get out of the corrupted system.  (I write more after I have studied it myself.)  It's called affidavit that all debt is prepaid.

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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #10 Propaganda 324 feet long, it is one of the longest bridges in the south.

WWIII Quiet War – Silent Weapon #10 Propaganda

Feelings seem to be so much more powerful than thinking. People will get a feeling about something and then spin the stories in their head to support it.  When I considered names for my photography business I tried to keep in mind how the word would feel.  Memories was considered but it is tied to the past.  I chose Moments Photography because it is the moments and feelings we remember.  You might say that you remember something someone said to you.  True.  I’m going to argue that is was the feeling it produced that solidified the memory. 

In turn I have noticed that we don’t have a news station anymore.  I hear emotional situations and opinions.  If the emotions are engaged then the “news” is easier to get into our “way of thinking”. That is in part how propaganda works.  I will give only one political example that was reported last week (April 15, 2022).  There was research done on the FOX network as opposed to CNN, ABC, NBC to view the content presented and how prevalent the news was reported for each station.  The researcher concluded that each network only reported information that would serve to make one political party shine in the light.  One example was the news about President Trump and the peace accords with the Middle East.  FOX News reported it throughout its network.  The other networks barely gave it a mention and some did not report it at all.  All of this to say: You cannot trust the television networks, only some of the newspapers and none of the agencies that also identify with a few letters of the alphabet: CDC, NIH, FDA, CIA, DOD (to name the most common perpetrators of lies and manipulations towards an agenda).

The previous blog posts have given evidence showing that when the CDC, NIH or FDA give you advice, you better run the opposite way.  One of the first red flags that caught my attention was the CDC saying Ivermectin was not safe at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  Why would this drug go from being safe for 60 years to being dangerous?  They followed up their comments with a “study” funded by the CDC proving their claims.  However, the study was retracted when it was peer reviewed as the amount of Ivermectin used was more than the recommended dosage.  BUT that retraction wasn’t covered in the news.  You have to know the name of the study to even find it on the internet.  And to this day, I know people who only remember that the CDC said Ivermectin was dangerous.  It is not. However, the emotional impact was retained over the facts. Other examples of propaganda involved banning the use of hydroxychloroquine, monoclonal antibodies for use to combat the bioweapon called Covid-19 and the voices of anyone who spoke out against this narrative.  All of these products helped to heal the “virus”. These agencies tout that they are in place for the protection of the people but are they doing that?

When you understand that the Coronavirus 19 is NOT a VIRUS then much of the following will make sense.  I trusted the research of Dr. Zelenco who led me to the knowledge that a combination of vitamins C & D with Quercetin and Zinc would protect you from any virus.  I had only been on the products for 3 days when my husband came home with “a positive test”.  I got the symptoms he had but was able to use natural products to recover in only a few days.  Then two months later he came home with it again.  And I also picked up the symptoms.  I thought maybe I wasn’t protected the first time because I had only been on the combination for a couple of days but two months later I expected to be protected.   I now know why I wasn’t protected – it is not a virus.  No virus has been isolated in these two years.  This April 2022, Dr. Ardis has given evidence that this “virus” was actually a combination of snake venom along with a number of poisons and the mRNA to alter the DNA. To counter the disease, my husband was given the monoclonal antibodies in February (before the CDC disallowed its use).  These antibodies are made from injecting a horse with snake venom and extracting the antibodies.  Now why would you need antibodies for a snake bite if it was a virus?  I used Ivermectin, food grade hydrogen peroxide and some essential oils.   India did not follow the advice of the CDC or WHO and continued using Ivermectin.  Through this experience the people in India are finding that Ivermectin is curing cancer.  Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin cure many ailments of the body.  The information is available but you won’t find it on the main stream news on paper or the T.V.

So if you are having a hard time with the concept of this Covid-19 NOT being a virus, I would say I understand.  And now you fully understand propaganda.  If something is said enough times, it becomes accepted and believable.  The whole pandemic was an exercise in propaganda.  My grown children believe it as well as many of my friends.  I’m not allowed to go to “family” events unless I have submitted to the jab, which I will not do.  I love them dearly but I will not jeopardize my health for these fear tactics.  I started researching this problem in March 2020 and have continued to add to my knowledge base every day since.  I tried to inform others but once you have been tricked by “the news” it’s hard to see it any other way.  The word conspiracy was thrown around.  And it is a conspiracy, it’s just not a theory for those who have done their learning online and in books (like me).  I was told my research wasn’t good enough but most of these people who said that didn’t even do any research.  They believed what they heard.  They trusted the information.  And since the information made them feel better after listening to the fear perpetuated day in and day out, it made sense to do something to protect themselves and others.  Except it didn’t protect anyone from getting the “said virus”. They said it would keep you from getting it.  But when vaccinated people were getting sick, the story changed to say that the shot would help you have a milder case.  But then it changed to a pandemic of the unvaccinated.  How does it make sense that people who choose not to get the shot hurt anyone else?  If the “vaccine” works, then those without the shot are on their own.  Let it go.  It’s supposed to be a free country.  We are seeing these rights stepped on. And the pandemic is still propagated to this day by the media, pharmacies, commercials, and some businesses.  However, the truth is coming out.  When these same people who speak the lies of propaganda start telling people they need to take the latest pill by Pfizer to reverse the effects of the “vaccine” and you find out it is anti-venom, then will you believe?  They are almost finished working on it – what does that tell you?  It tells me that whoever is in charge knew.  They knew the problem, how it originated, how to get you to “buy” the answer to fix it (literally) and now to fix the problem of the “vaccine” with their newest pill.  So if you need to, reread this blog post until you get a new idea about what is going on.  Read it again and again – that’s how propaganda works.  Propaganda is usually lies of manipulation.  I’m not telling lies.  

I’ve written 13 blog posts on this situation of tyranny and it’s seems highly likely I’m done. (Update - I have the research on changes of DNA from the shot, patents on humans from the shot and the feudal system we are under at birth until we opt out.  See next blog post published in second week of May.) I hope my words have helped someone to open to the idea that unbeknownst to our parents, we have been puppets in someone else’s idea of life.  We have been played by people who choose evil.  But it is being countered by people who live in the light of God.  I am certain life will change for the good.  Hold on.  The best is yet to come for those who can embrace what is in front of them and let go of the mountains of lies we thought to be true.


April 25, Update:  May 4 - 11, 8 pm CST, Truth about propaganda, how cancer has already been cured, and all the many lies we have been told OUR WHOLE LIVES.

Spring is here and new birth is happening all around us and in the world of truth. The link in the comments is informatoion about the suppression of CURES for CANCER. Dr. Sebi CURED CANCER years ago through diet. He was put through 3 years of scrutiny in the court system. He proved his case and then...suspiciously disappeared in Mexico. (I hope they speak of him in the videos planned for May). And even though the truth tellers have been killed, demonized, cancelled, shoved out of the circles of vaccine recipients, called a variety of names and had their lives shaken to the core, TRUTH PREVAILS. Save the date: May 4 - 11, 8 pm Central Time, every evening for information being reported from a variety of truth tellers under the direction of a loving couple who lost a Dad to cancer and found out over the last 20 years that the medical system in the United States is not in place to cure you. What if everything we were told was a lie? That is where we are and that is how the documentation begins.



This video tells of the videos to be released in the dates mentioned above.


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WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #9 Lies

WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon: Lies

It takes light to break up the darkness.  I’m told that the more we humans try to hide something, the more it lights up to the beings in higher dimensions.  Then this world is lit!  We have had lie piled upon lie told for generations.  Our history is a lie. Our democratic elections are a lie.  Our government by The People is a lie.  The cause of the pandemic was a lie. Even the concept of a “virus” is a lie.  David Ike lays out this premise in one of his books but it was such a jolt to the system when I read it that I had to let it sit.  But now that I have seen more research I understand that this lie was in the planning to get us to buy into yearly vaccines for the “flu”.  But it’s true – there is nothing called a virus.  There is no germ or unseen element.  It is a breaking down of cells but that is all.  Not only was the Coronavirus not a virus, and no scientist has isolated a virus to claim the million dollars but this genetic altering bioweapon was designed, researched and paid for by our own money from DOD (Dept. of Defense) of the United States of America.  The Obama administration put in place a law that allowed the government to make laws behind closed doors. I’m not sure how much of this goes back to that but I do know even the administration before him was just as corrupt.  Anyone who has tried to voice opposition is subject to the tactics of isolation, demonizing of the person and an attempt to destroy this person.  Sometimes they just kill them and make up a story that generally has blame put on suicide. 

Wicked reflection...deceptions galore.

Below are two videos giving the research done by Dr. Bryan Ardis.  His information lays out the postulate for showing how the bioweapon uses venom from snakes to create the symptoms that mimic a virus.  The information was put out on Monday, April 11, 2022 on many different platforms.  This allowed a large number of people to see the information and I’m thinking made it much more difficult for the dark agenda to take it ALL down.  Yeah!  The first video is a movie of the information.  The second video is the same information in an interview format with him presenting some of the documentation on the screen so you can see it.  Both are worthy of your time if you are interested in digging into the history of this scene that is playing out for us these days.

Update January 23, 2023 - Here's proof that the vaccine puts technology into your blood.  It also appears that even the nonvaccinated have technology in their blood.  This video shows the blood under a microscope.  There is evidence that the colloidal gold has in impact on these nano particles.


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WWIII: Quiet War - Silent Weapon #8 Deception

WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapon #8 Deception of Satan.  Hold your cross upright and keep it in the light.  For the darkness hides many secrets.  And in secret, plans have been devised to undo the teachings of Jesus and hide it in plain sight. You only have to look at far as the backside of a one dollar bill to see the information hiding right in front of you.  Below the “all seeing eye” which is also a Freemason symbol are the words: Novus Ordo Seclorum, which mean New Order of the Ages.  New World Order are the words that we hear from those who are in this Satanic cult.  It is in their indoctrination a plot to undertake by oath, a New World Order. Above the “eye” are the words: Annuit Coeptis, which means wink and undertakings.  This is the one eye that is so important to this cult.  To represent this wink or one eye symbol you will see many who are in the limelight doing this.  They only show one eye for the camera or close one eye.  Somewhere in the Bible it states “Whoever winks with their eye is plotting perversity.”   

These symbols of Satan are taken from sacred places and twisted.  One example is the star.  Turned upside down the star can now contain the goat symbol of Satan.  This is the same star shape used for the Eastern Star of the Masons. They use these symbols to show to the world and each other their allegiance to Satan or Lucifer.  Additionally you’ll see Hollywood have their picture taken with one finger over their lips.  This signifies the secrecy for the oath taken.  If it’s such a great plan and is for everyone as in the quote below, why the need for silence?  Another favorite is the symbol for 666.  This symbol is shown with the hand like an OK symbol put over one eye.  All of these symbols are entrenched into Freemasonry. Freemasonry is defined as “A peculiar system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.” So, peculiar is the word used to describe its morality and all its secrets and veils. 

In order to bring this darkness to the world I present to you Lucis Trust, a nonprofit service organization.  They are council to the United Nations.  And in eight languages they claim to be “dedicated to the establishment of a new and better way of life for everyone in the world based on the fulfillment of the divine plan for humanity”. This plan is not the same divine plan of freedom, free will and equality that the country of America was established with.  I understand that the Freemasons are well entrenched into the American way of life with plans to destroy the Constitution and all it stands for.  Now I understand why all the people who created that document were so persecuted after signing it.  You’ll see in the video that the Statue of Liberty is the opposite of what we were told it was to represent.  It was built by the Freemasons.  Everything about Freemasonry is the opposite of the truth.  We have been lied to for centuries.

I hope your Mama raised you up enough to know that anything that has to be a secret and hidden is probably not a good thing.  But I’ll let you make up your own mind by watching the video below.  It is long.  It is full of details and a fine presentation of research from someone who was involved in this cult but was given a chance to go to the light.  This video is a gift to the light.


UPdate Oct 12, 2023

The video below was made in 2011 in Swiitzerland.  J. Bennett shows the symbols of the Freemasonry and KNights Templar on buildings and positioned all around the towns.  I looked in my town after posting the video and found the statue of the founding family, Noble was atop an obelisk with his hand inside his jacket like the 2nd level of the Masons.   I found the Masonic Lodge on Noble Street.  I plan to go back into town to look at the old buildings for the symbols I learnd in this video below.  Also at the end of the video there is information about the meaning and migration of the KKK into America.


"As One Thinketh in His Heart, So Is He"

As one thinketh in his heart, so is he.

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WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapon #7 Censorship

WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapon #7 Censorship is not only about hiding information and controlling perception but ultimately it’s about brain washing by controlling the information that the public receives.  Being in control, as in total control is the end game of these satanic worshipers.  Make no mistake that is who they worship.  They might be descendants of Cain in the Bible as you will hear in the video below or they can just be lost souls from any walk of life.  The next blog post on silent weapons will be about the Free Masons and the large group of “successful” people in the limelight that are involved in satanic rituals and or satanic plans. 

I have noticed a tendency of the main stream media to point fingers out.  By that I mean that there is much judgement projected and a propensity for arrogance.  By accusing the "other side" of what you are doing makes it seem as though the blame is never on the people who are causing the problems and wicked solutions.  Inevitably the truth does comes back to stick on the very ones who made the accusations but this process takes time and the preconceived notion has already stuck for the most part with a large portion of the public.  Take for example when the president called this the pandemic of the unvaccinated.  He said the ones who weren’t vaccinated were causing the spread of Covid (I know they say virus but there is no virus in this disease so I refrain from writing that word).  In truth the more vaccinations delivered, the more chance that the disease would mutate, just like with antibiotics.  And that’s just what it did.  So not being vaccinated had no impact at all on the spread.  The doctors who have spoken out will tell you that the gain of function spike protein in the vaccine is spreading to anyone who comes close to those who got the shot.  Now, have someone who took the shot voluntarily receive that information and you will be rejected within an instant.  I know. I have had many to mock me but I am informed and not deterred.  The more people get shots and boosters, the more the disease will mutate.  It has nothing to do with the people who are not participating in this madness by injecting who knows what into your body and calling it a "vaccine".

In the following video Sgt./Dr. Len Horowitz who has studied this situation of the so called virus and the people who perpetrated the problem and supposed solution giving details of the process.  He supports the judgement of Fauci as a psychopath. He goes on to relate the science and documentation in the Bible.  Within the last twenty minutes he tells about a solution, developed at NASA of silver coupled with specific frequencies to help heal the body.  I found it interesting.  You won’t find it on Big Tech. platforms.  Enjoy the free information while you still can.


Update - May 4, 2022: Planet Lockdown is the movie in the link below.  It has interviews of people from all walks of life and took several years to make.



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Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars - the book

"TOP SECRET: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, An Introductory Programming Manual" is a book that was uncovered by accident on July 7, 1986.  It was discovered in a Xerox machine.  The originally published book was circa in 1954.  "The booklet has been considered to be true and legitimate in every way by those in the 'conspiracy' community for quite some time.  It has a rather compelling story of having been discovered wedged inside a copier machine that was purchased at a government-related surplus sale in 1986." 

The manual is a declaration of intent to engineer social automation of a society with extensive social control, slavery and genocide.  The basis of the book is evil and as you will continue to learn it is very familiar to the agenda now presented at the highest levels of our government.  First, in order to pull off this plan it takes high speed computer systems.  "The end is control. Beyond this remains another issue, 'who will be the beneficiary?' As the elite met in 1954, there was a 'moral issue' risen but is was greeted with a view of natural selection "in a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence.  Such a people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent." And so in the interest of a "future world, order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few."  

I quote the text as it would behoove me to be able to say in words what is listed so succinctly.  After reading just what you have read above I had to stop.  I had to take a moment to think about the fact that these people in our government truly believe that they are better than the rest of us.  And because of their belief system, they were giving themselves permission to take away all that others had for their own gain but it was okay because we weren't smart enough to figure out that is what was happening to us, then that makes it okay.  They used tactics so "subtle and sophisticated in their principle of operation and public appearance as to earn for themselves the name 'silent weapons'". And that was the inspiration for the blog postings called WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapons.  I hadn't even read anything more in the book. I had to stop.  I could see all the silent weapons, some of which they announced publically. I have already written on these silent weapons: reframing, woke vs. awake, bioweapons, mass formation, natural laws and the Constitution, ownership, and the plan revealed by an Arch Bishop.  I still have these topics on my list: global non-bordors, H.A.A.R.P., QR code, global digital financing, and gas lighting… to name a few.

So I implore you, if you haven't already, to wake up.  Start looking around.  If you don't like this idea and I clearly do not.  Then being aware is the first line of defense.  Even now we have the elites telling us that we will own nothing and be happy about it in 2030 - also stated by Klaus Schwab in his book "Covid-19: The Great Reset". Here is a review of this book which tells about the plan in more detail than my book report above.  This is from Luna in Good Reads: “They planned the downfall of economies worldwide with a designer pneumonia.  They got the Cartoon News Network and derivatives wrapped around their finger to do their bidding…and now they are appointing themselves as our global Gods. Ha!

Lies, lies, lies” and more “lies.  Why do we keep falling for these historical power grab schemes?  It’s not like we can afford to keep learning from the same mistake because technology, surveillance and bio-terrorism is advancing exponentially.  Eventually it won’t matter by how much we outnumber these freaks due to their access to first-hand cutting edge technology.

There’s a section called “Reinventing humanness.”  That should tell you something.  It’s mind boggling how pathological these read – stern and full of empty platitudes.  I don’t think they are very convincing, but all you need to do is say you’re a Marxist nowadays.

‘Neo-liberal’ capitalism didn’t fail us. The Federal Central Banking did.   It is the marriage of big government and big corporations and guaranteed banking bailouts that ate away our purchasing power and economy.  It’s very convenient to say that the mess these freaks set up and ran with until it crashed is somehow equated to a free market.

These old crooks are the same that benefitted from the system they are now erasing.  I guess having all the money in the world isn’t as great as having all the power with it. What? You think Zuckerman, Bezos, and Gates are cheerleaders of socialism?  Maybe for you.

It’s unfortunate the masses don’t believe in small government to be the solution to the problems these bureaucratic crooks create and hide away from.  They have effectively scared us away from freedom in the name of safety from the terrorism they continually inflict.  I’m ashamed of my generation for falling for this crap.  This is the outline of our future, it doesn’t matter how much we fight.  It’s coming.” (I personally think is does matter how much we fight and when as I agree it’s coming.)

The conspiracy theorists “were right all along” – it’s a conspiracy – “it isn’t a theory anymore and it has Rothschild written all over it… all of the corporations partnered with the World Economic Forum are listen on their website.  One of them is Gucci, which recently released a ‘Build Back Better’ propaganda ad with none other than a Rothschild and Miss Jane Fonda, who was recently quoted as saying “Covid is God’s gift to the left’.  Even further out of the horses’ mouth was Miss Lynn Forester de Rothschild letting us know that ‘Covid will change capitalism forever’.

Make no mistake, this is the scariest moment of your life-frame and you should question whether or not it sounds like a good idea to adopt the solutions imposed by the rulers and destroyers.  The Rothschild family has funded both side of historical conflict for at least hundreds of years.  Does it sound similar to the social unrest that has plagued the U.S. and the world?

This is a crime against humanity.  Our world is ruled by pure evil.

As George Carlin” said, “’It’s one big club. And you AIN’T in it!’


You can read the book above or perhaps the one I started reporting on.  Personally I can't bring myself to read this very short book.  I stopped the first time after reading the justification for killing and stealing from the masses.  I stopped again the next time after I came to the part about child care.  They want child care to be run by the government. Gee that sounds good as a means for more people to go to work but let's go deeper.  The book states that by having child care under the control of the governing forces then the programing and lack of education for the masses can be sustained from the earliest time available.  I'm still letting that set in because I know that providing child care is on the current agenda for the Democratic Party. 

When I read more I'll add to this post but for now I see it's been well over three weeks since I started this posting and I'm not motivated to read anymore just yet. I feel the evil and I release it but I’m not wanting to feel it again.  So you are welcome to read ahead (the title for the book is at the beginning of this post) and write comments if you like.  I actually bought it off of Amazon, which is crazy, I know.  The czars of censorship aren't everywhere just yet.



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WWWIII Quiet War - Silent Plan Revealed by Arch Bishop Viganó OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In life people show up as love or as needing love.  Those we call the elites or Globalists are needing love as they show up to us as ones who would have us live without love just like they do.  We choose love.  We choose light.  Below is a video that outlines the current global situation.  It is on You Tube and might be taken down so I have typed the words of Arch Bishop Viganó
in this blog post so you can read it if the video is censored.  Enjoy the hope of his message.

The global coup that in these two years has been carried out by the globalist elite appears more clearly if we do not limit ourselves to considering what happened in individual nations.  But broaden our gaze to what has happened everywhere.

Your protest, Dear Canadian Truck Driver Friends joins a worldwide chorus that wants to oppose the establishment of the New World Order on the rubble of nation states through The Great Reset designed by the World Economic Forum and by the United Nations under the name of Agenda 2030.  And we know that many heads of government have participated in Klaus Schwab’s School for Young Leaders, the so called Global Leaders for Tomorrow.  It would seem that Canada, is along with Australia, Italy, Austria and France as one of the nations most infiltrated by the Globalists.  You understand this instinctively and your yearning for freedom was shown in all its coordinated harmony moving forward to the capital, Ottawa.

Dear Truck Drivers, you are facing great difficulties not only because you give up your work to demonstrate but also because of these adverse weather conditions, long nights in the cold and attempts to be cleared away that you face.  But along with these difficulties, you have also experienced the closeness of many of your fellow citizens who like you have understood the looming threat and want to support you in protesting against the regime.  Allow me also to express to you my support and my spiritual closeness to which I join the prayer that your event may be crowned with success and may also extend to other countries.

In these days we see the masks of tyrants from all over the world fall and unfortunately we also see so much conformism, so much fearfulness, so much cowardice in people who up until yesterday were regarded as friends, even among family members.  Yet precisely because of this extreme situation we discover with amazement gestures of humanity made by strangers: signs of solidarity and brotherhood on the part of those who feel close to us in the common battle.  We discover so much generosity, so much desire to shake us from this stupor.  We discover that we are no longer willing to passively suffer the destruction of our world imposed by a Cabal of unscrupulous criminals thirst for power and money.  In this relentless attack on the traditional world, not only your way of life and your identity have been affected but also your possessions, your activities and your work.  This is the Great Reset.  This is the future promised by slogans like Build Back Better.  This is the future of billions of people being controlled in their every move, in all their transactions, in every purchase, every bureaucratic practice, every activity, automations without souls or wills deprived of their identity, reduced to have a universal income that allows them to survive.  To buy only what others have already decided to put up for sale.

Today more than ever, it is essential that you realize that it is no longer possible to passively resist.  It is necessary to take a position to fight for freedom.  To demand respect for natural freedoms.  But even more Dear Canadian Brothers, it is necessary to understand that this dystopia serves to establish the dictatorship of The New World Order and totally erase every trace of our Lord Jesus Christ from society, from history and from the tradition of peoples.

Demonstrate for your right Canadian friends.  But may these rights not be limited to a simple claim to the freedom to enter supermarkets or not to be vaccinated.  May it also be a proud and courageous claim to your sacrosanct right to be free men.  The truth will make you free.  And may God bless you.


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WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapon #6 - Ownership  


Come, sit.  Would you like a cup of coffee?  Let's talk about ownership.  What do you own?  Is ownership an important concept?  You bet it is.  The top less than 1 per cent of the world own nearly all the resources in the world.  Now in "The Great Reset" by Klaus Schwab tells the world that by 2030 we will own nothing and be happy.  How to they propose to do that?  Well, they start with a virus, and well coordinated mass media campaign, shut down economies, use chaos and brute force to begin with.  Sound familiar?  it should.  It is a conspircy.  It is not a theory.  

Who owns what and who owns who?

 The following is a pinned message of John Perez @Cornstock from Silence Dogood, MBA  It's a practical preview of names you'll see all throughout the video below.

“The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline, which (incidentally) owns Pfizer!” The one who makes the vaccine against the virus which was (incidently) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and which was (incidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci, who (incidentally) promotes the vaccine!

GlaxoSmithKline is (incidentally) managed by the finance division of BlackRock, which (incidentally) manages the finances of Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation), which (incidentally) manages the French AXA!

Soros (incidentally) own the German company Winterthur, which, (incidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German Allianz, which (incidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder, who (incidentally) is a shareholder of BlackRock, which (incidentally) controls central banks and manages about a third of global investment capital.

BlackRock is also (incidentally) a major shareholder of MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who (incidentally) is a shareholder of Pfizer (which- remember? Sells a miracle vaccine) and (incidentally) is now the first sponsor of the W.H.O.!”

The documentary video below by Tim Gielen does an excellent job of showing you who owns what and how we can create our own design for this world without the help of the few who would take all our money and put us into a slave system of no ownership.  We are the 99%.  We are people helping people.  We have the freedom, compassion and unity that it takes to make this world a better place.


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The Gift of Grace Beautiful photo artistry of Sharon Jenkins is extraordinary in her blog post with an excerpt from "The Greatest Gift" by Ann Voskamp.

To view - copy and past the URL below...

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WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapon No. 5 - Know the Laws: Natural Law and the Constitution WWIII Quiet War, Silent Weapon No. 5 - Know the Laws: Natural Law and the Constitution

Grunge Sign TemplateGrunge Sign Template

Unalienable rights are those which God gave to man at the Creation, once and for all.  By definition, since God granted such rights, governments cannot take them away.  These natural rights include the right to think for oneself, the right to life, and the right to self-defense, and they remain throughout every human's lifetime.  Legal rights, on the other hand are those created, acknowledged, and protected by a government. 

The United States Government was installed by the people.  And the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution were created by the people to protect the people against anyone who might be in a government position overstepping these guidelines. The Constitution gives the people the right to dissolve the government if needed.  I was taught Government in my senior year of High School in the 1970's.  My husband learned these documents in the 1980's.  Something changed over the next twenty years.  My children were not taught the fine details of our blessed country when they were in High School.  Knowing your rights protects you.  Below are the rights as outline from the web site listed.  Under that are links to print our most precious documents. 

At the bottom of this post there is a link for a woman who knows the laws well.  She tells that if you sign a form for the airline telling your seat assignment there is information in that form giving away your rights.  Be diligent in these times.  Keep the faith that all is well and live as such.  Also be mindful of the evil that exists whom will take from you through trickery.         

Every man and woman on earth is born with certain unalienable rights. These rights cannot be taken away by anyone unless you allow them to. Governments do everything they can to strip us of our Rights. So it is up to each one of us to know what our inalienable rights are, and then to stand up against anyone trying to take them away. Common Law protects our rights and gives us the tools to defend them against any attempt to destroy them.

These are our Unalienable Rights

  1. To act in self-defense (personal, family, innocents, nation).
  2. To own and carry weapons for self-defense and for ensuring that the nation remains free.
  3. To own and control private property (land, money, personal items, intellectual property, etc.)
  4. To earn a living and keep the fruit of one’s labor.
  5. To freely migrate within the country or to leave the country.
  6. To worship—or not worship—God in the manner one chooses.
  7. To associate with—or disassociate from—any person or group.
  8. To express any idea through print, voice, banner, or other media.
  9. To be secure in one’s home, papers, and person against unwarranted searches and seizures (privacy).
  10. To be advised of the charges, in the event of arrest.
  11. To have a judge determine if the accused should be held for trial or for punishment.
  12. To be tried by a jury of one’s peers and face one’s accuser, in the event of being charged with a crime.
  13. To be tried by a jury of one’s peers, in the event of a suit in which the disputed amount is substantive.
  14. To suffer no cruel or unusual punishment.
  15. To establish, monitor, control, and petition our servant government to help secure the above rights.
  16. To abolish said government, when it becomes destructive of these rights.

Printable PDF of the Constitution:


Printable PDF of the Bill of Rights:


If you would like to see a person in action who knows the laws and travels the world without a mask or quarantine, watch the link below.




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WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapon No. 4 - Mass Formation Red energy - vitality, actionRed energy - vitality, action

WWIII Quiet War, Silent Weapon No. 4: Mass formation

Dr. Mattias Desment, a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Statistician of Ghant University in Belgium explains that 30% of the population have believed the main stream media and continue to do so because of what is called Mass formation. This is created when there is a lack of social bonding or social meaning making.  This along with free floating anxiety that is previously not connected to anything you can control.  And additionally free floating anger or aggression not directed toward a cause.

And as most people are already anxious due to the lack of fulfilling work, pace of life, and years of fears perpetuated by the media you have the conditions for the setup of Mass formation. Mass formation is when you have a place to put all of this anxiety, fear, anger and aggression towards a cause. Enter the virus.

Now you have a mental representation for your anxiety. Now you have a place to put your feelings. Now you have a solidarity for a heroic battle against this so called virus. And now you also have an intolerance of dissonance. So when given an opposing way of thinking, all this anxiety is put on the "messenger".

30% of the population believes the rhetoric that is repeated repeatedly.

40% of the population will remain quiet as the stress of speaking out is not worth doing.

30% of the remaining population speak on anyway. It is this group of voices that will keep tyranny at bay. They must keep speaking out and not be silenced. For when all opposition is contained, then the real madness begins.



To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.

To reach out for another is to risk involvement.

To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.

To place your ideas and dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

To live is to risk dying.

To hope is to risk despair.

To try is to risk failure.

But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. 

 Persons who risk nothing, do nothing, and have nothing.  They may avoid suffering and sorrow, but they cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live. 

Chained by their attitudes, they are slaves; they have forfeited their freedom.  Only those persons who risk are free.








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WWIII Quiet Wars: Silent Weapon No.3, Bioweapons You ChoiceYou Choice

WWIII Quiet War: Silent Weapon No. 3, Bioweapons

Summary Notes: The Covid-19 disease and emergency shot was preplanned, practiced and implemented with the intent to depopulate the world and enslave the rest.

Update - November 16, 2022  Blog post below gives updated information about the 36 venoms put into the bioweapon called a virus and how to help yourself if you already took the shot.

Update - April 12, 2022  The following movie is a summary of the documentation showing that the Covid-19 was a designed bio-weapon that uses the venum of two snakes.  Below I am posting a video with the same information from the same person in the movie and the same person who gave us the information on Remdesivir.  The one below includes the documentation for the claims made in the movie.    or additional link address:

UPDATE: May 15, 2023

Dr Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters talk again about the research connecting venom to the symptoms of the "virus".  At 47 minutes he gives 4 ways to inhibit the effects of venom.  Additionally he talks about people in the forefront who won't look at the research, how ivermectin works and why tobacco can help long term covid suffering persons.  The Spike protein is designed for the body to make its own synthetic venom.  The question still remains unanswered, "Why is the media and government out to punish the information instead of the people who put this disease and shot upon us?" AND if you doubt that it is venom then ask yourself why monocolonal antibodies work so well.  They are made from injecting venom into horses.



Update - January 23, 2023: proof that the vaccine puts technology into your blood.  It also appears that even the nonvaccinated have technology in their blood.  This video shows the blood under a microscope.  There is evidence that the colloidal gold has in impact on these nano particles.


To begin:   At the center of all things good, is love.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  A lack of love is at the center of everything about the bioweapons presented here.  It comes from a place of fear and darkness and would have humanity caged through a system of electronic measures enslaving all. I would venture to say that the mission and agenda has been calculated and planned in a cesspool of pure evil.  There is no mercy or compassion. There is no concern for health, family, God, freedom, privacy, independence and anything else you hold dear.  There is a philosophy behind this sneaky, shadowy attack on the human condition that believes in eugenics.  Eugenics meaning the “selective breeding…It’s when we, as humans are as wise as cattle breeders.” This was the definition given in the NY Times article in 1920. That was six years after Andrew Carnegie set up the Eugenics Office of the United States in 1914 (It existed before the Third Reich, WWII).

Now a little over a hundred years later we have a plan to use vaccines world-wide as a bioweapon to cull and manipulate the masses. Vaccines have been in place for many years in the U.S.A., Australia and around the world making some people familiar with the injections and accepting it as a valuable health practice.  It has been touted as a health measure however, that may not be at the heart of it.  Consider this quote from the National Academy of Science, in 2015. It is stated below as presented “…until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored.  To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine.  A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues.  Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Peter Danszak stated.” (The MCMs are Medical countermeasures, FDA-regulated products: biologics, drugs, devices that may be used in the event of a potential public health emergency.) Side note: Peter Danszak has been appointed on the committee to investigate the Covid-19 crisis.  Really?  Appoint the very person who wants the pandemic to oversee the process.  And we think this will give us the truth?  I think not.

Feb. 12, 2016, Developing MCMs for Coronaviruses. Available from:

David Martin, Ph.D gives information and documentation from 22 years of research on Anthony Fauci, Ph.D. He has a 205 page dossier. You can find it for free on the internet. These three are for a blog post.

Pictured is David Martin, PhD, author of the screenshot images above and the two following images containing information presented in this blog post.  This information comes from his 22 years of researching Anthony Fauci, PhD and others.  Below is the URL for the “The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier:




The 205 page document is organized by the laws broken by Dr. Fauci.  Senator Ron Paul has had this dossier put into his hands three times and yet Fauci is still operating in place.  Here is a preview of offences. You can listen to Dr. David Martin present the information in the link below.


Here is a link to a video of other lawyers that have evidence that this pandemic is a crime.


There is so much information showing that this “virus” and the responses by governments around the world were planned well in advance.  The elites even practiced the scenario in Event 201­­­­­­ which was only18 months before the current crisis began. There is also evidence that not only was WWII a practice session but the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu and H1N1 flu and any other flu in the news. They were all used to see how public perception could be manipulated.  Now we have a “virus.” It is in quotes because there is no live virus in this coronavirus.  Scientists around the world were offered a large sum of money to isolate the virus and it has NOT been done.  Christine Massey has evidence that no virus has ever been isolated.  The link below is an interview with Mike Adams, Health Ranger (food scientist).  David Icke supports this as well in the research given in his book, “Perceptions of a Renegade Mind” (2021).


That makes it highly likely that the cause of this pandemic was created in a lab. (More on the events leading up to that in the bullets below).  Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Laureate (2008) stated on French T.V. in March of 2020 that this “virus” was expertly sequenced.  He would know as isolating the HIV retrovirus is how he earned the Nobel Laureate.   Dr. Fauci and Bob Gallo stole his HIV retrovirus report, fabricated their own data and reported it in 1984 (before allowing Montagnier to publish his work). This work in question was the defining factor for Fauci getting the job he currently occupies.  It took 24 more years for Luc Montagnier to prove the origin and authenticity of his work. I include this here as background information for how Fauci approaches life and science “ethics”.  You can read more about this time (1980’s – 2020) in the free PDF book by Dr. Judy Macovits, and Ken Heckenlively, JD.  The book came out in early 2020.  The author was attacked and censored by Google and others.  Judy Macovits, PhD, was accused of trying to sell books, so she made it available for free (You can also purchase it online).  It details how Dr. Fauci used scientists to manipulate data and present the science as he wanted it.


The above book “Plague of Corruption, Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science” is presented in a narrative form.  Additionally you can find documentation and information from “The Real Anthony Fauci; Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that has recently been published (Nov. 2021) by Skyhorse Publishing. It was the only publishing company to believe more in free speech than the threats of the “powers that be” to censor.  Recognizing this trend for censorship across the media and social platforms and governments, the Publisher Notes at the beginning of the book state its philosophy. “If powerful people challenged by this book claim it contains misinformation, our response is simply this: Tell us where you believe something is incorrect, make your best arguments, and offer the best available support for those arguments.  We encourage and invite dialogue, criticism, engagement – and every suggestion will be heard and considered…Since ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ is being published in the middle of rapidly unfolding events and since censorship and suppression of information is underway, it’s best to approach this book as a living document. When new information emerges that can add to or improve the thousands of references and citations in this book, updates, additional notes, and new references will be provided via the QR code…”

Fast forward and backwards of the preplanning:

·            1986 Prep Act/86 Act give a shield of immunity to companies making vaccines (You cannot have the shield of immunity as a corporation if the way you got the emergency    use was created by a felony crime.  Once Fauci or any other perpetrator of the crime is committed, then the bioweapon makers can be sued.)

·            1999 – Bioweapon created: Recombinant Infectious Replication Defective Clone of Coronavirus (Gain of Function manipulation of a virus)

·            2003 – CDC illegal patent on the entire genome

·            2007 – CDC illegal patent on the SARS coronavirus. It was rejected as illegal two times.  The third submission was accepted. (Gee, what changed?  Not the law; it’s still        illegal.)

·            2012-2013 Six viral models were uploaded from China and downloaded at U of NC to Ralph Berwick in violation of biological chemical and weapons laws in this country,        USA.  And manufacturing began here.

·            2013 Supreme Court rules that injection of mRNA creates a new genome that can be patent (the person becomes a “thing”, see article from Judge Anna Maria Riezinger        below)

·            Spring 2019, N.I.H. loses many vaccine patients for the coronavirus because of lack of maintenance fees. The CDC maintains more than 4.000 patents.  These patents were  paid for by U.S. citizens.  Dr. Fauci has been in charge of more than 93 Billion dollars in his tenure with the N.I.H. and CDC.  All patents used for vaccines were paid for by the U.S. citizens who were then charged money for using what was developed.  The funds generated from the patent go to the holder of the patent.

·            Spring 2019, U of NC was forced to give the Spike S1 protein patent to the N.I.H. (This transfer of patent was unprecedented.  Dr. Fauci needed this patent to produce the    Moderna shot/bioweapon).

·            September 18, 2019, Anthony Fauci and others presented the “World at Risk” report of the W.H.O. giving the risks of a pandemic.

·            September 19, 2019 – one day later…President Donald Trump signed an executive allowing mRNA research. 

My personal opinion is that the president did not manifest this document on his own.  And perhaps there may have been coercion, which is highly probable as corruption is evident in many areas of this planned event.  He is still ultimately responsible for his action of signing something that enabled the scientific community to work on projects that were not in the best interest of “the people”.   Considering it was one day after the presentation, my guess is the timing was pre-planned and written by those who were leading the charge for this science to be developed and given permission for its use.  The bioweapon “vaccine” containing mRNA is experimental but that doesn’t mean that the designers of the shot don’t know what it would do in the body.  It was ready for mass execution in “record time”.    This bioweapon is the S1 Spike Protein IN synthesis compound delivered in a toxin that has killed every animal in trial studies.  When the review board asked where the animal data was.  It was answered, “This is a straight to human protocol.”

The public was not told what the mRNA would do to the DNA.  There was no information prior to the devoted doctors who studied the shot after it was released.  One of the first doctors to make a video of the dangers of this bioweapon shot was killed.  Dr. Andreas Noack, a German research chemist was a vocal opponent of the bioweapon and described the workings of the graphene oxide and nanotechnology as conductors like an antennae and the destructive effects on the body.  We have learned that the “messenger RNA (mRNA)…vector-based, and self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines” as listed above are used with technologies after being injected into the body. 

Below is the publication for the Moderna shot.  This is owned by Bill Gates.  The publication number ends with 060606. Is this a correlation to the Bible?  I’m not sure but I’m inclined to think so as the events for having a tracking system to allow you to travel or buy and sell is being dictated in some places which is synonymous with information from the Bible. Read it here for yourself.  The Bible states in Revelation 13:16-18 (Modern Language version – talking about the beast), “He also compelled all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the freemen and the slaves, to have a mark put on their right hands or on their foreheads so that no one might be able to buy or sell unless he bore the mark of the beast’s name or number corresponding to his name.  Here intelligence comes in.  Let him who has the mind for it calculate the number of the beast for it is a man’s number, and his number is six hundred sixty-six.”

The text in larger print in the image below was added by me as emphasis in response to another that this publication not only speaks of wearing a device; it can be traced and also that it can be the person as well who is joined with technology. This patent is being used with the Moderna shot. The company Moderna was started with a grant from the United States Government.  It was previously called Darwinian Chemical Systems.  They were looking for a way to use mRNA in a post extinction world event to code into the DNA to start evolution. And then they made this bioweapon, called a “vaccine”. Their very first “vaccine”.

I became aware of yet another patent with similar intentions.  This next patent begins with “Methods and system of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals.”  Privacy it states and yet it goes on to contradict by saying, “The system comprises a plurality of electronic devices comprising instructions to generate an ID and,…”  This identification goes to a server.  Who is in charge of the server?  Bill Gates?  The Economic Forum?  The World Health Organization? Who? This idea of making everyone on the planet a digital identification is compatible with the ID202 plan by Bill Gates and the Agenda 2030.  I do not comply. Do I think this is private if I don’t know where the information is going?  Do I think this is privacy if this information is sent electronically and automatically when near another device? No, no and no!

I don’t know the association of this patent and how/where it is being used yet.  I got the number for the patent from two different doctors but neither stated which vaccine was using it.  I have heard the doctors say that 4 of the vaccines have this technology in it.  I’m only certain of the Moderna shot and one of them is using the other patent above. I do know that if the electronics as stated above can receive information from “you” then it can also send information TO “YOU”.  It makes sense to me.  If you have a “FitBit” it can send information to my phone about my activities AND it can receive a text.  So now we are extending that idea to the technology being INSIDE the body. 

I was told this sounded too much like Science Fiction to be true.  Hum, I might also wonder if the movies weren’t being used to inform us of what was in the planning.  It is for you to decide.  I present the research with links and respond as I understand it and each person is ultimately responsible for their own path and belief system.  Do not blame your decisions on anyone else or a belief system or a government as you made the choice to believe it or not and to make the choice you made or not.  There is always choice.  Until there is no choice = hooked up to electronics that are manipulated by another, but that would happen only if you allowed the nanoparticles inside of you – I’m just saying it’s a possibility and it’s a probability considering what the nanotechnology and graphene oxide can do once its inside the body. That is another reason why business are telling us we “need” 5G.  No, we don’t.  They do.  They need it for the graphene oxide to transmit the magnitude of information that this is planned for.  Many towers were put in place near schools during the lockdown.  They were ready.  “We” were not.

"Some people feel personal choices of others are selfish and need to be regulated.

What's really selfish is expecting others to surrender their liberties 

so you can have a false sense of security."

 I have people in my life, whom I dearly love with this bioweapon in their bodies.  This disagreement has caused a divide that I hope is temporary.  I’m glad to know that there will be ways to heal when they choose to change this decision.  I have listed information at the bottom of this deluge of information for ways to protect yourself from this bioweapon, clear yourself of the shot and avenues for healing if you do get near this bioweapon “virus”, as I did.  And I was able to be rid of it.  The first time in only hours.  The second time it took a couple of days.  I used natural remedies found from websites of physicians that are also healers.

Update 10/04/2022 Graphene Oxide is used with 5G for Mind Control.  See video below

Update 10/4/2022 The "vaccine" changes the DNA

More on the mRNA from a legal perspective:

There is the law for how your human status changes after the injection of mRNA.  This is part of the article “Notice of Status Investigation and Liability” (there are over 3200 articles) on Judge Anna’s website:

“No virus related to the purported pandemic has ever been isolated.  There is a set of official scientific protocol used to isolate viruses, and that  protocol has never been initiated – an indication of Bad Faith and deceit and purposeful negligence.  As there is no virus related to this purported pandemic has been proven to exist, there are no valid tests, no spike proteins, no excuse for masks or vaccination…In 2013 in a Supreme Court Case Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., 569 U.S. 576, the court ruled that changing the human genome via an mRNA injection creates a new genome that can be patented and owned by the patent holder. Everyone who received the purported vaccine is now ‘patented’ and owned as property by the Vermin.  Everyone who has been jabbed are considered “trans-human”.  Trans-humans are not considered natural, so have no Natural and Unalienable Rights, nor human rights or civil rights, because any standard of “equal” rights has been destroyed.  The H.J. Resolution 48 of the 116th Congress, (2019-2020) proposes a Constitutional Amendment that those rights protected by the constitutional agreements apply to ‘natural persons only’.  Read this as a deliberate, malicious, vicious fraud scheme designed to evade Constitutional obligations to redefine living people as ‘things’ and slaves, for the benefit of foreign commercial corporations.  Anyone branded as a ‘trans-human’ is protected by actions taken by the American State Assemblies, prohibiting any claims against living people based on ingestion  of patented mRNA and making enforcement of any such claim against a living man or woman a capital level crime deserving death by hanging or firing squad.  People harmed by this same hideous fraud scheme are invited and encouraged to join their State Assemblies.  Those members of the military who have been deprived of their health and their rights and used as guinea pigs in Breach of Trust are invited to join our State Assemblies as State Nationals”  -Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary, The United State of America

The belt of truth hold up the Armor of God.  Ephesians 6:10

Some of us who have a more prominent connection to the spiritual world know that this WWIII is a spiritual war. I called it the Quiet War as so many components are hidden or not discussed.  I was raised with the Bible but not really taught about the Spiritual World.  I know most of the religions speak of Angels and spirit beings but I didn’t grow up talking about then.  I feel sure that my parents weren’t taught it either.  But everyone is born with the knowing that God is in our hearts.  You might not get this confirmation outside of yourself but it is within you.  It is also written in the New Testament of the Bible.  I’m aware that other religions acknowledge the existence of a soul within the body but I can only speak with assurance from the Bible. Everyone has a connection to the Source of creation.  Everyone has intuition.  Everyone can ask for assistance from the unseen world of spirit.  Not everyone was taught this power but it does exist.  Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find.” Use that for your own journey and inner knowing.  Ask. Be open to the signs and dreams and knowings that come to you.  Learn to navigate and trust living in this world and the world of the unseen forces.

The spiritual world knows how WWIII ends.  If you embrace that knowing then you can release the fears and worries of those who would entrap you because of your anxiety.  If you go to the peaceful place that is the spirit within then you can keep in the present moment.  This moment is the only one you can control.  In this moment are you alright?  In this moment what can you do?


Breaking news from Sunfellow on COVID-19, @ on June 17, 2022: Pfizer admits to lying to the Government about the efficacy of the "vaccine" on June 15.  Now their line of defense is that since the FDA and high government officials were in on the lie, that makes it OK.



Dr Zelanco and Jounalist Sarah Westall talk about what’s going on with the shot (in the link following) and world domination attempts, the story behind the supplements (listed below) @50 min. into the video.

·   UPDATE - September 15, 2023.  Here is an article published by scientists not associated with the crisis showing that the graphine oxide is a conductor for the 5G towers that can be done with the use of the common cell phone.


        Dr. Carrie Madej

·       Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ronnie Cummins “The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal”


These are the supplements that I have learned will support my immune system and guard against any virus.  Consider these additions to your diet during these winter months. This is the prophylactic dose.  If you get symptoms, you'll need more.  Check out the resources below.

  • Vitamin D - 10,000 IU
  • Vitamin C - 3,000 – 5,000
  • Quercetin 500 mg.
  • Zinc 25-35 mg.

You can also buy it formulated together from the top two doctors who suggested these amounts on their websites:

April 2022 UPDATE: The above supplements will guard you against any virus.  This bioweapon called a caronavirus is NOT a virus.  See blog post WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #9 LIes.  Or scroll down to the update below that provides a link to the new information by Dr. Ardis.  


Removing spike protein and information about supplements

How to keep well if you got the shot


Other doctors providing useful information:


Additionally this virus has a parasitic component.  That is why Ivermectin was censored and kept from the public.  The typical symptoms are flu like or sinus infection.  If the infection is not treated properly then the parasites are allowed to reproduce and you end up with the breathing problems.  That is why you must treat symptoms as soon as possible, within the first 5 days of symptoms.   I found a doctor that nebulized food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (instead of Ivermectin as it was not available) to get rid of the parasites.  I used a simple diffuser.  I put in 6-8 drops and inhaled it through my nose several times a day over two days.  I also added some 12 drops (drops are gaged for your weight, I’m 180) to the 32 oz water bottle I was drinking.  If you have finer taste buds than I do, then you could just put it in a small amount of water and guzzle it down.  Again, this is all choice.  Don’t believe me just because it worked for me.  I’m not a doctor but I did find this information from doctors.  Do your own research to make your own choices for yourself.


Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

Here is a website to get you started down the rabbit hole of a variety information:


This website has a file with Light Language from the Spiritual World to ease the symptoms of the both bioweapons:


AND beyond all of this there is this chemist that found a way to cure the “virus” with 100% efficacy.  You can hear his story in the link below about how he saved an entire country.  He was able to replicate the results in a scientific study.  Then…he was defamed and censored.  I mentioned his work in the WWIII blog post No.1.  I thought to worthy to repeat here; you decide:


Frequency based solutions for the “virus”


How to keep well if you got the shot

UPdate: September 2022 more information for healing from the shot

Also see blog post #15 for a treatment of sepsis and septic shock that will put the patent on their feet in 3 day and out the hospital door!


Removing the Spike protein


April 12, 2022 update on the virus - that has no virus in it.  Scientists were offered more than a million dollars to isolate the virus in 2020.  None have come forward with a live virus.  In the video below Dr. Bryan Ardis shows the documentation that this bioengineered disease is most closely tied to snakes.


We have been told repeatedly that the Common Cold is a SARS virus that has no cure.  AND nature is not allowed to be patent (thus the reason we have the medical system that we have, which is based on the chemical and supported by the founder Rockefeller and his elite companions).  But thanks to the dedicated research by Dr. David Martin we now know that the SARS "virus" has a patent given in 2004.  See more details in the video. Also note that this definition still lays claims to the origin being from an animal to human - lies, upon lies, upon lies...




Here is a list of Doctors who are speaking out about this bioweapon and have put their practice and lives on the line for standing in their truth. 

Search for them on uncensored search engines and platforms such as Duck Duck Go (Not safe - bought out by "the dark" in early 2022), Telegram, Bitchute, Fire Fox, Rumble and Odysee.

There are two Nobel Peace Prize winners and one nominee on this list.

Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer VP)

Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA inventor)

Dr. Peter McCullough (most published on CV)

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Nobel PP Nominee)

Dr. Kary Mullis (PCR inventor/Nobel PP winner)

Dr. Rima Laibow

Dr. Naomi Wolf

Dr. David Martin

Dr. Luc Montainger

Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

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Dr. Vernon Coleman

Dr. Ben Tapper

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Dr. Christiane Northrop

Dr. Simone Gold

Dr. Sean Brooks

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. Jane Ruby

Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon

Dr. Afzal Niaz

Dr. Zach Bush

Dr. Rashid A.Buttar

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Dr. Michael Palmer

Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD

Dr. Harvey Risch

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Dr. Anne McCloskey

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Dr. Christiana Parks

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Dr Piotr Witczak (biologist)

Dr Jerzy Jaskowski

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Dr. Anna Martynowska

Prof. Dolores Cahill

Prof. Retsif Levi

Prof. Maria Majewska- neurobiologist




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(Moments Photography by Sandy) bioweapon choices free will graphene nanoparticles quiet war silent weapons supplements for the virus trust yourself vaccines WWIII Fri, 10 Dec 2021 04:02:28 GMT
WWIII Quiet Wars: Silent Weapon No. 2 - Woke vs Awake Getting Ahead of a Bad ReputationGetting Ahead of a Bad Reputation

WWIII – The Quiet War: Silent Weapon No. 2, Woke vs. Awake

“Woke demands ‘inclusivity’” and yet… they censor, exclude dissention, and silence other views.  They have infiltrated the schools with propaganda teaching children to judge themselves and others by the color of their skin.  Literature suggests pedophilia and graphic sexual acts to young minds.  Parents have read the literature aloud in meetings and are deemed domestic terrorists by the current administration.  Persecution of parents by the FBI is being acted upon.  The news channels tell the public that these books don’t exist and that the parents and FOX news have created a cultural war.  By definition this is Gas Lighting and I see the fingers pointing out as a strategy.  More details on this in another Silent Weapon episode.

“Woke stands against oppression” and yet… making sure everything is politically correct according to their views is the constant narrative.  They use intimidation, name-calling, and twisting of facts to their perception in an incessant, unrelenting and unending broadcast of opinions stated as facts.  They demand that everyone think the same and you can certainly tell that all the news stations owned by a small number of people reflect and regurgitate the same stories and opinions.  It surprised many in the United States, Europe and Brazil to know that in the highly publicized case of a young man who shot three people in Kenosha, IL during the riots, (called Woke peaceful protests for equality) that he was a white male who shot three white men.  The news twisted the story and blatantly changed the facts.  Kyle Rittenhouse was pursued and attacked.  That is NOT the story on the news.  In Europe and Brazil there had to be retractions of the story as it was portrayed as a racial incident when it fact it was not. 

“Woke is ‘liberal’” and yet… by pushing a global society of a one world government and all its other views on the unwilling, it acts as fascists. George Soros pledged billions of dollars to universities to promote "liberal values and tackle intolerance” by teaching non-white people to hate white people and for white people to loathe themselves for being born white.

“Woke is for ‘social justice’” and yet… by financing the violence in the streets, bailing out those arrested with no accountability for crimes, and demanding the defunding of police they have created a way to undermine society allowing chaos to escalate.  And with this escalation, they have created yet another problem. They will wait for the response (see Cliff Notes in Silent Weapons, No. 1) and then suggest for control of the police to be shifted to them at the Federal Level.  If you haven’t read “Hunger Games” you aren’t aware of the end game for being Woke.  If you want more information on this manipulation of perception and its tentacles in the United States and the world, read any of David Icke’s books.  The above Woke quotes are from his most recent publication, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind.

Woke “corrects” history and yet…" George Orwell in his book, 1984 said, “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” I noticed this change in history happening about ten years ago.  I recall articles trying to claim that the Holocaust did not happen or exist.  I thought that to be so odd at the time.  Of course the Holocaust happened! My mother was still alive and thought it strange too.  My guess is they started too early to try and erase that one because people were still alive who knew it to be true.  Recently there was a book published that remains at the heart of the new history promoted through “Black Lives Matter”. I now see the current practice of taking down statues no different than trying to erase the history of this country.  It doesn’t seem to matter if the person depicted on the statue did good things or not.  Some State officials were taking down signs and statues to get ahead of any violence they don’t want to happen in their town.  Even in the moderate sized town I live in, a statute was taken down. It depicted a founding member for this area.  But he was in military attire, so maybe that was the reason it was taken down.  None of this was making any sense to me until I began researching deeper into books and videos.  I release this information in this “news series” entitled “World War Three: Quiet Wars - Silent Weapons”

When Aaron Lewis published the song, “Am I the Only One?” in July of 2021.  I completely resonated with it.  In the chorus, he sings about how sad it is to see our flag burned and statues coming down.  He goes on to ask if he is the only one who is seeing all of the tragedy around and being told it’s not happening by the news and that the “mind think” they are telling us is all wrong. To answer, “No, you’re not the only one.”  I am awake.  There are others.

And that brings us to the next theme: Awake or Becoming Awake or “The Awakening.” To be awake is to have conscious awareness in an expanded sense. It is a knowing that unity is our birthright.  In this unity we know that all actions impact the all.  And the “all that is” is God and it is us and it is you and it is me. It is a coming home.  A home that is inside you.  It is as if awakening from a repetitive life of automaticity and anxiety day and night to regain the peaceful knowing within yourself that you are a spark of God and as such retain the powerful nature of God. The practice of mindfulness with awake awareness as your daily life will lead to the practice of meditation and in that practice, the real you (not the one your mind has designed) will awaken inside. The inner guidance of true North.  Your true essence and nature as created by God to be an aspect of God will shine as light to guide you and set you free.  You will emerge as the expanded self not the small self that the egoic mind would have you stay within. 


Books for Meditation and Mind expansion:

The Way of Effortless Mindfulness by Loch Kelly

The Power of Awakening: Mindful Practices and Spiritual Tools to Transform Your Life by Wayne Dyer

Becoming Super Human: How Common People are doing the Uncommon by Joe Depenza

The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want by Deepak Chopra.

From Stress to Stillness: Tools for Inner Peace by Gina Lake

Meditations to Heal Your Life By Louise Hay

Getting Into the Gap by Wayne Dyer

101 Ways to Happiness by Louise Hay

Richard Hittleman’s 30 Day Yoga Meditation Plan

Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller – Read about your North Node/Your soul purpose for this lifetime

 Becoming Super Human: How Common People are doing the Uncommon by Joe Depenza

Entering the Castle by Carolyn Myss

Intimate Conversations with the Divine: Power, Guidance and Grace by Carolyn Myss

Outrageous Openess by Tosha Silver

We were not taught this expanded self in any religion.  “We”, I say we because I wasn’t taught meditation or the powerful practice of “being in the unified field” or being in the flow as a young child and I have not come across anyone who was.  Even in the spiritual practices that teach meditation, the power of one within the whole is omitted.  We are powerful creators of our own reality.  Singularly and together we are unlimited.  It is in our best interest as a person, community and global citizen to come back to the knowing of our true self.  In this knowing we are unified with all others.  The unity overcomes all obstacles, even Woke thinking and practices.

It is in getting past our “programming” as we grew into ourselves that will need some work.  Life encourages the logical processing.  But it is the feeling nature that predominates this approach.  I was taught to weigh the pros and cons of a situation – a logical approach.  I learned to “go with the heart.”  It was a feeling powerful enough for me to follow.  And sometimes it wasn’t powerful but it was there.  I knew it and yet there were no words.  Words reside in the left side of the brain where logic also lives.  The right brain is the house for wordless knowing.  It holds the feeling for music, art, drawing, painting, dance and all things giving expression to life.  Feelings, those messy life experiences that change us and make us vulnerable.  Vulnerability as a strength. To allow ourselves to feel and be vulnerable is to have courage.   And it takes courage to work through how we feel, find its wounds, acknowledge and release them.  In this releasing, we relinquish the pain and transform it so that it doesn’t have power over us and isn’t transferred to others. 

“Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone” by Brene Brown

“Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love Parent and Lead” by Brene Brown

“Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown


What is really meant by releasing feelings?  The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson, M.D. gives stories of powerful healings by releasing emotions.  The book gives strategies for helping others to release emotions and ways to do this on your own. It is a common sense way of empowering yourself to lighten your load of emotions that you don’t need anymore.  He makes all this available for free to read on your phone which also includes a chart of feelings making it easier in the beginning to identify what you might be going through.  Also, Letting Go by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, is an in depth awakening to the power of emotions and the changes that happen when you become aware of other ways to live and process life.  Beyond that there are people who can channel “the other side” providing guidance to the feelings that are holding you back.

Prior to reading these books. I thought that releasing feelings meant to talk about these feelings with someone.  This talk therapy might make us feel better for a time but it will not release the feeling from our body. Writing feelings in a journal is helpful.  But talking too much about a feeling or thinking about it again and again can make the emotion get stuck in us.  Stuck? What?  I know. What I didn’t know was that stuck feelings cause accidents. I didn’t know that either until I popped my hand off of my wrist. Here’s my story: I had an inner knowing that my songwriting and music was a vital part of my spiritual journey in this lifetime.  Picture me looking at my hand off of my body.  In that moment I said in my mind to God, “Ok, God, you got this.  I know you are going to take care of me.”  And miracles did happen.  With my other hand I called 911.  I wanted to know where the hospital was as it didn’t show up on my phone.  The people from 911 wanted us (my friends were driving) to stop driving and be picked up.  I said, “No, thank-you.” And then instantly noticed a local “Doc in a Box”.  They were able to wrap me in ice and told us the hospital was only three miles away.  My friend walked ahead of me into the hospital and politely insisted that I be tended to promptly and do paperwork later, which they did.  The nurses prepped me that it may be tomorrow before I would get surgery.  I assured them that would be alright as I wasn’t going anywhere.  But when the wrist surgeon, (how’s that for a “coincidence”?) who was the attending emergency doctor saw my wrist, he was noticeably excited to tackle a rare problem.  He called in three other doctors for consultation and a favor from a sales representative for a flexible hardware he patented that would give me what I needed to return to life as a musician. Incredible story.  But more magic happened when I received healing from light beings on the other side of the “veil”.  The doctors did the best they could with what they knew.  But I was not out of pain until the Melchizedek Angels reconnected the ligaments in a channeled session. 


Book 1 Multidimensional Earth: New Beginnings by Joan Wallace

Remembering Who We Are: Laarkmaa’s Guidance for Healing the Human Condition by Pia Orleane, Ph.D, Cullen Baird Smith, Ph.D.

Pleiadian Prophecy 2020: The New Golden Age by James Carwin

Psychic Navigator: Harnessing Your Inner Guidance by John Holland

Between Life and Death: Conversations with a Spirit: An Internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist’s guide to past lives, guardian angels and the death experience  by Delores Cannon

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander III M.D.

 The Afterlife of Jimmy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death by Annie Kagan

Gateway to an Enlightened World: Collective Life Lessons to Support Planetary Transformation byRuth Anderson

We Will Never Let You Down: Encounters with Val Thor and Journeys Beyond Earth by Elena Dannan

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone”. –Blaise Pascal


Releasing feelings and attaining a more peaceful state sounds really good but quieting the mind is not easy. Although it can be done with persistence.  In the book Becoming Super Human: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon by Joe Depenza, he gives a description of the ego as being the horses in front of a carriage.  Most people just ride allowing it to go in whatever direction as we are not aware that controlling the horses is an option.  The book gives medical and scientific descriptions of how the body can open up beyond its primary senses to become an expanded version.  There are examples of many different people who have attended his events and the transformations that happened.  He leads by example as he was hit by a car while riding a bike and was able to heal his body by using this process of access to the unified field.  He has devoted his life to teaching others.

Understanding how the mind works can also be helpful. Gina Lake describes the workings of the egoic mind In the World but Not of It.  Essentially anytime you are saying the word “I” it is from the thoughts of the ego.   The ego likes to define itself with achievements (or lack of).  It is concerned with self-pursuits.  The ego also learns that in giving it rids itself the fears of isolation, loss, enemies, and it helps for connecting itself to others.  Know also that the mind/ego is more comfortable with boundaries.  It is forever giving you impressions of the past for that is all it knows. It gives you advice within these boundaries of “experience” which keeps your life in circles. The ego wants to keep you bound to the familiar.  And many people like to live their life doing repetitive things and doing things in a certain pattern as the mind feels a false sense of security. But there is another quiet knowingness that arises when we manage the chatter of “to do lists” and revisiting of thoughts and ideas.  “We don’t have to listen to this beckon whisper (of coincidences, deep knowingness, and fulfillment of wishes).  The choice is entirely personal.  A decision must be made in the recesses of your heart between the known, which is stale but familiar and the unknown, which is fresh, a field of infinite possibilities” The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want by Deepak Chopra.

Ego is described as “Edging God Out” in Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard.  Or I think of the “e” as emotions that when you let them out, you are left with the word, go.  You can then go into the world with a calmer sense of who you are and who others are.  The world is full of egoic people.  The world rewards and encourages this logical mind set.  Feelings are not respected as “evidence” for making decisions.  And yet there are so many times when someone listened to “their gut feelings” and their lives went in a positive direction. Your feelings can be just as solid as thoughts. But the ego is restless and judgmental.  Its nature is in the need to feel superior, to be “right”, or know something others don’t even if it has to pretend.  It likes to be “one up” as that makes it feel save.  Finding fault through “judgments, evaluations, comparisons, analyses and many of our other thoughts about others are often in service to find fault with other and thereby bolstering our ego.” From Stress to Stillness by Gina Lake. And the problem is that all of these thoughts aren’t necessarily true and have no positive purpose.  This competition doesn’t serve us and interferes with our bonding that helps us survive.

“The ego existing in the wave has no solid identity.  It is bound to feel the insecurity and contradiction of the hazy state in which it oscillates.  This is the exact opposite of what the ego hopes for. So the ego projects outward along the wave lines to others seeking resonance. ‘Tell me I’m OK.  Tell me I’m right. Tell me I’m special.  Define me through your observation of me.’ Doing this, the ego is reaching for the particle state, hoping to establish a solid independence.  When that doesn’t work it looks for oblique strategies that might establish it as special, usually through status and position.” Whispering Winds of Change by Stuart Wilde.  The ego is easily offended by anything that is not “right” or the way it “should” be.  The ego would have you to believe that you are better than those who are offending you.  It convinces you that you are separate from God and everyone else.  If you were to believe that you are one with God, in a unity that is unending, it would mean the end of the ego.  You would reside in peace and bliss with the true self that is eternal, changeless and formless.   You would be in a place that doesn’t care about body image, wealth, and the next “best thing”.  You would end comparing and defending “the self” to others.  The real self knows we are all one.  There is a unity consciousness that when joined with “Christ Consciousness” (see the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Bible) propels you into higher vibrations.  The feelings at this state of consciousness are lighter.  There is a new version of the “Map of Consciousness” in Book 1 Multidimensional Earth: New Beginnings by Joan Wallace.  It includes feelings, frequencies, and dimensions.  Working your way up this chart is one way to define Ascension.

Ascension is the process of working your way back to God.  Many people are not aware that experiencing life as a spirit in a body is even a “thing”. And that is okay.  Wherever you are is where you are meant to be.  Jesus said, “Seek and you shall find.”  When you become aware that “wherever you attention goes, grows” you’ll have a greater idea of why events in life “happen”.  When you want to have an impact on your life and find a way to create your life, Ascension is a path you can choose. There is more than one way to ascend.  You will find your way, trust the process and pay attention.  “We are living in a transition time.  It’s a time of releasing old beliefs and of learning new ones.  Loneliness, anger, isolation, fear, and pain are all part of the old fear syndrome, and that’s really what we want to change.  We want to move from fear into love.  In the Piscean Age, we reached outside of ourselves and looked to other people to save us.  In the Aquarian Age, which we’re entering now, people are beginning to go within and find that they have the power to save themselves.  That is a wonderful, liberating thing for us.  Some people get frightened because it seems to be responsibility, but it is really our ability to respond to life, not in a victim way, but in a way that empowers us.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you don’t have to be dependent on an outside person and to know that you have within you tremendous abilities to make positive changes in your life.” Meditations to Heal Your Life By Louise Hay

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind. If a man speaks or acts with an impure mind, suffering will follow him as the wheel of the cart follows the beast that draws the cart. If a man speaks or acts with a pure mind, joy follows him as his own shadow. – Guatama Budda

“Can you learn to witness your life rather than identify with it?

That is where bliss resides and higher consciousness resides and authentic freedom.

You banish the doubt and cultivate the witness.”

The Power of Awakening: Mindful Practices and Spiritual Tools to Transform Your Life  by Wayne Dyer


Through yoga practice I learned to calm my mind. It happened naturally through this practice. Yoga means “yoke” connecting the body with the mind.  By concentrating on what I was doing and using the breathing techniques, it naturally evolved.  Additionally in the book I used to learn this practice, “Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan by Richard Hittleman, it gave instructions for looking at a candle flame. This exercise helped me learn how to quiet the mind for meditation.   It’s a simple exercise that teaches you to watch/observe and when thoughts come, you say to yourself, “Next.” or you just don’t engage in the thinking. Over time you notice the distance between thoughts.  The spaces between get larger and more distant.  Until that day when you are just enjoying looking.  There is no dialog or narrative telling you what you are looking upon.  You are just looking/observing.  And in being an observer with no judgement, you have cultivated “the witness”.  This “being” can look upon the world with different eyes.  These eyes see with a larger sense of acceptance.  This is not to say that things don’t need improving.  It is an awareness that suspends the judgement of those things.  If it is within your realm to do something to enact change, then do it.  If not, let it be what it is without deciding anything about it.  To paraphrase Budda: If you have less opinions, you’ll suffer less.


I have personally read or listened to every book referenced above.  Below are additional books that encouraged or influenced my writings here and elsewhere in my blog and songwriting.


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (She started Hay House Publishing to put this book in the world as it was not ready for healing through personal empowerment when it was written)

Freedom From Anxiety: The Three Secrets to Inner Calm (Intuition University) by Sara Wiseman

The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Cell Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes

Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality by Donna Eden, David Feinstein

Goddess Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Well-being by Christiane Northrup

The Three Keys to Self-Improvement by Stewart Wilde

Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires by Wayne Dyer

I Hope I Screw This Up: How Falling In Love With Your Fears Can Change the World by Kyle Cease

The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

 It’s Just My Nature: A Guide to Knowing… by Carol Tuttle

 The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life by Sue Morter

Energy Anatomy by Carolyn Myss

Cultivating Qi: An Introduction to Chinese Body-Mind Energetics by Yi Jin Jing Taiji Neigong, and the Six Healing Breaths

Archetypes: A Beginner’s Guide to your Inner-net by Carolyn Myss

 The Importance of Being Extraordinary Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle

Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change by John Hagee

The Oracle: Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled by Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret to America’s Future by Jonathan Cahn


“The Four Agreements” by Don Migus

“The Fifth Agreement” by Teltec Wisdom, told by Rahelio in interview “The Awakening”

East/Aries – Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean.  Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.  Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love. (Side story – Abracadabra means: I speak into manifestation.)

South/Cancer – Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you.  What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.  When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

West/ Libra – Don’t make assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.  Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.  With this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

North/ Capricorn – Always do your best. Your best is going to change from moment to moment.  It will be different when you are healthy, as opposed to sick.  Under any circumstance do your best and you will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse and regret.

Fifth Agreement – In the center of the four directions is the center.  There are four directions and attributes.  The east you awaken, in the south are the roots and everyday world.  The west is the balance, introspections and relationships.  In the north is you and your higher purpose.

thrift books .com is a really good place to buy used books.  Some of the books listed can only be found in used book stores as I have been on this journey of awakening my inner light since the 1990’s.  But a considerable amount of the books listed have been read in the last ten to fifteen years.  A few I am currently reading. I always have several books going at one time, much to the chagrin of people who barely read one at a time.  To each his/her own.  Just keep on keeping on.


These are websites I have used.   Christopher Macklin         Joan Wallace      Meg Benedictine     Sandra Walter




(Moments Photography by Sandy) awake consciousness ego higher self meditation quiet war should silent weapons society the awakening unity woke WWIII your true north Sat, 27 Nov 2021 18:16:53 GMT
WWIII - The Quiet War, Silent Weapon No. 1, Reframing  

playbook for WWII was a trial run for WWIII.  This history lesson started so many years ago but we will focus on our current situation.  In this episode we expose the foundation of mind “reframing” and how it is practiced. Let’s see how the current events fit in with the “Reframing Agenda.” I have added some current events after the /, forward slash.  I’m sure you can think of many more.

  1. Confusion + Fear = Anxiety.  Psychologists know that a frightened and traumatized mind becomes suggestable to submission and behavior framing./ Consider the confusion about this current disease, how to treat it, how to keep from getting it and the daily “news” of death rates  and effective treatments hidden from the public – see video of a biochemist, Andreas Kalcker,      (or visit: stop world control .com)         who has researched chlorine dioxide for 13 years. The clinical trial confirmed the efficacy and shuts down this health crisis as it is 100% effective.  It is also extremely cheap.  After saving the country of Bolivia, he has now been censored, defamed and his research has “disappeared” from the internet.
  2. Make the people fearful of each other and see themselves as a danger to others. This inherently makes people feel loathing and stress for themselves./ Social distancing, mask wearing, inability to gather as the social beings that we are.

That’s all you need to set up an abusive relationship.  Now the government, CDC, Media, Tech. are the abusers and the public in subservience.  In this Stockholm Syndrome, the abused is now open to suggestions of behaviors by the very ones who are creating the stress.  The abused will do what “needs to be done” to alleviate the confusion, fear and impending anxiety./ The virus was created in a lab (more on that in Silent Weapons, No 3).  The media projected numbers of deaths and fear day after day.  The “vaccine” was dubious under Pres. Trump and then it wasn’t in the current Administration and then it was required (a continuation of: confusion + fear = anxiety).  Reframing the mind of the public into a "group think" is the end goal of this silent weapon.  Lead them when they are most vulnerable in the direction you want them to go.  (This is taken mostly from David Icke's "Perceptions of a Renegade Mind", 2021. He has written many books on the agenda of this Satanic Cult.  This book starts with a brief history into this cult.  He has had to publish his own books as the censorship of truth has been a prevailing wind for many years and ever more obvious recently.)

"Evil counts on you not believing it exists.  It counts on your arrogance." - Carolyn Myss

"Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those not regarded as members of the herd."

-Bertrand Russell


Summary Notes: Create a problem.  Wait for the response.  Give the answer to the problem. 

The following are examples of abuse.  


  • Call names/ CNN, MSNBC, name any news station and listen to the constant opinions and judgements spoken as facts
  • Say one thing. Do the opposite/ Biden claims he is the president of unity. Then he claims all Americans live in systemic racism.  Biden says the unvaccinated are the problem while the medical community has evidence that the vaccinated are "shedding' to all others, causing them problems.


  • Grabbing, hitting, punching/ Riots called “Summer of Love” - the television called them peaceful, violence is used to get “their way,” after the court case of Kyle Rittenhouse the news asked why protests need to be peaceful.  Creating chaos again sets up: "Problem, Reaction, Solution" (David Icke). If the Federal Government wants to have ultimate control of a police state throughout the whole United States, this is a starting place.

Threats and intimidation

  • Abusers make threats and intimidate / contact tracing, you lose job unless you do what you are told, Antifa, CNN threatens to punish and reprogram all voters not of the Democratic Party right after the "election" of 2020.


  • Abusers limit activities and interaction/ masks for air travel, test to prove your health, exposure to sickness requires quarantine, lockdown for all people to “slow the spread”, no group gatherings or church, etc.


  • Abusers control the money or obligated by monies given / Take away the livelihood of small businesses, restaurants, home health care, etc., make people dependent on government monies. The W.H.O. made false claims that the "virus" was spread by using cash. This is a push to make everything with money digital (bit coins, online checking, digital "vaccine" passport, etc.  Now Biden is proposing legislation to access your checking accounts) so it can be accessed by technology.


(Moments Photography by Sandy) abusive relationship anxiety confusion cult tactics fear herd instinct quiet war quiet wars reframing silent weapons WWIII Sat, 20 Nov 2021 00:02:25 GMT
Resist Tyranny   When you are afraid you make different choices than when your body is not in a stress mode.  Perhaps you have noticed the fear factor that has permeated our news, and into every aspect of our lives for a virus that has a 98% recovery rate.  Why the suppression of information for treating this virus?  To answer that question you might also wonder why there is such a push for getting a shot that is experimental and is known to change your DNA.  Do you make your decision with fear in mind?  Maybe you think,  "I need it so I won't get sick."  Or do you consider the suggestion that by getting the shot you are protecting others? Or do you look again at why there is a a large collection of videos giving ways to conquer this virus that have been relegated to a completely different section of the web?  In other words, censored.  This censorship "of course" was to protect the viewer from getting "misinformation".  It might surprise those doing the censorship that discernment of information is what your mind is for.  And I'm thinking that the ones who are moving information around must think they are smarter than I am.  You know, kind of like most people think about animals.  So if you're smarter than the animals you're in charge of, then you get to control the lesser.  Oh my!  Could that really be the plan?  Yes, it could.  Maybe not.  But I'm seeing a desperate attempt from the powers in charge to push this shot on as many people as possible.  They tried to give incentives.  That didn't work.  Then the narrative was to guilt and encourage everyone to get the shot.  Again, too many people were not interested.  So now it's a push it in your arm if you want to work, eat, travel, etc.  The people who have these drugs and nanites already in their body can't understand why the rest of the population don't do it.  I could almost rest my case on that.  Not being aware of what has been taken from you is part of the shot, among other complications.  No worries.  If you have it in your body and want to clear it, there will be ways.  Hopefully, censorship won't make it too hard to get that information out too.  When you hand over to someone else your decisions, you lose part of yourself.  Many have done that with a doctor.  In this way they are trusting a system that was built for profit and although it has helped many, it is not a wellness business.  If you are well, you don't need a doctor.  If you can heal from this virus, you don't need a shot. Regardless of your decision, it needs to be a choice not a mandate.  This is a free will planet but it won't stay that way if we don't stand together for choice.  Stand for freedom or you may not even remember what that means.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) control nanites serf the shot think for yourself why censorship Sun, 12 Sep 2021 02:50:44 GMT
Aura of Colorful Emotions

Your aura is composed by your emotions.  Emotions are feelings that you experience repeatedly in life.  These emotions can rewire your brain so that you actually attract more of the same.  People will say that bad things happen in three.  Maybe that is no more than an answer to where you are placing your attention.  Are you complaining about the situation?  If you are making a practice of talking about your sorrows or negative talk about how things "should" be, this is just a mind exercise for things that you have absolutely no control over.. So essentially you just have an opinion.  Or are you looking for the lesson and moving on?  Sometimes it is difficult to rise above the lower vibrations of anger, and grief.  But the sooner you can rise to a more peaceful state the better events will unfold.  Emotions command your life.  You can command your emotions if you are conscious of the process and how it feels in the body.  It's the body where the emotions live.  Using your words carefully will help you to change how your life unfolds.  If you could see the colors that surround your body you'd have an idea of how someone else feels or commands their life.  Blue is trust.  Healing is green. White is all colors. Gold surrounds those who have attained a heightened perspective of life and are filled with pure love.  Your aura can change as you change.  You change when you take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and feelings.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) aura command your emotions feelings Wed, 01 Sep 2021 01:53:21 GMT
Begin Again You, Life, LoveYou, Life, LoveCircle Dance
Song: You, Life, Love

In the circle of life - begin again.  So many times of trying and failing.  Failure teaches you what doesn't work.  So keep trying.  Begin again.  It's okay to quit, if you are quitting a bad habit.  Research says that people who tried to quit smoking and fail have a much higher successes rate the second time they try to quit.  So make up your mind and do it.  As Wayne Dyer says in his most recent book, "Awakening"  (that was published after his death) "It's not hard to quit smoking.  Just don't put them in your mouth."  And you have to admit that not putting a cigarette in your mouth is key to quitting.  Your thinking patterns play an important role in this quest as well.  When I knew I wanted to quit I picked the hardest trigger: being at a bar as my practice session.  I would tell myself that I could have a cigarette when I got home.  So the whole time I was at the bar I didn't smoke.  I got used to being around people who smoked. And I got used to not lighting up a cigarette when everyone else did.  That was over ten years ago.  I don't miss breathing fire.  And I'm glad to be rid of the nagging head game to go out and smoke.  So I quit.  I don't miss it.  I begin my life again smoke free, every day.  We begin our lives not smoking.  This body is made mostly of water, lots of cells and an incredible potential.  We all have the potential to be our highest self.  It is a choice in every moment.  Below is a poem that reminds me how to live with my God given talents and ways of being.  It is from "A Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson (it's been attributed to Nelson Mandela but that is an internet error.) It is a testament for beginning again.  Read this poem again and again until it gives you that inner strength to do what you are meant to do.  You are born to begin this life, yet again and learn your lessons of life and love.  Love, fail and love again.  Begin again as many times as it takes.  It is not in the falling down that is the defining moment but the way you rise. Rise again.  Begin again.

Our Deepest Fear
By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us;
It's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we're liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.


(Moments Photography by Sandy) be you begin again highest potential Our Deepest Fear quit smoking rise shine Tue, 11 May 2021 15:00:43 GMT
Cosmic Connection Bridge  

Flooded in light, with a compass set at true north, surrounded by a rainbow sky, under a crescent moon...where might this path lead you?  Cosmic convergence happens.  Dragonflies and damselflies show up  Your internal compass is recalibrated. Some will see, others will not.  It is the opening to such that appearance reveals its secrets.  Belief precedes seeing.  A song and joy in your heart magnetizes magic happenings.  Expect them and you will...  

(Moments Photography by Sandy) be the light compass comsic cosmic convergence crescent moon crossing the light bridge damselflies dragonflies expect miracles life's a journey rainbow sky see light trust yourself Sun, 25 Apr 2021 13:28:01 GMT
Act, Dream, Plan and Believe

Act, dream, plan and believe or believe, plan, dream, and act.  In my way of thinking, if you believe in an idea, you might make a plan.  As you formulate the plan, inspirations and dreams might come into your mind to suggest an impact on the idea and plan that you are formulating.  When you act, that is still not the final step if you keep your awareness on additional inspiration that sometimes appears as you are in motion.  Inspiration likes to find you working.  Creativity is like a river that is always flowing.  If you get into that flow, it will carry you.  Keeping your awareness and focus in the moments that are unfolding as you work allows you to stay in that mindfulness that is connected to the timeless.  In this place of knowing all is encompassed and empty.  

(Moments Photography by Sandy) act action dream in the flow inspiration inspire work it Thu, 15 Apr 2021 17:42:03 GMT
Taciturn Takes No Turn Taciturn quietness.

In the breath,
in the sunshine,
in a luminous
singing walking
alone near a
delicate dream,
in the tears
of your care....

- Francesco Sinibaldi

Taciturn takes no turn.  And yet there is much to take in from Mother Earth if you find yourself in the pose above.  It was written in the Guestbook portion of this website.  I wanted to share it here as it was a timely expression needed for my turbulent mind today.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) delicate dream express yourself in the quiet taciturn take care Mon, 29 Mar 2021 01:03:43 GMT
Love Yourself 2 Be Original Be OrginalBe Orginal

Love yourself. Just do it.  Love everything about yourself.  You can dislike an attribute you have.  But then I would think you would be actively trying to improve that part of yourself.  For example, I don't like it when I'm having to race Father Time to get somewhere.  So I've learned to get dressed first.  If there is anything else that I want to do before I leave the house I allow it up to a certain time.  I then get my keys and purse and I'm out the door feeling fine.  But if I only give myself a certain amount of time to get dressed and then out the door, I get to feeling stressed and inevitably something out of the ordinary happens and I'm out of time, pushing the limit.  But I still love myself.  It's a must but it's not a given for most people.  So many people look to the outside world to validate them, to give them some feeling they're looking for.  It's a bottomless pit.  It's like going shopping to give yourself a "treat" or "you deserve it." That's what Amazon shopping app will tell you to do.  But the good feeling won't stay.  It is only when you can recognize the voice in your head and teach it to be nice to you that you know you are winning.  Love is a powerful emotion.  It means that you support yourself.  You forgive yourself.  You take care of yourself.  And you don't let other people who judge you get into your head.  So what if that person says something about you that you don't see as your truth.  Anyone who makes a judgement is only showing you something they have not healed in themselves.  Just because someone says something about you doesn't make it true. So just go on. Know yourself.  Spend quiet time with yourself.  If you can't do that then I'm going to say that you do not love yourself enough.  You are enough.  You were made that way.  Maybe life didn't affirm that for you but now you know that you need to do that for yourself.  No one else can love you any more than you love yourself.  That in itself should be enough to make you want to learn to be kind to yourself and love yourself through it all.  When you take full responsibility for yourself and make the change to take care of your needs in a healthy way, joy is the side effect.  You become happy.  And you will embrace the wonder and joy that is truly your birthright.  And in doing all of this you'll embrace the unique journey that is yours.  "Live the highest ideal now.  See a future based on the belief that you are cared for in the universe, that you are growing toward higher consciousness, that love, truth, and self-acceptance are already yours. You do not have to achieve these states in order to live them now.  Living them now is how you will achieve them." Deepak Chopra "The Way of the Wizard"

(Moments Photography by Sandy) be original be you happy kind love love yourself you are enough Mon, 15 Mar 2021 11:05:48 GMT
Who Are You?

If you answer the question, "Who are you?" most people would begin listing words that describe what they do.  Like I might say that I was a teacher, photographer, photo artist, musician, singer, mother, Christian, sister, wife, friend, neighbor, etc.  But I have become aware that those are only temporary "hats" that you wear as you exist and interact with life.  Who you are lies much deeper in the essence of your being.  We are all spirit or soul at our essence.  Some healers who work with energy say that they have felt this essence and it takes their breath away every time.  The magnificence that is at your core comes from the spark of God that you are a piece of.  Everyone is.  And everything is.  We weren't taught that in school!  This is something that you find for yourself when you find a way to love all of yourself.  Love is the way.  "Love takes you.  Love keeps you.  Love never leaves you at all.  It's a journey called home and once you find it you're never alone.  Love stays with you forever and from now on." -Lizzy Pearl. And that is who you are. You are love.  The more you love yourself, the more love shows up for you.  "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." - Beatles

(Moments Photography by Sandy) I Am inner self know thyself love who are you who you are Sun, 24 Jan 2021 02:10:35 GMT

Put a lock on it and throw away the key, forget the combination or bolt it.  But the truth will still prevail.  In the world of light and love that honors and stays in constant contact with the Creator, God, Source, or All That Is will prevail.  If in doubt put the power in your hands by using prayer for your intentions.  Or be at peace with these words from Jesus, "Do not concern yourself with the folly in the world.  It is more important for you, as a light worker to expand your energy out.  Focus on the good.  Focus on the light.  Be the calm in the storm.  Pull strength from me for I am your strength and your redeemer.  It is good to be outside on a daily basis.  Mother Earth and its inhabitants are healing in their essence as you are but your mind takes you far from its center off and on during the day.  I remind you to know how you breathe.  Focus on that breath when you need to calm the body so in turn it can calm the mind.  I am with you always.  You are part of me and I am part of you."


(Moments Photography by Sandy) All That Is be at peace be the light Creator God Jesus speaks mindfulness stay connected Thu, 14 Jan 2021 15:36:58 GMT
And ON This Day
Tony YardleyTony Yardleymusician, guitar teacher, friend

And on this day we place the final date for this man, my music mentor and friend, Tony Yardley.  We had a lot of music lessons in the "dash": Tony Yardley 1952 - 2021.  He was patient and kind and otherwise when he needed to be.  I would not be where I am in my musical journey without him and I have no idea where to go now.  I would look online for some of the music to learn but he would always and I do mean always have a better way of doing it.  He could hear the difference.  He could find it on the guitar.  When he composed music on other instruments like the piano, he had to find it first on the guitar.  I am just the opposite.  I hear a melody and go to the piano.  I then have to write it down and transpose to the guitar.  And then I would play it for Tony.  Many times he liked it as is.  So there is always that hope that I learned enough to sustain my journey.  And then there were those times that he suggested a different chord or strumming pattern.  If I didn't use it exactly as he gave it to me it was because his suggestion inspired more. Sometimes at guitar lessons I would not be ready to add on to what I was already working on. .I would ask him to play for me.  He might be working on something he was recording at his home studio or he would have a tune he wanted me to hear or he might pull something up on his handy ipad that was hooked up to speakers.  Tony was always ready with a story to tell. In the nearly thirty years I was his student, we never ran out of things to talk about.  I'm going to have to find new ways. He is in love and grace. Until then...

Here's a URL to a song on Tony's You Tube.  Highlight it, copy and paste it into your browser.  This is one of my favorites.  He has a few singles listed if you click on the link below the song - "Tony Yardley - Topic" it will also give you the two CD's in full version.  Go listen to his genius playing music with his friends.  You'll be glad you did.  Even if you don't like every tune as I do, you will recognize his superb ability to play guitar and compositions.



(Moments Photography by Sandy) music music lessons music mentor Tony Yardley Mon, 04 Jan 2021 15:42:04 GMT
Dragons in the Skies

Dragons fly in the rainbow sky.  Dragonflies and damselflies ride the skies darting here and there with quick speed and precision.  On this day the sky was full of them.  It appeared as it they had shown up just for me as a multitude of them gathered above, below, around and flying through the patio where I was standing.  I claimed Disney Princess status when asked, "Did these dragonflies show up for you?".  I stood in gracious awe with a smile a mile wide.  Fly my precious dragons and damsels! It is mating season.  It's time to make more of you for me to view next fall.  Florida is my favorite place to be in October. If you like to see these helicopter insects buzzing around as I do, go to the water in the southern lands of the United States. All along these coastal waters they fly.  I have seen them sparingly in the area during other months.  In October, especially during the third week is a great time to be at the beach and see this insect I claim as a spirit animal.  When you see a dragonfly, be reminded to see through the illusions of life.  They symbolize change, transformation, adaptability and self-realization.  If you are reflecting on life, the change that happens is a mental and emotional maturity looking to understand the deeper meaning of life.  Learning to stay in the moment you are in and learning to relish life as it is playing out is a simple, powerful way to live.  Live in the now.  Be who you are.  Live. Learn. Love. Laugh. 

(Moments Photography by Sandy) damselflies dragonflies dragons life illusions live in the moment october skies rainbow skies Sat, 19 Dec 2020 16:32:02 GMT
Dog's Best Friend

Meet Nyx.  She's full of love, as most dogs are.  She can also communicate.  She responds to commands as well.  And she can smile at you if she like you.  She likes me and I'm in love with her.  Her best friend is pictured above.  Fortunately for Nyx, her person owns his own business and she is able to go everywhere he goes.  And she does. On this day, her person picked up a stick to throw for her. 

Awhile later she brought up her choice for a "stick".  It was so big you had to really wind up to throw it. 

Nyx jumped through the grass in complete ecstasy.  It was such a joy to see. Watch her below in this short nine second video.

And when it's time to go home, she rides in style.


(Moments Photography by Sandy) best friends chase a stick dog love dogs love your dog Sat, 12 Dec 2020 15:23:15 GMT
Take My Hand and I'll Hold Yours

Hands holding hands is a simple act of connection.  And yet this simple act also involves a complex combination of sending and receiving.  The left hand receives energy and the right hand sends energy.  How awesome is it that when you hold another's hand, one hand is naturally sending while the other receives?  Pictured is a couple that performed the ceremony of holy matrimony.  They begin again.  After being married to others and being alone, these two reunited as friends.  They were friends who hung out as couples when they were married to others.  Each spent time caring for an ailing spouse, endured time alone and recognized how lovely it felt to be around each other.  So after a courtship that began at the beginning of this year, we now have more love pouring into the end of the year.  And 2020 can use all the love you can throw at it.  Send love.  Receive love.  Hold hands.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) begin again courtship friends with benefits love endures marriage young at any age Mon, 30 Nov 2020 23:41:38 GMT
Communication Takes More Than Two Cloud #10Cloud #10

Communication...we all do it, right?  Okay we all try to communicate but without feedback from the other person, how we can know for sure if the message we intended to send made it clearly to the receiver?  One of the sayings I grew up with is by Alan Greenspan, (according to the internet,) I only ever heard my Dad to say it: "I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize what you heard is not what I meant."  Reread that until it sinks in.  It brings to light an awareness that the receiver of information could have understood the words differently than what the sender meant for the message.  There are ways to clarify if you have the awareness to know when you have made assumptions or if you're good at asking questions, that is a good strategy as well. 

One way to check the information is called mirroring.  You say back to the person exactly word for word what they said to you.  Or you can say back to the person what you thought they said.  The first one is helpful to use when you really don't understand the message.  Somehow saying the same words gives you some insight.  The second one is something I use a lot. You begin by saying,  "What I hear you saying is..."  Then it is helpful to ask, "Am I understanding?  Can you tell me more?"  I have a tendency not  to ask questions but I'm learning how important that skill is for comprehension and understanding.  I'm working on trying to be "more curious".  I just get an idea and go with it.  That would be called an assumption.  I do it a lot.  

To be a good receiver you have to do more than just listen.  In being a good receiver, you are listening to understand.  You might give the sender a statement that helps them to know that you can make logical sense about what they said.  This is the validation step.  If you cannot honestly relate to what the person is saying, ask for more information.  Then make a statement telling them how it makes sense to you.  Say something like, "I understand why you felt ____ because of _____.  That makes sense to me." 

The next thing you can do to help when trying to communicate is to empathize.  This one seems to come the easiest especially when someone is talking about something that brings an emotion you are familiar with.  You are focused on the feeling part of the experience.  You might say,  "I know it felt like _____." And you could take the conversation into a similar experience about yourself.  Then maybe follow up the story with a question, "Is that how it was for you?  

Seven Covey in "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" says to seek first to understand before being understood.  If we became conscious about this and kept it in the forefront of our minds when having a conversation, I think more people would feel validated.  Being understood goes a log way for emotional stability.  Sometimes you have to give that stability to yourself if you aren't being understood but hopefully you can become a good sender and a good receiver.  


(Moments Photography by Sandy) communication empathy mirroring questions sender and receiver validation Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:59:13 GMT
Love is a Rose with Thorns "Love is a rose but you better not pick it.  Only grows when it's on the vine." - Neil Young's lyrics for a song. The lyric is another way of saying this by the Mysitc Osho, "If you love a flower don't pick it.  Because if you pick it, it dies and ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower let it be. Love is not about possession.  Love is about appreciation." It takes courage and strength to endure some journeys of love.  And to love again when you have loved and lost is understanding the wisdom of the ages as the journey that has no end towards its never ending goal of loving and being love.  As a sceptic you may scoff and wander away only to return to love yourself if no other.  We are all on this journey of learning.  And learning to love our self and others.   For the life with no love has the making of a sad story.  The answer is always love. 

In the late 1980's letters from Albert Einstein written to his daughter, Lieseri Einstein decades earlier were donated.  She was instructed to withhold them until humanity had grown enough in love and life to be able to understand that love is the most powerful energy that exists. He writes, "When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.  I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.  There is an extremely powerful force that science has not found a formal explanation to.  It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and had not yet been identified by us.  This universal force is LOVE.  When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force.  Love is light that enlightens those who give and receive it.  Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others.  Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness.  Love unfolds and reveals.  For love we live and die.  Love is God and God is Love.  This force explains everything and gives meaning to life.  This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.  To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation.  If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.  After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy.  If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.  Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the plant.  However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.  When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieseri, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life."

 Albert Einstein was able to find the math for the relativity of time and he would be proud to know that a scientist has found the formula for what he describes above.  On Gaia TV, Nassim Haramein, a scientist has a series called "Quantum Revolution".  In one episode he explains the use of the "black box" that science used in their equations before black holes were discovered in the 1990's.  He continues to elaborate about the separate pieces that physics focuses on.  Haramein was looking for a way to pull all of physics together.  It is not just a theory.  Although his work was not yet published at the time of the video recording for his show, he has the math for a unified force of origin for the universe.  This math proves what Einstein explained above that there is a universal source of energy that emanates and penetrates everything and anything.  It proves the existence of a "Source" energy. This energy, call it what you will, is of pure love and creation that enables all to exist.  Everything emanates from the Source and in time returns to the same Source.

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Getting Ahead of a Bad Reputation Getting Ahead of a Bad ReputationGetting Ahead of a Bad Reputation

And so "they say" this and that but is it really true?  There is true and there is truth.  True is subjective.  It can be true for you and not be true for someone else.  For example I may say that beets are good.  That is true for me.  I do like them baked to a crisp and as chips.  It was not true for my mother.  She hated beets and so for her: beets are terrible was a true statement.  However, truth is something that is universal.  "Cause and effect" is a universal truth.  In this physical realm there is a cause and because of it, there is an effect.  Because you do something, anything, someone somewhere has the potential to judge you.  And if they judge you, then talk about this to someone else, and it affects that person causing the effect of tarnishing your reputation, then the energy of cause and effect is moving.  If you hear something enough times you might take it as truth but is it?  Let's take dragons for a topic.  They show up in stories from different cultures.  Some stories have dragons guarding treasures of gold.  Some depict dragons as spiritual guardians of the treasured human.  I could speak this as a truth.  Is it true? Is it not true. Is there any truth to dragons or would you have them just be legends?

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Dining Out 2020 Dining out 2020...

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Kansas: Land of Ahhs Revisited

In this composite Mom is taking a current picture in 2015 of the house she grew up in. Her Mom is sitting on the steps of the sepia toned house (a natural color, taken in the 1920's). I am 18 mo. on a trike in front of the same house as I knew it, with the screened in porch. The other picture of me on a bike was taken last week. Shhh, the sunflowers weren't in KS but from down the road in AL (you don't have to know that). The tree is still my favorite as it has a natural spiral of limbs taking you all the way up.  I climbed that tree nearly every day when we spent a year in Kansas while my Dad was in Vietnam for the war.  I didn't grow up in Kansas except for that year and few other years.  My folks grew up in Kansas, met and married in this small town.  But Dad went in the Army, so I grew up everywhere I went.  I have spent more years in Alabama than anywhere, but if you aren't born in the South, they will tell you "you aren't from here."  That's one perspective.  I claim this place.  I appreciate all places.  Kansas will always have a piece of my heart too as I traveled there nearly every year and still have family there. 


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Expect Us Expect us.  We exist. There is truth to myths.  It doesn't even take a belief system.  It is dependent on frequency and energy.  It may thrill you to know that all the myths and legends have some truth.  Plato gives us the information to figure out that Atlantis existed but the common person thinks it is a myth.  Thinking doesn't make it so or make it an untruth.  Everything is energy.  Match the energy and frequency and there you are.  Your thoughts and feelings can shape your life.  

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Illuminate With Love

Illuminate with love.  Lighten up your life, your thoughts, your walk, your talk, your feelings and sense of being.   Live righteously and love everyone.  Love doesn't mean you approve of their choices.  Love means that the feelings you have are to want the best for them.  And why wouldn't you?  We are all connected.  The more love, the more each of us has the support needed to raise ourselves to a higher standard.  Our mistakes are our opportunities for learning and improvement.  Love the journey.  And love your own self through all of this and love others through their struggles as well.  Do this and you will build up around you an aura of light and love.

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The heart knows.  It does.  We want to think but the heart doesn't.  It feels.  And it just knows some things.  I was not taught by others how to decipher the heart but I did learn some about how it works.  I learned to lean into feelings and be aware how people, places and decisions felt.  I was taught to write the pros and cons prior to a large decision.  This is a logical and well thought out approach.  It is an accepted practice.  I don't dismiss it.  I just know that there is also the way of the heart.  The heart uses the right side of the brain.  It bypasses the Ego (edge God out), who's sole purpose is to protect you - think flight and flight.  And it likes to spin out your thinking with anything that has an emotional charge.  So maybe you've heard "Follow Your Heart".  I interpret that to mean feelings.  How do you feel about what you are doing, where you are going, or who you make a part of your life?  If your mind isn't sure what that even means, think about things you do that make time disappear.  You are so involved with what you are doing that you don't notice time passing.  These are the times when you are involved in the game of life with your whole self: body, mind and heart.  Your heart is actually more powerful than your mind.  What?  I know!  Let that Ego wrap itself around those words.  But it's true.  Science can even confirm it.  Greg Braden, an author, and scientist can give weave science, spirituality and the Bible for how the heart works gives facts and experiments to confirm this.  In in the videos, "The Language of the Divine Matrix"  he tells how the Bible was edited by Constantine.  In the editing of the Bible the sentences that gave power to the people were edited out.  It is the power of the heart feeling the prayer and feeling the result of the request as if it is already received that gives strength to everything.  Wherever your attention goes, grows.  So if your prayer is about something you lack then you are reinforcing the lack in your life.  If your prayer feels the gratitude for receiving then you will receive more.  More feeling is more better.  I'm not saying all feelings are good. I'm just saying that what you feel is important and carries information.  Some say "it's a gut feeling."  Close enough.  Sometimes you just have a feeling and you know, even if you don't know how you know.  Learn about yourself.  Begin the journey of trusting your feelings.  You don't have to understand to begin the journey.

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I Am Love LIght Until That One TimeUntil That One TimeBlossom & Spread Your Wings
Song: "Until That One Time"
You cannot extinguish the darkness by looking at it.  Trust the process.  The darkness needs to rise so it can be acknowledged and healed.  Keep shinning your light. Light shines all the more when it is up against the dark.  Do not lose faith when the road darkens.  Rest when you are weary.  Keep following your heart.  Know that the best is yet to come.

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Shine You are love.  It is your birthright.  You are also light, which is the energy contained within the body.  So shine your light.  If you're not feeling it, then surround yourself with others that shine and reflect theirs.  Their light will fill you and in time you can pass it on to others who need your light.  Shine and share your love.  Give your love away and it will grow.  Love and light are essential for growth.  The darkness may come near but darkness only makes the light appear brighter.  Light is meant to shine.  Shine all that you have.

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Moments Photography by Sandy in the News Photo by Paul Lipham Photo of Sandy by husband, Paul Lipham

Author and News Journalist, Sherry Kughn calls on the phone.  I don't always have my phone on me and evidently she doesn't either.  So after a short phone chase we agreed on a time to talk.  Sherry had seen a portrait I made of a friend of hers and checked out my website.  The following article is retyped from the image above and a reflection of our time in conversation together.  She glimpsed my soul for it thrives in these current moments of my life, full of time I use to create my heart's desires.  The picture of me chosen for this article shows me in a shirt with the words "Dream" (larger images shown below the article below.)


"Saks Resident Enjoys Various Hobbies" by Sherry Kughn, The News Journal; May 24, 2020.  Recently, Saks resident, Sandy Gates worked outdoors scraping rust from a metal table and then painting it a John Deere green.  After completing the project, she plans to paint chairs the color of Bordeaux, a reddish, blackish purple.  Gates is particular about colors because of her interest in graphic arts and photography.  She also has a strong interest in music.  She sings, plays stringed instruments and writes songs.

Gates taught elementary school for years, serving at times also as a Reading Coach.  After retirement, she became more interested in digital photography and learned through self-study.  After experimenting with the equipment she purchased, she open "Moments Photography by Sandy."

Her work includes traditional photography, but her photographs have a rather inspirational quality that comes from the extra time she spends with the subjects.  When a customer calls for an appointment, she schedules enough time to become acquainted with him or her.  Only then is she able to depict a special aspect of her subjects' innermost being.

Sometimes her work emphasizes a ray of bright light.  In one shot, light from above surrounds a woman.  Sometimes, the subjects's expression of excitement or happiness shines through.   In some photographs, Gates's work imparts a feeling of contentment, such as when a baby naps on a ruffled bedspread.  Gates shoots not only photographs of people but also outdoor scenes and still life.  At times, she combines the elements of photography with her interest in graphic arts.

Gates stays abreast in the development of technology, software and photography.

"Nowadays, camera phones are incredible" she said.  "At first, I spent time learn their limitation.  It was hard to get, into focus, someone who was moving; and it was hard to shoot into the sun.  But now, cell phones can do those things."

Gates's music interest began as a child.  When her father, an officer and soldier, went to Vietnam, she moved near her grandmother, who had a piano.  She taught herself to play.  Afterward, as a young teenager, she fell in love with the sound of the acoustic guitar and singing groups popular back then, such as the Beatles.  Gates learned to play a ukulele and when she was 31 years old, she took guitar lessons from local musician, Tony Yardley.  Her singing and composing grew out of that experience.

"I have a pretty good range for singing," she said.  'My voice is deep, but I can get up to the soprano range if I need to."

Gates created the name Lizzy Pearl for her performances, several of which are on YouTube.  She enjoys performing in several local venues, and she also enjoys all of her various hobbies.

Photo by Linda Williams Image of Sandy by fellow photographer, Linda Williams

Below is an image of a wall in Birmingham, AL with graphics added.


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Sun Days

Sun, sun, sun ... what would we do without the Sun?  Not much, I'm thinking.  It's the center of this Galaxy.  It's been appreciated and celebrated for eons.  This week the Sun which represents the Father gets eclipsed by the Moon, representing the Mother on June 21st, 2020.  The current distorted energies of power, greed and control of the masculine in turn have affected and suppressed emotional expression, nurturing and intuitive energies of the feminine.  But the shift for balance is here. The masculine is being covered up by a solar eclipse on Father's Day!  These intuitive feelings that grace the feminine spirit so strongly also exist in the masculine.  We all share the same energies in different degrees.  Shifting the acceptance of these innate abilities as a way of being and thinking instead of the strong reliance on logic will serve humanity to heighten their awareness to the subtle, caring energies that will allow all to thrive on the abundance that the Earth has to give instead of a reigning few.  These emotions have been coming up and demanding to be healed since the moon was eclipsed two weeks ago.  You can see the collective consciousness playing out in the streets all around the world.  This will continue to demand attention in an effort to birth a new way and come full circle with another lunar eclipse in two more weeks.  Go within.  Spend time alone or in nature.  Embrace all that is you and brought you to this place and time.  Acknowledge and be thankful for those "worst moments" that helped you to better times.  These are the sacred events that have helped to develop your spirit, your resilience, your need to change, whatever it was for you. And you needed to allow yourself the opportunity to grow whether you grew or not was your choice.  The glory of choice.  The birth of yourself over and over again to the best version of yourself, or not - still a choice.  It's interesting that the word resilience has the word silence in it with an extra "I".  Could it be that in the silence you find the way to get to that extra "I"?  Tesla said that is where he found his answers.  Thomas Edison used to take "short naps" (meditation, I'm thinking) to find his next inspiration.  You are eclipsing the distractions of the day and your thoughts when you go to the place of silence and stillness within.  This place is your spirit.  You can't live without it.  Yes, you can ignore it and claim it doesn't exist but that doesn't change the truth.  For some it takes a great act of illness or an accident before the spirit is found or a new direction more suited to your spirit.  The accidents and illness change you like the rhythms of nature change what is around us.  The rhythm of change that is constant.  It's the act of eclipsing ourselves and allowing a reset.  Breathe.  Slow your roll and give yourself the chance to grow.  Allow the feelings and memories to come and go.  Detach from them.  They are not here, not now.  Look at them like you might look at the Sun or Moon.  See them for what they are.  Find the beauty.  Get outside and feel your way in a different way.  Then you'll know that even though an eclipse brings the darkness, (we don't get to see the eclipse in this part of the world) coming out on the other side is like a new day. It's like a new chance or a birth of some kind.  Rejoice in the newness.  Be you.  Soak up the Sun and bathe in the shine of the Moon.  You can heal and have it all and so can everyone else.  We can all share the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, Justice, Love, Peace, Joy, Trust and Harmony.  None of this is new, they are all as old as the Sun.  But we can have a new day under the Sun with our new selves in new ways that accept, support and encourage each other.  WE can have something new under the Sun.  It's going to take ALL of us.  Maybe it starts small but the start is the important part. And the continuous change an important component.  WE will all be better for the change.

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Through the Darkness to the Light  







"It may seen dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part". (Jason Mraz, 93 Million Miles) Out of the darkness and into the light are the many horrors that need to be fully seen to change.  After feeling the uncomfortable and giving names to these feelings we can lesson their hold on us so we can work to be rid of them.  Keeping the focus on the solution is how we move forward.  Moving forward is the goal.  Keeping the focus on what we want brings it closer to existence. The fight perpetuates the problem like the War on Drugs.  You can't fight for peace, you must be it.  If we want equality for all then what do we do?  How do we put the focus on making sure that all people are treated with respect?  First, we must be respectful of our own self.  Then we make sure we are respectful and honorable to others, all others.  And that is certainly the message I heard when I read about Jesus.  I've always thought that skin color was a test to this principle of goodness.  But that is easy for me because I was raised to treat others fairly and to not judge someone by their material possessions, job, social status, or looks.  Many others were not taught these ways of being.  I am a caucasian woman who retired from teaching because of prejudice and lack of morals in the ruling establishment.  We have those same problems throughout the world.  We also have caring people who would have equality and justice for all.  I think there are more of us than there are of them.  Perhaps the congregation of peaceful people can make a change.  It has in the past.  There are many inequalities, race is only one.  It will take a conscious effort to focus on what we want for our world.  I want a world where everyone can have the basic needs met without having to work an entire lifetime to get them: shelter, food, water, clothing, and a pursuit of happiness.  It can happen.  The masses have to one by one be committed to the ideal that those in power adhere to the very laws that are put on us.  And these laws also support the community of the earth, not its possession by a few to extort for gains.  If we are all in this together then together we can make it happen. We keep our focus on the light, even if it can't be seen with our own eyes, we know it exists.  Even though we can't see our way out of this darkness, we can still move towards doing our own part to lesson the suffering of ourselves and others.  We can continue to put our thoughts on the solution, seeing all others as brothers and sisters.  It's not just words, they are your brothers and sisters, act accordingly.

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Hang Out

The recognizable Moon hangs in the sky.  Usually it hangs out with Venus.  And Venus is there in the lower right. Between the two is Mercury.  Mercury generally hangs out closely with the Sun so we rarely see it in the night sky.  On this night, May 24, 2020 it looks nearly equal distance from the Moon and Venus.  You had to be intentional to see it on this night.  Even though we were poised and ready with binoculars, you had to hang out long enough to get your eyes adjusted to the fading light and you needed to know where to look. But after you see it, you almost can't "not see it".  Maybe its because you know its there so you just relax into waiting for it to reveal itself to you.  Life is like that: it's important who you hang out with because you will be seen in the light of those you are with, you can relax in the knowing that something exists even when your eyes can't confirm it directly and look around to see the simple beauty that is always with you.  It is the mind that creates the misery of time constraints, and judgements, so just feel yourself into the moment, relax, and find the beauty in your surroundings.  If it's not there, move to where it is and take only the people who enhance the experience.  -Samsung Note 9 image, propped on the arm of a chair for stability; edited to for light and contrast

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The Light Is Falling Feel the Sun.  The Light is falling.  It's bright.  Maybe it's hidden behind the trees or clouds.  It just is.  There's nothing else like the Sun.  Scrunch your eyes so you won't hurt them and barely peek at the sun as I did lying in a hammock on May 3rd after a World Wide Meditation (that occurs every Sunday, CST: 7:11 am, 10:11 am, 1:11 pm Meditate any way you choose for 30 min.)  I could see colors of teal, purple, pinks, greens, and blues unlike any colors I'm used to seeing when I face the Sun.  My phone camera captured them in the two images below. They are untouched by Photoshop.  The beauty is exquisite.  The feeling .... you decide.

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The Star That is You

The star that is you is always with you.  You are never alone.  It does feel that way if you live in your head.  So don't just live in your head.  Get back into your body by looking at your body.  Look at your hands.  Really look at them.  You might even do something simple with them.  Notice as much as you can about the movement in the body.  And breathe with the intention of paying attention to the air flowing in and out.  Again, breathe in.  Breathe out.  It is in noticing your body that your mind will become calm.  If it tells you anything.  Just notice it.  You don't need your mind to tell you how you feel.  Just feel.  Where is the energy in your body?  Take a breath and imagine that the air is coming up from the Earth under your feet.  Follow the breath to your waist.  Then with noise like you're trying to cough something up, continue the release of the air.  Imagine the air flowing up from the waist up through your chest, into your head and out the top of your head.  Then reverse the flow.  Inhale a breath from the top of the head to the waist with noise and then without sound from the waist down to the Earth.  This is a way to pull in your essence. Your star or spirit essence.  I first learned of this breath and practiced it in groups of five.  A full breath is from the Earth back down to the Earth.  I was making a long drive and practiced this breathing several times during the day.  At the end of the long day of driving I didn't have the usual fatigue and my body adjusted without the usual symptoms.  So I continue practicing this kind of breath every day.  Try it.  And when you are ready to add on look up Mula Banda.  It uses this breath with constriction of muscles which adds more health practices for the body.  


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Be Free to Be

What if: we all felt the same thing?  Let's say we take 30 minutes and feel what it is like to be free.  To be free to love life as a compassionate being.  To be free to create.  To be free of disease.  To be free of financial restrictions.  To be.  Feel it.  Visualize light entering your body, circulating and healing inside yourself.  Expand it outward like the light that you are, into the room.  Now feel this light fill up your house, surrounding area, county, state, country, continent, and around the world.  Don't stop, continue to radiate this light.  Push the darkness, negativity and disease into the purple flame above your light to transmute it, transform it, and transcend it off the planet.  Join the multitudes as we do just that...Saturday, April 4, 2020.  Feeling is the prayer.  Your heart is five thousand times stronger than your brain, allow this area of your body to be the center point. C.S.T. 9 P.M., adjust for your area and tell your people.  We are one.  WE can and must act line one to create this.  Additionally Sunday 10 A.M., 1:11 P.M. (Sunday every week, also 7:11 A.M.) #ourlightsunite

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Four S words

4S words: sun, sorry, scary, sensible.  The sun gives me the sensation of hope and a bright attitude unless there is too much and then it wears me down and I feel like I cannot move or I’ll become exceedingly exhausted.  Sorry can soothe me if you care to be connected to my weariness and empathize that you want me to feel better.  Or sorry can mean that I’m sorry or too miserable to amount to anything at this time. This can be scary, if I’m looking at this present moment as if it will continue in all the moments that follow.  Being scared like this can be a motivation to do things differently if I choose to.  This fear has its place in helping to make decisions.  But fear as a tactic for making someone damaged so that they will need you is not acceptable and will cost your Spirit for this lifetime or the next one.  So let’s use our senses to be sensible. Will this fear or being scared help in this situation of social distancing?  If the fear keeps you distant from others, then yes it has done its job.  If being scared is your new normal, then no it has taken over your senses and is not allowing other feelings and sensations to monitor a balance. Sensible is helpful for the decision making that is currently before us.  Use this word to make sense of your reality.  What do you sense in your body?  Are you identifying the feelings?  If not, then these feelings can control you or others who observe these feelings in you can use them to their advantage.  Sense your feelings, identify them, make conscious choices by being mindful of what feelings you have and what the body tells you in forms of tension, pain, or unnecessary hunger for example. Sensible denotes too the process of making a decision that is practical, useful when implemented and with wisdom, likely to be of benefit to you as self and you as a collective.  Be sensible in this virus situation, that can make you feel scared, and sorry among many other feelings and get out in the Sun to feel its nourishing rays while you connect to the Earth and all the living beings, creatures, elementals and elements. Your thoughts create.  Be mindful.


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An Object and Its Shadow

 Oh, so the light falls upon you and then what do you see?  A shadow forms behind you.  Now the question arises, "Will the shadow become bigger than you or will you rise into the light so the shadow diminishes as you go?"  That is the ultimate question and the answer is how you decide to live your life.  Not that it won't change.  Just like the sun as it moves across the sky casts its light creating shadows that change throughout the day, so you can live more or less in the light with the choices you make.  Your shadow will change throughout your life.  Each person has a shadow cycle or issues or learning to be done in their life time.  Be patient with yourself.  Be firm.  Be gentle.  Be who you need to be so that you can learn your lessons and give the best version of yourself to the world.  Being yourself as you know it in each moment of now is really the best you can do.  If you think you can do better, then do it.  But don't be too hard on yourself if you made decisions that you can now see from a different perspective.  Know that you did the best that you could for that moment.  And if, it really wasn't your best, then know this and work to do better.  That's the job of your shadow - to show you a part of yourself that is the part of you that reveals itself depending on how you are living in the light.  

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I Choose the LIght  


I choose the light.  Call me a do good-er. Good is good, right?  Parents definitely promote it.  Your peers may not.  You will be criticized no matter what you do.  You need to only do what really matters to you.  Easy, right?  It is easy after you know what matters or who matters to you. Your own matter, as in your body is a good place to start.  Taking care of your body is really important yet not fully embraced as a young person unless you were given a physical challenge that forced you to make adaptations.  My personal struggle is maintaining a body that likes the food I put into it.  I was raised in the 50's.  At that time the establishment provided and encouraged packaged foods, white bread and canned foods.  I didn’t know anything else until I went off to college.  Keep in mind I did not live in the same place as I grew up an Army dependent. To do my body good, finding fresh foods was a game changer.  My body did not like fried foods.  Thankfully I wasn’t born in the south.  My children were but I did my best to cook healthy meals. In the last five years I have learned a lot about cooking fresh foods.  It seemed a large challenge at first as most changes do.  But it really isn't hard.  If fact you cook in less time.  It's the addition of new ingredients like ginger, deactivated nutritional yeast, chia seeds, hemp seeds and herbs that make the meals a combination that takes practice.  Fresh foods will make you feel lighter.  Science has proven that as we age we really don’t need as much food as is encouraged.  It has also been proven that we don’t need to eat meat or dairy if we want a light body free of disease.  After researching food for the past 4 years, I am not quick to take any recommendations from doctors that are emerged into the thinking of the 50’s.  I am encouraged by the movement that is focused on organic gardening, lessening the footprint on Mother Earth, and leaning into a plant based way of eating.  I believe that much of this is because way too many people have allergies and babies that will not tolerate the packaged food that contains so little nourishment causing these young parents to find new ways to take care of their young.  I was the only person I knew growing up that had allergies.  Now everyone is familiar with allergies.  It might surprise you to know that I do not have any allergies.  Let that sink in.  No allergies!  This is due to my change in diet to the lighter choices of plants. I started the journey by trying to find a way to increase my body’s metabolism.  I read and followed the book “Hot Belly Diet” that begins with many account of people reversing their diagnosis of diabetes.  So at the end of the month I felt better than I ever had my whole life.  I was in my fifties.  I continued as a vegetarian for the first year and a half, only eating seafood when I went to the beach twice a year.  In the second year I noticed that eating shrimp brought back the tension in my gut I had lived with my entire life.  So I quit eating meat.  Yes, all meat.  It has brought me a lighter body, a healthier body and an abundance of ease in my body.  My body that keeps me grounded to this planet.  The planet, Earth would be better served if more people lived in the light of knowing that plants, not dead animals are the fuel for our lives.  Look at the pictures of the light emanating from plants.  This is what you are eating.  You are eating light energy.  Eat light.  Be light.


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Time Flies and Hearts Fly

Time flies and hearts do too!  It's all energy.  You might be used to hearing that the time just flew or got away from you.  I know I've experienced it.  I may have experienced the stirrings of the heart while growing up and not known it.  Now I know that the heart sends messages to you in the form of feelings.  Sometimes you can interpret the feeling to mean something and put words to it.  When the heart flies, it is sending meaningful messages in the same way yet there is no distance that can restrict the dealings of the heart.  It is only in the receiving that we sometimes don't know to allow and thus block the message in full.  You know, those times when you think of someone and learn they were also thinking of you.  Or you feel safe even though the situation may not be in your best interest.  You can pretty much bet, that someone has you in their prayers or has protected you with loving intention. The heart is at the base of the messages we send when we pray.  But it is NOT the words that create the power.  It is the feeling.  Recently a world wide prayer was sent to help extinguish the fires in Australia.  To help me feel the prayer I used words to myself about feeling the rain as it touches my skin.  Smelling the dust as it rises from the dry Earth.  Sensing the relief of the soul and body as it soaks in the gentle drops of water falling from the sky.  And releasing the tension of the body as gratitude washes over you allowing you to rejoice in the answer to the prayer.  This process is what Jesus meant when he said that we were to claim the victory or answer to our prayer as if it has already happened.  The feeling part in the scripture about the faith of a mustard seed that can move a mountain was removed from the Bible when the Gospel of Thomas was removed and the rest of the verse describing that the mind and the heart must marry as one, then... The editing of the Bible was done under the rule of Constantine.  Gregg Braden provides a lot of information in videos if you care to check out the resources he has put on the internet.  He was a scientist that searched to prove what Mistics trust is given to them in their heart.  

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Life is a Beach Life at the beach is my favorite.  I find myself taking deep breaths.  Sigh. There is something about the sound of the ocean, the energy in the air, and the vision of the water as it continuously touches the land with a variety of strokes.  I know the science behind the ions and it certainly resonates with me.  I like the way it feels.  I like the feeling of anticipating a swim in the ocean.  I love the bouyancy of salt.  Swimming in the ocean gives me the feeling of vastness and freedom.  After pushing the water around all you have to do is lean into surface tension with arms and legs spread to rest gloriously looking at the blue that surrounds you.  Life is a beach.  It is warm sand between my toes.  It's the resistance of pushing the sand beneath you so you can make your way to the water.  Going to the beach is not just for vacation time.  I spend time in my mind every day going to the beach.  And when my physical body gets to go there too, it's all the better.

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Through and Into

When the opportunity arises and your choice is to go through and into - what do you do?  You can think it through.  That is what I was taught to do.  It's one strategy.  One that uses the left side of the brain, the part of the brain that is logical.  It can think about the pros and cons of a situation.  This will help you to know what you want.  Or sometimes you figure out what you don't want and that is a way to go towards what you do want.  That is the purpose of darkness in your life, weither that be a situation, a person, or an object.  When you use your thinking to discern that you don't want whatever it is, that thinking leads you to go for what you do want.  There is also another approach.  You can go into.  Into what?  Go into how it feels.  Physically feel into the words, the situation, the opportunity.  How does it resonate with your body when you think?  Feeling is an indication that the heart is sending you messages.  These messages aren't as clear cut as words but given time and practice you'll learn to have confidence in going with a feeling instead of a master plan designed in the mind.  This way of being uses the right brain.  It is our source for creativity.  To honor this means of knowledge is to venture on a path less understood by the masses.  However, those who have embraced the feelings and innate guidance that is available to everyone have found this knowing surpasses understanding at times only to be fully understood after taking this leap into the faith within.

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Flowers of the Sun - Sunflowers Let me introduce you to this year's portraits of the Ladies of the Sun, flowers known as Sunflowers.  Maybe it's the yellow that brings such joy to my face when I see them.  Maybe it's a root connection to the state of Kansas that embraces these beautiful plants to my heart.  Perhaps the delicate nature of the petals and the way they expand the Sun'ts light is what draws me to them.  All in all they do all of these things.

The watercolor picture was done by Lillian Grimes, an artist and neighbor of my grandmother. in Chanute, KS.  She also painted.  I  have a painting of a cactus in bloom by L.Grimes, passed down through the years to adorn the wall of the spare bedroom.

They map the Sun.  From the early glimpse of light to the fading rays that bring the evening, the sunflowers follow the path of the sun across the skies with their faces affixed to the face of the sun.  Ladies of the Sun grace our lives for just a little while in the days of summer.  And in the winter the seeds give nourishment to the birds, as I put them inside after the petals have fallen and the birds have munched on a few here and there before I get them collected.  And I save some seeds to plant for I love to see these flowers of the Sun in my own yard each year.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) Chanute KS Ladies of the Sun plant flowers sunflowers Mon, 16 Sep 2019 20:46:17 GMT
The Path Ahead  

Your Path is Your OwnYour Path is Your Own

The path ahead is always filled with choices.  You walk in the light.  Sometimes it gets dark.  You are always the light.  If you cannot feel your own light, be near one whom you can reflect their light.  Get in tune with your own energy.  The Universe has energy.  The Earth has energy.  You have energy.  Everything is energy.  Energy flows in waves like light does.  Your path isn't straight either.  There are curves, turns and ups and downs.  I wish you blessings on your path. 

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Allow the Stars and My Love To Guide You



I was painting the inside of my 17' Sanibel Sailboat when the news came.  Painting is always a big project and a big deal but it is also a way for me to be Zen.  When I paint, I just paint.  I had already put on a primer coat equipped with the mask for my protection.  And I painted an ocean blue on top on this primer.  Mom was on the phone.  I had expected good news from her doctor's visit.  But no, it was not what I had expected.  Her cancer numbers plummeted when she added lemon water, chlorella with cilanto and reduced the intake of sugar.  We brought them down from 1400 to 300 in only a month.  This report was to be a celebration of freedom.  Alas, the number was 4777.  So, we knew that 777 is God's number for completion.  The number 4 I had to look up and it is for Angels.  So I took the news as best as I knew how.  I got off the phone.  I cried.  I went back to painting.  And in the stillness of of my mind while painting I heard the words: Allow the stars and my love to guide you.  This gave me a calm in the middle of my dread.  I know there is no death and that I would be the one to help her transition.  So I painted this inside my boat with some stars.  Then later I called her back to tell her the silver lining.  Since she knew her time was limited, she could plan every thing.  That was a nice gift.  And she did.  There was no probating the will after Mom's passing.  All the paperwork was in place.  All the hard work and savings that she and Dad worked for went to their off spring.  They left us with an even greater gift of love.  Love, the greatest force of all.  Love paints us with strength, confidence and a calmness that lives on and beyond the stars.

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Reimagined Time Frame Reimagined Time Frame

Time, so what is it?  We see what the passage of time does to plants, growing children, etc.  We talk about it a lot.  People who think too much about times that have passed are not seen as healthy, if it keeps them from living in the now.  As in right now, this only moment is all there is really.  You could miss it though if your thoughts aren't calm or focused on what is going on around you.  If your eyes are looking at your phone which is showing you other things to think about, your thoughts are probably not there in the room, they are in the phone.  Ok, but isn't that also true for someone who is reading a book?  Books are said to "take you places".  I'm not against either one.  I actually like both. I do think to myself, "Is this worth spending time on?"  I don't watch TV much because I don't think it's worth my time.  Time, that precious thing we have, we give but we cannot get and hold onto.

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Which came first the creation or creativity? It is said that creativity exists but it has to find you working.  So here I am in the midst of expanding my creative flow within many areas of my life.  I love music.  I love photography.  I love having a garden.  I love learning.  I research how food impacts the body.  I study Spanish.  I meditate.  I'm a seamstress.  I recently put t-posts in the ground and put up a fence around my garden to keep out dogs and rabbits.  And I write songs.  I paint, but not pictures, just paint stuff like closet doors.  That's pretty Zen.  Not the ooh, ahh kind of painting but it does create a new look for the doors I painted and the rooms they are in.  I think it's important to allow yourself to make or create something.  Some people do it with food.  Some people don't spend any time alone or in silence.  Both of these factors help the energy flow of creativity.  Ideas come to me when it's quiet enough to hear them slip in.  Or in the early morning when I am waking from sleep I get ideas.  The shower is a good place for creativity as well.  Anything you put your focus on will expand.  Sometimes you just have to start and not be in too much of a hurry so you can get ideas along the way while you are creating.  I do that a lot when I am playing with Photo Shop. I enjoy the unexpected, random, out of the blue type ideas.  They lead me down into projects and in places I didn't expect.  Everyone can be creative.  It takes intent, practice and focus and consistency.


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Just Dance

Bang Images of Birmingham, AL, manipulated by Moments Photography

What if life is just a dance?  Your choices are your steps.  Time revels your next options.  So you choose, you make steps and this is your dance.  This is your life.  How does it feel?  Have you allowed yourself to make choices that give you more freedom from fear?  Is fear over you or do you step into it anyway?  Choices, all of life is choices.  Here is my song about how I learned to navigate life with an acquired technique for using my spirit guides.

Life’s Just A Dance ©Sandy Gates, Aug., Sept. 2017

You tell yourself stories

I do that too

The seemingly, random ones

Often ring true



So many thoughts with    

A round trip ticket

I found the gentle, quiet ones

Mean more than them

    Life’s just a dance

               Steps in time with choices

               Life’s just a dance.

    With your guides, it’s guidance.

    Life’s your chance, to dance

    Learn your own dance

Testing the words

Is discernment

The truth can be learned

In how and what’s been heard


Like when I think of someone

And it’s just a preview

Or say I have a feeling

And I’ve learned to follow through    

    Life’s just a dance

               Steps in time with choices

               Life’s just a dance.

    With your guides, it’s guidance.

    Life’s your chance, to dance

    Learn your own dance

                                             If it feels right, it’s light.  Just dance.

                                             If it feels light, it’s right. Just dance

                                             Life’s a dance.  It’s just a dance, Just dance (2x)

Every moment has power

To lean in or away

From the spirit within

You do it each and every day.


If you listen with your head

It’s “no” too many times

When you learn to trust your gut

You begin to feel what’s right

   Life’s just a dance

               Steps in time with choices

               Life’s just a dance.

    With your guides, it’s guidance.

    Life’s your chance, to dance

    Learn your own dance

                                             If it feels right, it’s light.  Just dance.

                                             If it feels light, it’s right. Just dance

                                             Life’s a dance.  It’s just a dance, Come dance (2x)




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I Am Home

       Hopefully the words  of the song below will speak to you as is.  If not, listen to the music by looking up Lizzy Pear_singer Sandy on You Tube (not today, April 29th because I haven't taken the time to learn my recording software but soon.)  I will post a link below when I do!



"Love Is The Way Home" (c) by Sandy Gates

Home is        a warm, cozy feeling       like you belong

It's sharing, caring, giving      life purpose

It’s not a place or          house of your own.


Love is       a never ending, growing force        which makes us strong

It’s how we clothe spirit          that’s within us

A light on a path           all of our own


               Love is born to be given away

               Love is how it all began one day

               Love is the way

               Love is the way home


I know that         everything I have         is nothing

Compared to how I give          and how I receive,

Only love remains          when I am gone



       When you need love

                              Be love. Give it away.

                              When you need love.

                              Give your love away.


Verse 3






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Music From the Moon Contest Apollo 11 - 50 year anniversary
Blog post: Music From The Moon Contest
March 24, 2019

"Teammates Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and many, many others, hidden figures and math..."

This image is a composition of many elements.  It takes the many even though we sometimes only celebrate the few.  Working together, each using their strengths for a common goal enabled the United States NASA program to put mankind on the moon, complete the mission and return the participants to safety.  It has been many decades since this happened.

Celebrating 50 years since the Apollo 11 space mission: the URLs below are for two songs I have entered into a contest - Music from the Moon.  The contest is out of Huntsville, AL and open to all eligible participants at the web site:  The final video is for educational and entertainment purposes.  It is an animated video of the "A Race Into Space" with the audio accompaniment.

Six songs will be selected by popularity and additionally two more. If you like my work and care enough to support my aspirations to win some recording time, please listen and press the thumbs up for me under the You Tube video to give me a vote.  You can do this for each of the following two song videos. Thank-you so very much for your time, consideration and vote!

I am a singer, songwriter, musician and the photographer/owner of Moments Photography for this web site.  I sing using the name Lizzy Pearl and my You Tube Channel is Lizzy Pearl_singer Sandy.  Lizzy Pearl Music graciously requests your time to have a listen and hopes for your vote! If you have any comments or questions please send me an email to [email protected]

Let curiosity and a bit a music take you away... links appear under the pictures.

Song in blog post: Music For the Moon Contest
March 24, 2019

"A Race Into Space" is a history lesson of the Apollo 11 mission.      


Music For The Moon Contest - song link included
March 24, 2019

"Go to the Moon" is a love song to the astronaut.


Below is the educational/entertainment version of the "A Race Into Space" song for your enjoyment.  It is not a part of the contest.


"A Race Into Space"

Thank-you!  Thank-you! Thank-you!

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Like a Summer Storm Summer StormSummer StormSings in the Skies
Song" Summer Storm

"Summer Storm" (c) Co-write Sandy Gates and Dave Verespie, professionally recorded, vocals: dannirimusic

He’s like a summer storm

Always takes me by surprise

Raises hell, then he’s gone

Without a wave or good-bye


Love you straight to Tulsa

By that time it starts to show

Good feeling fading

That’s when you’ll know

               He’s a flooding plain, like a hurricane

               Always leaving me in pain

                              Is there a piece of land in Texas

                              That has never felt the rain?

                              I swear that’s where I’m going

                              To forget his name.

Gonna find that place

Ain’t never seen me cry

Dig my toes into the dirt

And watch that sun rise.

    He’s a flooding plain, like a hurricane

               Always leaving me in pain

                              Is there a piece of land in Texas

                              That has never felt the rain?

                              I swear that’s where I’m going

                              To forget his name.



                              Is there a piece of land in Texas

                              That has never felt the rain?

                              I swear that’s where I’m going

                              To forget his name.

                              And if that summer storm should come

                              I will still be brave

                              On my piece of land in Texas

                              That has never felt the rain


                              Is there a piece of land in Texas?

                              I swear that’s where I’m going to.

You Tube link:

(Moments Photography by Sandy) davevmusic good time gone bad lizzypearlmusic love stormy relationships summer storm Mon, 04 Mar 2019 03:27:46 GMT
All Those Kisses KissesKissesI Offer Mine to You
Song: Kisses

"Kisses" is one of my first co-songwriting songs. My songs are written under my name, Sandy Gates.  They are performed under the name, Lizzy Pearl.  Michael Jones, the co-author had some beautiful chords going up the neck of the guitar.  And he sang something about Kisses and you won't give them to me.  I had heard this short interlude on several different occasions in between songs at jam sessions.  One day he said to me, "Sandy, why don't you take this and make it into a song."  And so I did.  I turned the lyrics around to make it an offer: Kisses, I offer mine to you.  This became the premise and the lyrics speak about the beauty of allowing yourself to become vulnerable which is a bold and courageous risk we all take when we offer our kisses and love to another.  It is interesting to note that when I emailed Michael about the song, he didn't know that I had developed the verses and chorus already.  He gave me the additional information that he wanted the song to be about two people who were attracted to each other but had not taken the steps to confirm this attraction.  That is exactly what I had written about.  I didn't get the chord structure as he played it for the verses, so that will just have to be put in another song.  Below is the link to the YouTube upload.  It has the same image as above with some audio of me on acoustic guitar and vocals, recorded in 2014.


"Kisses" (c) by Sandy Gates and Michael Jones

Kisses, ahh those kissess

We can make it

Be real, don’t fake it

I’ll be here.

Let’s surrender to love

               Kisses, ahh those kisses, I offer mine to you

               Kisses, all those kisses, caressing you, with truth

       I long for your touch

                              Reel with desires

                              As seen in my mind

                              A play of faith, hope and fire

              Kisses, ahh those kisses, I offer mine to you

               Kisses, all those kisses, caressing you with truth

                               I know a place

                              Where we can go

                              Just you and me

                              We’ll be alone (with)

    Kisses, ahh those kisses, I offer all to you

               Kisses, all those kisses, caressing you with truth

We can make it

Be real, don’t fake it

I’ll be here.

Let’s surrender to love.



(Moments Photography by Sandy) co-write kisses Lizzy Pearl love song singer Sandy song for sale surrender Thu, 07 Feb 2019 19:43:41 GMT
Build a Wall of Music Music, Dance and Knighted SteedMusic, Dance and Knighted Steed

Build a wall of music

To soothe the primal beats of beasts inside.

Make it etheric to connect with the skies

And as solid as the tides.

May it bring peace to all

Unifying our purpose to support lives. -Lizzy Pearl

(Moments Photography by Sandy) build a wall dance etheric lizzy pearl music primal beats protect lives Fri, 01 Feb 2019 17:11:00 GMT
Celestial Steed Everything Changes, Changes, ChangesEverything Changes, Changes, ChangesThrough the Mind's Eye
Song: Everything Changes, Changes, Changes

Celestial Steed with wings of flight and with all your might, deliver unto us, the willing, blessings from on high.  Shower the gifts of truth, knowledge, love, trust, compassion and joy upon all open hearts that we may bask in the glorious feelings that emanate from the Central Sun and further beyond.  Bestow upon this magnificent animal of service strength for the completion of this task and upon its rider the integration and embodiment needed to sustain the mortal precipice for using these feelings as a proactive, evolving species into daily practice with all beings.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) bask daily practice emanate embodiment evolving species integration love love in action new Earth proactive Sun, 27 Jan 2019 22:27:29 GMT
Free to Fly Lord Lift Me UpLord Lift Me UpBelieve You Can
Song: Lord Lift Me Up

She learned that when she lived like she was loved, she became free.  Free to be exactly who she was always meant to be.  Free to release all the love and joy that lived within her realms of dreaming.  For once she also loved herself, it was easy to love life and have compassion for all of life.  Thoughts for the kingdom of animals, and plants are now revered and a growing respect for the elementals of fire, earth, air and water. grows within.  And along with the wings that come with every dream, she finds that the present moment encompasses all possibilities.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) all possibilities become free compassion dream dreaming dreams flying free flight love yourself wings to fly Thu, 17 Jan 2019 15:19:03 GMT
Pink Light of Love Love is the Way HomeLove is the Way HomePink is Love
Song: Love is the Way Home
Pink light of love comes to Earth.  Breathe in its essence.  It is not bound by conditions.  You do not earn the love.  It just is. You cannot lose this love for it is constant and unconditional. Feel also the goodness of the pearlescent light which contains all colors.  Be healed with the giving and receiving of the green light replenishing and balancing life.  Embrace the violet light of transition, transformation and transmutation so that all your experiences are profoundly moving.  And bathe in the purple light for wisdom and spirituality. Awaken to this resonance within, transcend judgement and negativity. This awareness and release will allow more space for the light to come in as there is no void in the universe. You can choose what fills you up.  Choose love.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) colors love love light pearlescent light pink light purple light violet light Sat, 12 Jan 2019 20:59:31 GMT
Through You Through YouThrough You

Through you comes the day.  When we realize that our thoughts, perceptions, persona and beliefs bring us our day we quit being victims.  We begin to embrace the powerful creator that we are and how our statements of "I am" command the body and mind to act.  It is this marriage of thoughts, feelings and emotions that make a powerful triangle of energy.  Thoughts emanate from the mind, feelings from the heart and the combination of the two make emotions.  Thinking about our feelings is what makes them emotions.  Feelings are neither good nor bad until we quantify them with thinking and evaluate finally making a summation that yes, that feeling was good to me or no, it was not a good feeling.  The heart just feels.  It accepts the feeling as it is.  The mind defines the feeling into the categories, thus making it an emotion.  In combination, you are all of these and this is the recipe for your light that you bring to the world.  

(Moments Photography by Sandy) be the light emotions feelings I am light powerful creator thoughts through you Sat, 05 Jan 2019 15:17:48 GMT
Seeing With Your Eyes Closed Honor Love's TruthHonor Love's TruthSeeing with the Heart
Song: Honor Love's Truth
Seeing with your eyes closed is an innate ability.  And although you are born with this knowing it is more commonly seen as coincidence when you "know" something that you can't be sure why you know it.  It is also called intuition. There are ways to cultivate this knowing.  It helps if you are able to meditate.  But if you have "monkey mind" that jumps around from one subject to another, you really should consider some exercises to regain your power of the mind.  One simple exercise is to place a candle on a table in front of you.  Stare at the flame.  Just be an observer.: looking only, no thoughts about the flame.  When any thoughts come to you, acknowledge the thoughts and send them away with gentle statements as if talking to a small child.  You might only be able to get a small window of time, (as small as seconds) when you are not thinking.  Rejoice in any amount of time you get.  The time will increase with practice.  After you have looked at the flame, do one more thing before you go back to other activities in your day.  Close your eyes, and place the palms of your hands over the eyes.  In your mind's eye the flame will be created or it may only appear as a point of light.  Again just observe it.  Sometimes it moves and flickers but just keep looking for it.  It can disappear but if you remain calm, it will sometimes come back.  Make a practice of doing this a few times a week and you will begin to see progress.  This practice will help you to calm your mind.  It will help you to then be able to meditate.  And meditation helps not only the mind but the connection of mind to body.  The book "30 Day Yoga Meditation Plan" by Richard Hittleman is a completely illustrated day-by-day plan for experiencing the benefits of meditation.  In addition, you can also learn to calm the mind using the body by practicing Yoga.  If you are a self study I would recommend another Richard Hittleman book, "Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan".  That is where the candle exercise was introduced to me.  The author had a T.V. show in the 70's which cultivated my curiosity and prompted me to buy the book, but I did not retain a daily practice until twenty years later in the 90's. I have now learned that when you can visualize a rose you can ask yourself questions and the way the rose looks and "acts" helps to reveal answers. I'll write more about this in a later post. 

(Moments Photography by Sandy) candle exercise meditate meditation mind's eye monkey mind third eye yoga Mon, 17 Dec 2018 14:49:48 GMT
Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree Pretty in pink is definitely this tree, the Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree.  And what I beautiful tree it was!  I have loved this tree for the 23 years it adorned my front yard.  This image was taken three years ago.  It has not bloomed much over the last few years and I worried that it wasn't getting the sun and water it need because it grew near a Water Oak tree planted at the same time, 3 years before I moved in.  The larger tree was trimmed back but it didn't help.  This summer the leaves turned brown and I knew it had lost its life force. I mourn the loss of this life.  I shall miss its seasonal beauty and unique shape.  I have many memories of the bright spring light shinning through its lovely colors. And I have these images and many more with my daughters in their prom dresses.  I shall focus on the good.  Although the sadness of its passing is still in my heart.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) blooming tree japanese weeping cherry tree mourn pretty in pink Tue, 30 Oct 2018 20:20:50 GMT
A Destination Is Never a Place Dream MakerDream Maker

A destination is never a place, just a new way of seeing things.  You think you have arrived, especially when you are using Google maps and after a time of driving to an address put into the app on your phone the voice says, "Your destination is on the right (or left).  And so you see it for the first time or any number of times only to see it differently depending on the thoughts and focus in your head at the time.  Depending on the thoughts you have in your head at the time - here is your sign, the grand announcement of what makes "a destination".  Your mind is that great determiner of how you perceive and interpret.  And there you are!  Your thinking takes you to where you are.  What you think about and how you think determines your destination - so here you are!

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Picture the Family Tree Picture her Family TreePicture her Family Tree And baby makes three.  Two anxious girls are awaiting the arrival of this baby boy, as we all are.  He will change the family tree, as all children and partners and adopted friends into family do.  Everything changes but new life is a particular time to pause and wonder.  You wonder about the child.  You wonder about yourself.  A state of wonder can feel like a state of gratitude as long as you keep fear behind you.  Mary Morressey talks about fear and says that it travels with you through life.  You get to be the one who tells fear where its place is.  You can recognize it for what it is and deal with it, or you can let it lead.  Something else she says that resonates with me is this: You can design your life or you can live it by default.  Being conscious of your choices helps you to design life. Writing down your dreams, ideas, and fears so you can observe your thinking and release or change the perspective of your thinking is also a powerful way to design your life.  So here you are living your life and then here comes this moment when you are adding in another life and wonder fills you up. What design will this new life play in our lives?  Soon we will get the beginning of understanding, of sorts.  This baby is already commanding attention while awaiting birth.  Mom, pictured here is doing a great job of balancing all the demands on her time and attention also awaiting birth.  With each heart there is a chance for more love in this world.  We are hoping and thinking the best for this "new picture" on the family tree.

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Take a Break and Make a Break Take a break from whatever you choose.  Make this break into anything you choose.  Put the power into your own hands by making choices that will grow you, empower you and by doing this you have given not only to yourself but this renewed self is a gift to the world. When I was given a break in my wrist, I was definitely forced to take a break from everything that required two hands.  Some things in life can be done with one hand but not photography or playing guitar.  And when your body needs to heal something like this it is not a good idea to do anything very physical like walking far or yoga. So I took the break in my wrist to allow me time to assess my core values and build a new life making sure that values are first and distractions are mindfully dismissed.


The new life put healing this wrist as first priority.  And now after 3 months, it is still at the forefront of each day.  This image was taken of the computer at the doctor's office. It shows the hardware souvenir that I obtained within hours of falling and consequently knocking the wrist off of the bones in my arm.  I was in Nashville, TN (a five hour drive from home) having fun with friends and only leaning on the Rolling Stones tongue exhibit when I slid down the tongue and my wrist made contact with the cement.  Although it was not apparent on Google maps, there was a trauma center only a few miles away and an ER doctor that specialized in wrists was on duty this Wednesday afternoon.  The coincidence of all that has not escaped me.

I have waited all these months before posting anything about this mishap.  I am back playing music, although recording my CDs is still indefinitely postponed. I am able to make pictures with my new Nikon.  And although not entirely healed I do notice each week the small victories of regained strength and mobility.  But I am still on break from what was my life.  Now my daily focus is to do activities that exercise the wrist specifically followed by a nutritious diet and usually a nap.  And as you might have guessed that takes up the majority of my day.  I know a lot of people would love that as a routine.  I am truly grateful that my teacher retirement is in place and I can actually maintain this lifestyle as needed.  I enjoy working out.  I like getting stronger and eventually I will also be able to enjoy more time adding in my other interests.  Until then...steady on.

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Your Voice is Uniquely Yours  

Your voice is uniquely yours.  It's a vibration. Your vibration. Sometimes being not like anyone else is okay.  You stand out from the crowd.  Maybe you need to stand out.  You definitely are meant to be uniquely you.  No one else can affirm or confirm any questions you have about yourself.  They can only give their opinion of you given from their perspective in life. 

Day 349Day 349


Take time to center yourself by breathing in your nose and out your mouth.  Do this until you feel your body relax.  Then ask yourself any question you need an answer.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Be observant to learn and feel the knowing in your own body or in what you see and feel to get your answer.  Sometimes you know the answer even if you can't explain how you know.  Really you don't have to explain to anyone.  This is your life.  You make the way.  Take it one step at a time.  Be the best you know how to be.  When you know better, you'll do better.  When you speak, remember to choose your words. All words have power. You have the power.  You are the only you in this world. The more you love yourself and allow your unique essence to shine, the better the world will be. 


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Passing From this Life If I could write you a letter it would tell you in words what I hope to covey from my heart.  I'm hoping that you already know.  I'm thinking that you felt it too.  And feelings are mostly what we have with animals.  Star, the canine in the image was a dog that lived with a friend of mine.  She touched my heart in ways I"m not sure I have the words to command expression in a letter, but I would want her to know that I felt her love.  She has a tender spot in my collection of memories. I hope she is there when I pass over to the other side after my journey here.  She passed over on the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year and I knew it before my friend called.  We are all connected and she was as special to me as my own dogs.

Star, If I Could Write You a LetterStar, If I Could Write You a Letter

(Moments Photography by Sandy) dogs love passing over rainbow bridge Sat, 28 Jul 2018 13:10:29 GMT
Living in the Clouds       The definition for skyscraper is a building of many stories.  Now, define stories.  My first thought is that in every one of these many buildings are people and all those people have their own story.  That is not the literal meaning for "a building of many stories". But it fits.  Maybe the definition would be better explained if it was a building of many layers, or flights of stairs (no, that brings other images to mind as well), or many floors, walls and ceilings.  And there are so many buildings in this image!

     The image was taken from the highest building in Chicago as the sun was setting in the west.  The light from the sun on the west/east bound streets creates a dimension against the shaded north/south bound streets. This altered version includes graphics, filters, masks and text to add visual complexity and a whimsical edge for the oh, so many stories included within.

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WIngs to Fly Wings to fly only implies flight.  I love the thought of flying.  I imagine what things look like from above.  And if I do get to see a map of an area I'm going to visit using the satellite view, I'm really good at navigating within that space on the ground.  We did a lot of traveling when I was a child.  My Dad was in the Army until I was in my 20's.  Because I lived 800 miles from where my folks lived when they retired, my children learned to travel as well.  We also took trips over 5 hours away from home every summer to vacation with friends.  At the time I was a school teacher so I getting time off was a given.  The road trips gave us time to spend just doing nothing but riding and talking or just riding.  Back then music was the only addition.  No cell phones, no DVD players, no hand held devices were available to distract us from learning our own minds.  I enjoyed the time spent.  But sometimes I wanted the option to fly home.  After everything was said and done and I missed sleeping in my own bed, flight would have been an welcome option. Until That One TimeUntil That One TimeBlossom & Spread Your Wings
Song: "Until That One Time"

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Walking Along with Spirit You only have to ask.  Ask whom? Well, so here it is, without reference to any published study that I know of, but true none the less: every person on this journey here are on Earth has at least two spiritual guides. So just ask. Ask your guides to guide you.  And then be sure to say, "Thank-you."  It's really that simple.  A journal is powerful too.  I recently found a journal entry from quite a few years ago that was written to my guides, angels, guardians or whatever name you choose. It was written like a letter.  And I wrote the words in my head for the response as well.  Yes, it is an awkward experience and I didn't repeat it which isn't to say that it won't go well for your attempts.  I know there is much power in writing.  Many books are written in just this way of be-ing that enables you to write what you "think".  Wayne Dyer wrote all his books while in this flow of communication.  I have found that it can just as easily be done in my head. I have also begun the practice of saying out loud, "Is there anything else I need to know?"  This is especially helpful before leaving the house.  It's pretty awesome most of the time.  If this concept is a new one for you...
Life's Just a DanceLife's Just a DanceWalking Along with Spirit
Song: Life's Just a Dance

try it> cONSIDER the concept of your own spiritual self.  Ask for guidance and you will receive it.  Be observant.  The messages come sometimes as feelings.  Or you might glance somewhere in the room, so wonder what is there that you might need.  Words of course are the easiest reminders, and sometimes they only come once.  So act on them.  Or notice what difference it made if you didn't.  Don't beat yourself up with any phrase that has the word "should" in it.  Live.  Learn. (the "typo" errors, ie: no period available and random capital letters - yes, spirit loves to mess with my electronics...) Love. And enjoy this mysterious journey we call life.

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Photo ARTist The images below were created with a theme in mind.  I am learning by doing.  Most of my Photoshop and camera skills are self-taught.  My first image using my new skills is in the previous blog post about Lizzy Pearl.  Below are the next two images I have made while taking an online class called "The Photo Artistic Life" by Sebastian Michaels. More on all that at a later date.  I have truly enjoyed learning new techniques and leaning into the curve of leaning for creating a composition, which is still in the self-discovery stages.

If I Could Sing My ThoughtsIf I Could Sing My Thoughts

I designed this for the NSAI, National Songwriting Association International facebook page that I manage for my local area chapter.

The image below is my collage of how I see myself as an Artist.

Self portrait of the artist in Me.Self portrait of the artist in Me.

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Set the Stage for Lizzy Pearl      To set the sage for something means that 'conditions have been made right for something to happen".  Whenever you see anyone on stage you have to know that there was much time and practice to get to that moment.  Sometimes it is just attributed to talent.  But even talent has to be used to prosper.  I was raised with the thinking, "If you don't use it, you'll lose it." And I would add that these gifts are given for a reason and when you engage in them, you are blessed with feelings that come from nowhere else.  Below is the sage name that I have newly adopted for my performances.  Given that my original songs are inspired from thoughts often times beyond my own "thinking".  I piece them together into rhyme, rhythm and tones.  Words and thoughts can come when I ask for guidance and at random times.  These songs convey the messages given to me through life's experiences.  The intent is to provide healing and help to others wanting to piece together the meaning of life with a compassion for this journey and all its inhabitants.  I perform alone.  This gives me the freedom to change the tuning of my guitar to that of healing.  This frequency 432Hz is also called the "scientific tuning".  It is mathematically attuned to the frequency of the earth which is 8Hz, making it "a harmonic intonation of nature."  (   - link to more information) .  It would benefit us all to make this change as the accepted frequency of 440Hz is disharmonic, while the 432Hz is considered a symphony.  The song "Imagine" was recorded at this frequency.   All together, all in peace and harmony with each other and nature is a wonderful thought.  "You may say that I'm a dreamer but I not the only one." John Lennon, with the Plastic Ono Band


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Adaptability, Not Intelligence, Not Strength If adaptability supersedes intelligence and strength, then change is to be embraced. So, change is good. So, change is good? Hum,  I only changed one thing in that sentence - the end point.  And my, oh my what an impact of a change that made.  With a period change is seen as good. We even make a celebration to announce some of these changes.  Perhaps it's the birth of a child, a graduation of schooling or maybe a new place to live, some fresh food or some cut flowers for the table.  My Dad said that change was one of the two things you could always count on.  The other was death.  And death really is just change as well.  But that is one of the hard changes.  Even when the logic in your brain can remind you that it is inevitably a change we all must experience. Sometimes we struggle with the day to day acceptance of another's death until we do finally accept and the suffering ends.  It doesn't mean we don't miss the person, it only means that we embrace the changing days of life.  So life is really changing all the time.  I like learning so I embrace change with as much grace as I can.  And no, grace is not my forte, but I try.  I know that there is a zone of discomfort when you are learning.  It's proven in research.  So if you are to grow and change you will get uncomfortable.  Growth is outside of the comfort zone.  You can't skip over this part.  You can complain about it, but it only slows the process.  You want to get through it?  Then get to it!  It takes courage to make some changes. Choose the changes that your heart "tells" you to and release the changes that happen out of no control of your own.  And relax into this mysterious journey that we call life.

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A Journal or Two or Three A journal is a daily record.  I have been successful with journals I use to record interesting thoughts while reading a book.  My favorite journal is suggested in a book "Ageless Goddess".  In the journal you write a brag, a gratitude and a desire.  That's an easy, feel good kind of journal.  But, what I need to journal is food.  That not only means I am doing it on a daily basis, and I am doing it all day long, but I also need to break down the information into smaller specifics like the macros and calories.  Why?  My why is not only the release of excess body fat but also to rebuild an immune system that was compromised by diet.  I didn't know any better and now I do want to know.  My parents didn't know any better.  They were marketed to by businesses, namely the meat and dairy that had business in mind NOT the health of the people.  This massive marketing and processing of food by a number of other companies has compromised many digestive systems and created allergies and diseases for the masses.  But there is hope.  I am continuing a way of eating introduced to me in the book "Hot Belly Diet".  They must have picked the title to interest people who like to diet.  It is a diet but unlike any I have ever seen.  It's easy to follow. The first half of the book explains that this diet is Ayurvedic medicine which is based on the premise "Let food be thy medicine."  I have never felt better and had such an appreciation for nourishing my body with food.  By changing my diet I have cured most of my food allergies. But I need to take it further in order to lose weight according to the results from my body fat test by the business Get Tanked.  I got in a tank of warm water to determine my body fat ratio.  She talked to me about the amount of calories I eat.  No, I don't eat as many as she recommended.  And after years and years of watching not only what I eat but how much I am eating, I'm at a loss for eating that much!  So my first strategy was to decorate a journal so I would at least enjoy looking at it as it will be sitting out as a reminder in some prominent place.  The second strategy is to just journal what I normally eat for awhile.  I plan to analyze it on Sunday.  Then I'll make a strategy for increasing my calories with healthy choices.

Yes, there is more than one journal.  The one on the left is for food (artwork cut out from a Mary Engelbreit calendar).  In hopes of helping others I adopted the theme "share".  Many people have diabetes.  Dr. Suhas G. Kshirsagar in "The Hot Belly Diet" has documentation that eating a plant based diet with meat added on occasion can cure this condition.  It is a much different way of eating but in many ways it is more simple.  You just can't fast food it!  The additional journal on the right is for helping me to track my habits for other goals that I am working towards to see how the daily, weekly, monthly practice is working for me.

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Life as a Wrapped Package Life is a gift.  And you as a person is the package.  I think each person determines what the packaging of this gift is like by how they act.  Some people appear to be like baking soda and vinegar in an overflowing bottle of continuous out spilling of a mess kind of package.  Others are tightly taped up, relatively perfect and appearing untouched by the world, never really showing what is inside.  I'd like to think that my package is somewhere between these two, but more like a Christmas present.  It's wrapped in paper that is imperfectly taped to cover perfectly all that can only be seen if I allow myself to be given.  You look at the package guessing what's inside but not really knowing until it is open.  And even then, it takes time to truly appreciate what's in the package.  Life is like that too.  Life is given to us and we look at it like a package thinking about what we might want it to be on the inside.  Sometimes there is a feeling of anticipation.  Sometimes we might be thinking about what we need to give back.  Always I hope that the unfolding brings what you want, need or don't know you need so that you can become more fully you as the layers of your packaging changes with time.

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Inspire Means In Spirit To be inspired is to be "breathed into" or "communicated by divine or supernatural power" (Online Etymology Dictionary).  Although I don't have the direct reference for the the title of this blog, I know I found it online as well while searching for meaning and direction of thoughts and songwriting.  Logically it stands to reason, as well.  Within this vessel called a body is the eternal soul and a living spirit.  If you have learned discernment for the thoughts that run through, spirit or divine communication is happening.  It's always a quiet voice.  On this occasion it spoke with gentle prodding to try darker images.  Below is the result.  I used techniques learned from reading the photography books by Bryan Peterson.   One such skill is to take the light reading to the side of the sun and ignore the camera's meter after you reposition.  I set the speed on 250 to freeze action, the aperature was f32 so that I could stay at the low ISO 200.  The low ISO and f32 allowed for the depth in color.  With my finger freezing the focus just to the side of the sun I moved slightly to the right pushing the shutter down as the sun came into view while also closing my eye.  When you shoot into the sun it is important to protect your vision by squinting and/ or closing your eye when the sun comes in view of the lens.  Note the sacred geometry in the snowflakes to the right.  You might think it is the sunbeam, and they might be. I cropped the first image to show that the typical green dots from a sunbeam on the left.  The last image was cropped to show the rainbow around two of the geometric shapes and one that is completely a rainbow of light. I hope this inspires your awe and compassion as you journey along life's trails.

This image has a better composition.  It's like looking down a rabbit hole of light.

The new order of light.  Everything's going to turn out alright.  Choose the light.

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Celebrating Snow In the south, where I live, snow is cause for celebration.  So what do we do when it snows? We stay home. Schools are cancelled. Work will send people home because if it sticks to the roads, no one will get home. We don't have the infrastructure to deal with snow on the roads. We don't have snow often enough to need it.    I love it because we get to play and then it goes away.

This day's snow was especially fun because it was a wet snow. The perfect snow for making snow persons: one snowman and one snowwoman. 

In the south, women dress their finest on special occasions.  Today was that day. With buttons for eyes (make-up implied), a guitar pick for her nose and of course, pearls.   She is a southern woman of snow.

You can see the ice mixed with snow.  That is usually how we get snow.  It is rain first and then it turns to snow.  And that is why it is really important to stay home.  The rain makes for black ice under the white stuff.  Even for drivers like myself who have experience driving in the snow, this snow gives you little to scrunch.  And truly, there aren't many things in life that can't take a one day later arrival date.  No matter what it is, stop, take a break, play in the snow and resume whatever it is ... tomorrow.

So here I am, with umbrella in hand to protect my camera (image by guest photographer, Jennifer Caulder) taking the pictures that follow this one.

And then there are the dogs...from white to brown!  Good thing I made them a place to stay warm and dry. (See my post entitled Working with Wood).  I can't bring them inside yet because they are both rescued dogs.  One is too shy.  One is too wild.  Having been with me now for 10 months, we have made large progress and I do enjoy their company.  But my goodness, they have fun running the fence but what a mess this is!






(Moments Photography by Sandy) celebration playing in snow snow snowman snowwoman south southern style Sat, 09 Dec 2017 02:08:55 GMT
Working with Wood Inflexible is the first word that comes to mind when I think of working with wood.  If your building a structure, which has consumed my time, that inflexibility is what gives your building strength.  You want to put up a wall and it stays up.  But in order for this to endure over time, another concept of square is extremely important.  Not only will your door or window not open and close easily if not built on a square but over time the structure will become lopsided due to the effects of gravity.  Now this might not be as evident if the structure only has posts and a few walls as the beginning space of my latest learning experience.  I've been visualizing this lean-to as a shed for years.  And fortunately it is close enough to square to work.  I'm told it's only an eighth of an inch off.  Good enough for me so I began.

Working with Wood - for blog post Nov 2017

This image looks like a clean start.  Oh, but the work that happened before this image took many days.  All the items collected within had to be moved into the yard and placed under tarps. The carpet that was put upon the ground to deter plant growth was removed.  Dirt and rocks were added to fill in low lying spots, and compacted.  And at this point a frame of cement pavers and wood have been place to begin the process of making a cement floor.  The floor consisted of 22 fifty pounds bags of quick cement dumped over some fencing I secured to the ground with stakes during the fourth week in October.  It is now three weeks later.  I'd love to have a complete "after picture" but that is not possible.  I did reach my goal and made an area for my two dogs and a cat to hang out and be dry and warm.  I needed this in place before Thanksgiving.  It is ready for them.  

This image is the same view as above.  When it is complete there will be a hanging barn door in the middle.

West facing.  The lawn mower goes in and out these doors.

East facing side of the She Shed.

This is a look inside the left door.  On the far end is the dog door.  I had to put an old chair under it because it was up so high.  The blue pillow is on a pallet that was raised so one dog could sleep up high.  It also provides a space for a dog to get under it as one likes to do when there is a thunder storm.  An additional pallet is on the floor with a cushion. Along with the dog house that is outside there are 4 places to sleep for the two dogs.  On the top shelf is a place for the cat.  I made shelves up high so he could walk around and not have to hang out with the dogs.

Here is a picture of the doors made for two thirds of the walls and one picture with part of the framing that had to be made. The man pictured is my neighbor whose experience, helping hand and tools were invaluable!  And the mess in the yard.


(Moments Photography by Sandy) building dogs kitty condo she shed Thu, 30 Nov 2017 21:59:02 GMT
When Less is More Oddly enough when you add the word less to a word it can mean more.  Maybe it's the two negatives make a positive rule. Like this: add less to limit and you have limitless.  I love the possibilities of limitless.  When I look up on a clear, dark night, I can feel the lack of limits.  Or when looking at the horizon of the ocean, my limits are less.  Limitless is how many two-year-old children act.  They do whatever fuels their brain.  Jump off a couch?  Sure.  Run full speed.  No reason not to.  But as adults, we put many limits on ourselves.  Some are taught. I hear people ask me my age when I tell them I'm working on recording my music.  Or, gee that's nice, what are you going to do with it?  Huh?! Well, I'm not going to answer that directly.  We will just see how it all evolves.  American Songwriter, the magazine sent me a t-shirt when I subscribed that has printed on it: Don't Let the Music Die In You.  I took it literally.  And have been working my way towards that end for awhile.  

Day 59Day 59Music is my love.

This image of me is by my good friend and professional photographer, Linda Williams taken at the Recovery Shack.  It's a place where much music has been made over the years.  Music is limitless.  Consider the many types, Consider the fact that there are only 7 notes.  No limits - limitless and countless makings of music with only seven notes.  Who would think?  And really that's all it comes down to is thinking.  If you think and follow through, you too can be limitless.  Or mostly so, I have found some limits, not with learning music but in building with wood.  I actually found that I had limits.  You can learn a lot about yourself when you hit a limit.  I learned to walk away and come back with a different plan.  Sometimes the plan is to have someone else do it.  That works too.  

(Moments Photography by Sandy) limitless love music making music Wed, 15 Nov 2017 13:44:49 GMT
Pearls or Cowboy Boots Pearls or Cowboy boots is a statement not a question.  Those two items were my go to items when I needed to be reminded that being positive in the midst of all that was going on was the best option.  So I would wear pearls to work.  Or I would wear my boots.  And sometimes I wore both. It didn't matter what else I was wearing.  I personally think pearls go with everything.  Just like the image below of this precious "pumpkin".


I have my reasons of course. Boots just feel strong.  I like the way they sound when I walk.  They make me feel like I can do any kind of work and do it well.  Peals are the epitome of something beautiful that was created over time by being an irritant.  Just that small piece of sand that developed into a lovely object.  And when I wear them I remember that these life events that might strain my nerves, will turn out okay if I remember to have a good attitude and "take the high road."  And I did take this road less traveled.  To get a good mental picture you need to know that I was a school teacher for twenty-six years.  I always got long looks when I adorned my chosen objects but that didn't concern me much.  What was important was how I acted and these two items helped me to stay on track.  In fact I stayed on track so much so that someone gave me a sail boat.  I named the boat Lizzy Pearl. (And later I adopted this as my stage name for my original music - fun, huh?)


Lizzy is short for Elizabeth, my favorite name (although I didn't use this to name my daughters) and in honor of the lizard I found on the boat after I got her home.  It took me over a year to clean up the boat and recondition the wood, make new cushion covers, get new lines... you get the idea.  But she is ship worthy and she is mine and it was a gift.  After all those daily irritations, I got a boat. A sail boat was a gift from someone who worked with my husband.  A boat?  How incredible!  I felt like it was my payback for doing the right thing all those many years. A sail boat that I can enjoy.  Wow!  I learned to sail as a young woman of 14 years.  And I spent many summers on a friend's sail boat while my girls were growing up.  Now I have my own boat to share with those same friends.  And that means I get to be on the water.  What beautiful thoughts!



(Moments Photography by Sandy) aggravation boots cowgirl karma pearls Tue, 07 Nov 2017 13:15:00 GMT
Eat Your Oats Nay, is only what horses say.  "So eat your oats!" I say.  I'll admit that I'm not fond of the sugary oatmeal packages that are so convenient.  It wasn't until I discovered the Steel Cut Oats that I became fond of oats.  Now, I eat them every day and who knew that oats were so packed with good stuff enough to call it a SUPER food?  I did not.  And if you did not, too, read on.  The links below have the information about oats. 

Science and Oats

Power of Positivity

Below the image is my recipe for Granola.  I love granola.  I don't love to pay the price at the store (and it's usually too sweet for my tastes) and this recipe will give you a tried and true formula that you can add or subtract from to make it anyway you might like.  On the cell phone is my recipe for Power Bars that have oatmeal.  You can find the recipe for that in my blog post from June 17, 2016 using this link:

Power Bar Recipe 


18 oz. old fashioned rolled oats; to make chunks: grind 2 cups into a flour using a Nutribullet or food processer

1 cup  dried fruit, any combination or selection 

1/4 c. chia seeds

1/4 c. sunflower seeds

1/2 c. chopped walnuts or nut of choice

1/2 tsp. cinnamon (boosts the metabolism, not enough to flavor it much; add more if you want a stronger taste)

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1/4 c. honey or half of a 1/3 cup of agave

1T - 3Tbs. coconut oil; If you want to have some granola chunks, double the oil and see the baking instructions below to NOT stir

1 tsp vanilla extract; Use the liquid, and add it to the coconut oil after it a cooled a bit or the powder to the dry ingredients

On the stove in a small sauce pan watch the coconut oil as it melts.  Take the pan off the stove as soon as it melts.  Add the honey or agave, and the vanilla extract if using the liquid.  You can put small dried fruit like raisins in the pan to plump up - optional, makes them so yummy.

In a large mixing bowl combine the oats, fruit, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts of choice, cinnamon and salt.  Add the liquid from the sauce pan to the dry ingredients little by little stirring until well mixed.

Place all of this in a cookie sheet with sides.  

Bake at 275 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Stir and rotate the pan at 15 minutes if you want a flaky granola. 

Only rotate the pan if you want flaky granola with chunks. Stir only after it cools.

Put granola in glass jars to maintain freshness.










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A Beast of a Beauty A beast of a beauty sounds like a judgment of a title.  But what does it mean? These days beast means that the girl is strong. In this case, strong and attractive.  Or would it imply that there is meanness packed into an image deemed pleasing to look upon?  Either one might ring with some truth dependent upon the thoughts and actions of the person.  We like to make comparisons and judgments.  Our brains like patterns.  Most everyone has some idea or opinion about what a female should or could act like and look like. This idea or belief system is learned.  We can continue the passed down ideas or we find a different way to think about what we are being taught.  I remember being taught to be modest and quiet.  Both were not easy for me.  I was taught to be giving.  I was always good at being sweet and still have a tendency to be ruled by the heart giving others thoughtful attention.  And yet, I was also taught that whatever I put my mind to, I could do.  Dad always said, "IF you think you can't, you're right, you can't. IF you think you can, you're right, you can."  You give it your all and you can call yourself a beast.  It's not a matter of perfection.  It's a matter of giving all of what you have, to the moment at hand.  Being in the moment and giving of yourself is beautiful.  Being in that place of trust where you can be vulnerable and show all that is you, is not for every moment nor every person.   It is for those people who have earned the trust to see all of you.  You are writing your own story. You aren't perfect.  You aren't meant to be. But if you own your story of light and darkness, "you get to write the ending" (Daring Greatly, Brene Brown) It's what makes you who you are at a given moment in time. To use your mind AND your heart is what makes a balanced woman.   The image says, "As one thinketh in his heart so is he."    When you put it all together, the heart is the beast. Your heart speaks in feelings and knowings.  The mind gives you words. Your thoughts become your actions and just as often, your actions become your thoughts.  You make your choices.  And your choices make you: beauty or beast, beauty and the beast, or beast of a beauty are some of the choices. 

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Men Soldier On

To soldier on means "to continue or persist, despite adversity or difficulty" by definition from Webster's Dictionary.  And many men do this.  We have this cultural expectation that at some point in a male's life the release of emotions is not thought of as "manly".  Men must armor themselves with a facade so as not to appear weak or afraid.  Feelings of sadness, worry, and grief, the "dark arts" are covered up.  Like the rusty, chained suit of armor found attached to an abandoned building along the back roads, it remains unmovable.  So like this "soldier" it rusts and remains unnoticed only to weigh down the individual all the more as it weathers over time.

Chained by the "unrelenting message: Do not be perceived as weak." (Daring Greatly by Brene Brown - this whole article comes from my interpretation and rewriting of her work on "How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead.")  We want to see our men as knights in shinning armor riding high on horses of noble lineage.  Really?  Do we really want our boys, teenagers, men, and or partners hiding away the feelings of their heart so we can live in a world romanticized in books and movies?  Or do we want to share in the stories that dwell within the human like the living book that they each are?  

To share these stores we all must dare to be seen.  We dare to reveal the person within that has emotions.  These emotions are ever changing.  In order to be seen, we must dare to be vulnerable.  This type of courage shows less fear than hiding behind the mask of "being a man about it".  This sharing and "owning our story" is not granted to all who would listen, as the cultural norms still exist.  This book within needs only to open with another who's trust has been earned while living life in the small moments, as trust is earned over time.

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A Murder of Crows Some sights make me stop and just watch.  On this particular day I saw this extremely large gathering of black birds.  I can't say that they were crows but knowing that a group of crows is called a murder, I fancy that's what this is.  

A murder of crows, a gaggle of geese. a congress of baboons all describe a group of animals.  We human animals have a tendency to gather in groups.  We are hard-wired for connections.  And getting together is what we humans do.  Sometimes these gatherings revel in a "Control Drama" of the Ego which reveals that many people are still living in the most primitive flight or fight syndrome.  With birds it's easy to observe. In the human animal the responses have more names for "the fight".  According to Deepak Chopra these names are intimidation, confrontation, argument, indifference, stubbornness, and manipulation ("How To Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want" by Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra).  Carlos Castaneda says that there are only three types of people in this control drama life.  The people are nice, nasty or indifferent. If you don't want to live this way, you have to pull yourself away from "the good opinion of others".

If you want to go beyond these types of responses, you need to understand that you can create a space between the stimulus and the response.  I first learned about this with Stephen Covey in his book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People".  He called using this space "pro-active" and described it as choosing your response instead of responding instantly.  Wayne Dyer calls this space "the witness".  You look at the situation with the eyes of an observer.  Deepak Chopra goes on to explain it as a way of looking without making labels, not judging it as good or bad, don't put any value on it or analyze it.

It's a practice that takes you away from the EGO (described as "Edging God Out" in the book "Lead Like Jesus").  Anything that isn't driven by the ego, is lead by the spirit.  That makes this a spiritual practice that gets easier to do when you practice.  Once you know there is another option, then you have to practice it to make it the default way of acting or reacting to any situation.  Practicing Yoga or any physical activity where you are involved in the movement of your body and focusing on your breathing and activity will help your mind learn to slow down.  Slowing or calming the mind is getting you to a place where you can observe, or witness what is going on, giving you the chance to really be in control of yourself.

Remind yourself:  I choose ease.  I choose peace.  I choose joy.  (Lesson from "Your Spacious Self" by Stephanie Bennett Vogt




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Blowing In the Wind

Bob Dylan wrote, "...Yes, and how many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free?
Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn't see?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind"

Blowin' in the wind, he says.  Use that blowing wind, I say, because within the quiet of the mind, a voice guides.  When thoughts come up, observe them as if it is a movie or cartoon.  Don't judge them as good or bad.  Don't decide if you should have them or not not.  Look at them.  Feel them in their entirety. And then you can let them go.  Letting Go is like blowing in the wind.  Once you are able to let go of these events that come up, more will come up to be released.  Let them go, too.  They need to go.  They don't serve you anymore.  Only what is in your best interest in your highest level of love and light can stay.  (For more detailed information see the book of the same title: Letting Go by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.d

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Cornbread Dressing Cornbread Dressing was a new food for me when I came to the South in the 1980's.  My favorite meal of the year has always been Thanksgiving for the turkey, dressing, green beans, cranberry salad and pumpkin pie. The last two listed were made by my Grandma Jester and nobody makes it any better, unless they are using her recipe.  The recipe and a fortitude to follow it makes all the difference in the world, come tasting time.  So I asked my man how he makes cornbread dressing.  All the dressing I had ever had with Thanksgiving faded away when I tasted cornbread dressing. First you'll need the recipe for cornbread in an earlier blog post:


Thankfully you won't be using all of the two pans of cornbread to make the dressing.  There will be just enough for dinner the night you make the cornbread. You can actually make the cornbread the night before you make the cornbread dressing. So make two pans of cornbread then read on....

Ingredients: onion, celery, butter, cream of chicken/celery/or mushroom soup (only 1 can, choose), 1 egg, and 1 tsp. fresh sage (really, get some fresh sage for this cornbread). 2 pans of cornbread, 9"x13" pan

Saute the 2 stalks of celery cut into small pieces and cook in the pan with butter until they soften a bit.  Then add in the diced onions and cook until the onions become transparent. Remove from the heat.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl crumble up one and a half pans of cornbread (you get half of one pan for dinner.  So be sure you have your vegetables on low simmer while you are making the cornbread dressing mixture).  Add in the cream of soup of your choice, 1 egg (already beaten), 1 tsp. sage, a bit of salt and pepper.  Mix it but not too much.  It should be a liquid like texture.

Cook until brown, 30-45 min.

It's relatively simple to make.  It tastes fancy.  It's so delicious. 


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Cornbread Comforts  

It is said that a recipe starts with a list of ingredients.  I would not agree.  A recipe starts with a yummy thought of eating something that brings pleasure to the senses.   Anyway. that's how it starts in my world.  I think about the yummyness (I know this is a made up word.  It doesn't look right if I change the y to an i, so forgive me) of cornbread and how it comforts my senses.  It gives the sense that time is forever the "now feeling" of being in a warm kitchen with the smells of corn and vegetables lingering as they are slowly absorbed from my nose to my gut.  If you know what I mean, you are more than ready for the list of ingredients below and a few words for the how to part...

As seen you'll need an iron skillet smothered in vegetable shortening.  Yes, you can still buy this at the store, (Crisco makes it) in the south anyway. 

In a bowl, put 2 cups of White Lily: Enriched White Cornmeal Mix, Self-Rising.  The recipe is on the side of the package (except the part under the first picture, which is a southern secret).  You can substitute but don't complain if your cornbread doesn't look like the last picture. The package does say "Crisco Original No-Stick Cooking Spray." No doubt someone paid them to put it there.  See note in parenthesis for recommendations by this "Army Brat" that found the best tasting cornbread makers to get this yum written down. You will also need 1 egg, 1/4 c. vegetable oil, and 1 1/2 c. Buttermilk.  Buttermilk makes the best bread.  Milk is a second best, because it's better than no cornbread.  But Buttermilk really does make the best bread.

Stir all the ingredients with a fork.  Allow the mixture to be somewhat lumpy. Pour this into the iron skillet.  There is a debate if you need to put the iron skillet in the oven while it preheats or pour the batter into a cold skillet.  Both methods work well.  I prefer the heated pan because I love the thin crusted edge it makes all around the bottom of the bread.

Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minuets, give or take 5-10 minutes.  And oh, that does look like a good beginning for some cornbread.  I just might have to make some more after writing and viewing this post. Shear yum.  The peas are from the garden and are cooking while the bread cooks.  Below, the bread is cut so you can view the bottom of the bread on the left and the piece to the right is how the top side of the bread looks.  How the bread tastes is left for you to describe after you make some of your own.  Within the next week I promise to extend this blog with another post using this cornbread recipe as the start to cornbread dressing.  I have always loved dressing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But, I had no idea how much more I would love dressing when I moved south and had cornbread dressing.  It's not hard to make once you can make cornbread.  And it is beyond good to eat. (Keep your eye out for some fresh Sage to use in the next recipe of cornbread dressing.)

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Pumpkin Faces Sand art

Faces make a statement.  There was a time when I carried a pumpkin face on the clipboard I carried every where while on the job.  It was there to remind me that I needed to wear a "pumpkin" face with a smile.  Not like the one in the image, although I felt inside more like what it looks like. 


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Supersized is Not Super Supersized chair in Dr office. We sat comfortably together.

It's kinda like adding just a little more changes it.  And it does.  It's called super size for that reason I suppose.  Supersize this meal and you may as well supersize everything else to go with it.  The chair above is a size bigger.  It is definitely super sized.  My daughter and I could both sit in the chair easily.  Although we are wearing smiles in the picture, it is not a laughing matter.  These chairs were found in the doctor's office for sleep disorders (although I have also seen the size difference in the public restrooms lately).  That being a circle story: weight can interfere with sleep and lack of sleep can increase your weight.  How about we just super size the word super by adding the letter "p", then it will be supper and that would explain the extra size!?

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Four Plus Three Equal Seven And Peaceful Easy Feelings Breath is the process of life.  And it is in the very process of breathing with intention that can be used to change everything.  It's simple and profound: Breathe in four counts.  Hold this breath for 3 counts.  Exhale for 7 counts.  Repeat.  

This simple act of controlled breathing changes how your body lives, operates and feels. It will calm the body, senses, nerves, emotions, blood pressure and more.  Make it a daily practice.  You'll certainly notice immediate results if you do this under duress or at the next meeting while someone else is exhibiting stress. Change your body with breath.  Change your life by your own design. Breathe.


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Dragonflies Extraordinaire Dragonflies frequent my life.  They remind me that life is magical, to see through the illusion of life and remember that this is a spiritual journey.  Focus on your spirit as it is lived through the experiences of the body.  Live happy and healthy.  Be joyful and grateful.  These habits will help your spirit soar like the dragonfly.

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Dream on a Wing Dreams are personal.  It's yours.  You don't need approval.  Just belief, you need to believe.  You don't even have to tell your dream.  At some point when you are strong you can choose to share it.  It doesn't matter what "they say".  I have found that when I focus on my own energy and deliver my dream of sharing my music in a manner that satisfies my own feelings, others feel it too. 

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Be a Fork In a world where so many people seem to prefer being spoon fed their health by trusting all doctors, I am a fork.  I am mostly interested in making myself feel fine.  I ask questions. I notice how my body responds.  Most doctors are also trying to make me feel better, but they don't want to talk about the decision.  Their strength lies in a prognosis and prescription.  It took me getting recurrent sinus problems and being shot repeatedly with steroids to begin my journey of choice.  This was "back in the day' before the internet.  It wasn't easy to find information, never mind I was teaching school and raising two children. So to make a visit to the library in hopes of finding such information really wasn't on "the list".  And I really didn't need research or a specialist degree to recognize that I gained 6 pounds every time this scenario played out.  

When I mentioned my weight gain and steroid association to the doctors, I was corrected, ridiculed, ignored and even tricked.  I had learned enough to pick out shots that had a steroid by the name.  Even though I told them not to give me a steroid, they did.  How did I know?  Oh, the symptoms were easy to pick out.  I couldn't sleep (mind you I went because I was sick, so this detail is miserable enough), and I gained more weight.  There was an alternative medicine doctor in town who allowed me to look up the name and yes, it did have a steroid in it.  I called the office and told them to destroy my records as I wouldn't be needing their services any more.  

Flash forward, and we find that it is now common knowledge to gain weight from steroids.  I have finally been able to verbalize the difference between going to the doctor and the practice of healing the body.  A doctor may give you something to treat the symptoms that you express.  You may heal or you may just cover up the symptoms.  That doesn't make the doctor a healer.  A doctor treats the symptoms.  To heal you may need to use nutrition and or change your life style.  

The body wants to heal and can be a powerful machine, given support.  It really is your choice.  Doctors are not trained in nutrition to support the body to heal.  Most are classically trained to diagnose and treat.  It is what it is.  You can't know what you don't know.  So it's not the doctor's fault they don't know nutrition.  They didn't have time to go find the research on nutrition while studying what they were told to study.  I have to say that in my newest research to help my mother heal from cancer, I am finding that these studies do exist and there are doctors who have learned about healing.  Some date back to the 1940's.  If your interested in how nutrition can help you, watch these movies on Netflix, "Food Matters" and "Forks Over Knives".  Next week I'll be taking one more step towards my own healing by following the "Hot Belly Diet", a book using Ayurveda  medicine.  The "medicine" is food.  This way of eating will reset my metabolism and help heal the digestion problems that have caused a thyroid issue.  It can also turn back diabetes.  Both illnesses caused by the digestion system.  The doctor could give me a way to manage the body symptoms.  Or I can choose to change my diet, modify life patterns and cure the problem.  Again, choice.

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Simple as a Daisy Simple as a daisy.  A daisy is not really simple.  It is actually two flowers in one.  The white that encircles the cluster of yellow, each technically a flower of its own.  Well, that's not really complicated, but it's not really simple.  Yet it does have a pleasing simplicity in its design.  I like daisies.  They are in every part of the world except Antarctica.  I found these daisies in someone's front yard and made myself at home one day to photograph.  Some days you just have to make a picture and that's the priority.  I even put some daisies on the jean jacket.  Yes, I found some time to visit and make pretties with thread.

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Light Changes Everything   Love changes everything.  Light changes everything.  Love is from the light.  Light breaks up the dark.  Love breaks out of the heart and heals the mind with feelings, not words.  Light shines and the appearance reveals differences.  Differences can be good.  It's not as if one is better or worse on a continuum .  Observe. Reflect. Accept. Be light.  This world is full of light.  You are given the choice to choose light or not.  Light is the opposite of heavy.  We can all live in light, love, peace and harmony.  It is all of the light.  It feels good.  I'm there.  I hope you'll join this tribe.


Different levels of light - different, that's all.  Embrace differences.  Take home what you need.  Allow others the same.  It's really that simple.




Silence stops the noise.

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Lemons Love Life

Sometimes when you are in the midst of turmoil in a life changing experiences, a breakthrough like the sun parts the fog, and appears.  This appearance came in an email that explained the benefits of lemons.  Lemons, the fruit fashioned in color like the sun is a killer of cancer and thus dons the title “Lemons Love Life”.  It’s a small package of large impact.  Here are the facts as I know them:


 In the morning, put lemons in warm water to drink before breakfast.  This will hydrate your body and flush out toxins.  It increases digestion and liver functions.  It regulates blood pressure and bowel movement.  It battles inflammation, reduces joint pains and fights cancer by keeping the body alkaline.  Whew – and so much more… Here's a link to more information from David Wolfe's website.

Additionally, you can add lemons throughout the day.  Especially if you are in a battle with cancer, the simple process below may be just what your body needs to get healthy again.  Lemons are alllegedly 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy.  


During the day, you can add lemons in cooking and drinking.  I got this information in an email from the website: The Hearty Soul.  If you subscribe to,  you’ll receive a download with even more information about lemon, garlic, honey and how to use them for healing properties.  Here is the website.  I’ll summarize it below.

Take lemons, wash them and cut them in half to get the seeds out.  Then freeze them.  You then take them from the freezer to grind them up with the peeling intact.  Put this ground up lemon in ice cube trays to freeze for use later. I added a little water to the blender to make it easier to grind up.  The ice cube trays pictured are flexible and are smaller than regular ice cube trays.  That is good because the flavor is more intense than just a squeezed lemon, so you don't need much.   I put one in water and let it melt.  Then I added ice to make a cool, refreshing beverage.  If I didn't eat the lemon along the way I could make another 24 oz. container of water and still have the lemon taste.  Goodness and Good-bye to toxins and cancer!  

If your taste buds prefer a lighter version, try infusing water with lemon slices and letting it set for 3 hours.  This makes a drink that replaces electrolytes (#11 in article below). Check out the recipes in the article listed below and the science behind the healthy habit of lemons.  And remember to also drink plain water as noted in the negative side effects at the end of the article (really, it's not bad...just keep in mind your choices.)

Photography inspired by an online class with





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Mom's Kitchen and a Recipe for Power Bars

Mom's kitchen and a recipe, begins this journey of compiling, mixing and baking.  This is Carol's kitchen, designed by her and my Dad, the engineer.  Among the new modern machines like blenders, pull out drawers and gadgets, lie the remnants of times past.   There are milk bottles that used to be collected off the back porch. The towel is cross-stitched "Carol's Kitchen", by my mother. The recipe box and bowl in the image are from her mother.  Great Grandma's sifter sits on the shelf, as does the butter churn.  My task at hand is to meld the old, ie: natural ingredients with the new, ie: protein powers, quinoa, and chia seeds in a way that is really not new at all.  It just takes time.  And our priorities for using time have shifted away from baking to buying.  I'm finding that so many of the new ways of eating have not served us well.  As my body has aged, it is less likely to tolerate certain foods namely: almonds, soy, milk, sugar and eggs.  This limits my ability to purchase packaged foods.  However, with Pinterest to the rescue and a bit of persistence and determination, I have made a refined recipe to my liking.  Each time I make it I change the fruit or nuts so I have never lost interest in making or eating these Power Bars for breakfast.  I present the most recent edition of my recipe below and a picture of how I brought that recipe from my home (on Google Drive), 800 miles away to make it in Mom's kitchen.





Power Bars by Sandy Gates, adapted from Camilla

1/4 c. quinoa into 1 cup of water: bring to boil, reduce heat to medium and cook on the stove for 12 minutes

While the quinoa cooks combine the items below into a large bowl:

1/3 c. chopped nuts, choose any you like.  I use walnuts, and/or pecans

1/3 c. more nuts, same or different

1/4 c. rolled or steel oats

1/4 c. protein power, your choice.  I use pea protein, vanilla (some brands have sugar, so check ingredients)

1/4 c. coconut flour, unsweetened

1/4 c. chia seeds *see note below

By the time you have put all the ingredients in a bowl, the quinoa should be cooked.  Turn off the heat.  To this pot on the stove add:

2 Tbs. coconut oil

1/2 tsp. salt

(* you can add the chia seeds to the quinoa mixture if you like a dough like power bar; I really like to do this.)

Optional: add raisins and let them plump up before you cool down the mixture with the milk below.

1 c. unsweetened milk, I like coconut or hemp; after the milk is added, (almond milk is fine here for those who want/can) it will be cooled enough to add the following ingredients that are heat sensitive and can be damaged by high heat.  A little warmth is okay.

2 Tbs. raw honey, or agave if you want to keep the recipe all plant based

1 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. cinnamon

Other options: dates, cocoa bits; etc.

350 degree oven, 20-25 minutes; After cool, cut into 10 bars

Bars will keep 4 days at room temp., 1-2 week in refrigerator, 4 months in freezer.  I usually keep a few out to each fresh.  I then put the cut bars on an aluminum pie pan and put them directly in the freezer for awhile. I take them off the pie pan and put them into a plastic bag.  Now that they are individually frozen I can take them out as needed.  I keep one bar in the refrigerator in a container, ready to eat for breakfast.  In the morning I put the power bar in the toaster oven.  I then replace the container in the refrigerator with one from the freezer.  By the next morning it is ready to be eaten.  And the circle continues.  Yum.

To save time, make a double batch, using a 9x13" pan.  This makes 20 bars.

Photography composition inspired by Kim online photography class.

Macros: protein 11.61, fat 18.2 (walnuts = 10 of the 18), carbs. 26.97, calories 357.9





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LGBTQ Official Flower  

There is so much talk these days about LGBTQ, in part and as a whole.  I'm glad that this talking is in the mainstream.  We need to talk.  Talking is the only way that differences in thinking can be recognized, expressed and potentially understood.  Along those lines, there is a difference in thinking about the flowering plant clover, that I would recommend to represent a parallel analogy and suggest as the official flower.


The clover is a beautiful flower to some, to others it is considered a nuisance and should be eradicated by any number of methods.  Like these LGBTQ individuals that live with and among us, the leaves of the clover blend in well with the grass and travels under and over the existing foliage. Sometimes you don’t even notice the clover until it blooms.  These blooms come in different colors like purple, red and white.  Red clover is medicinal having healing properties for the blood.  I drank it for nearly a year after being bitten by a brown recluse spider to cleanse the blood and organs from the hidden poison from this bite, but that is another story for another blog post.  My point is that like this group of people, they are among us.  They always have been.  Perhaps you've only noticed now because of the bold "flowers" that have risen in society, unwilling to be ignored.  These “flowers” as people have learned to love themselves just as they are and now are willing to embrace this within the culture. 

As flowers in nature, clover are picked by children and given to loved ones.  The leaves and stems make a beautiful crown or headdress for creative play. Endless time can be spent looking for that special leaf, unlike the others, called the four leaf clover.  And like its close cousin, the mistaken dandelion, an herb with healing properties for all its parts, which when allowed to bloom, mature and go to seed, the flower is used to make a wish.  The child blows the seeds and they are sent into the field with the potential of manifesting something wanted.  Imagine the correlation, these special people, these four leaf clovers, which have matured and now claim their place openly with mostly the simple wish of love.

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Three on a Chair Have props - can move...gather some props and a chair.  You can go anywhere.  Or don't go anywhere and leave the chair right where it is.  You'll need some light, a side light is nice.  Here's one of the chair.  And then I start making all kinds of combinations.  So I start, I ramble and eventually, I clean up.




(Moments Photography by Sandy) picture a day props still life Wed, 01 Jun 2016 02:54:06 GMT
Eggs and Chickens So first we have eggs.  Like seeds, it is said that there lies the potential for an entire forest in one seed.  Now, let's go back to the egg.  Which came first may never be answered.  But while listening to Deepok Chopra, he said the the word for yogi, yoga, and yolk come from the same root, meaning the unification of body, mind, soul, spirit and environment.  Maybe egg is too simplified of a word to contain a yolk.  It definitely sounds more important than the word chicken.  I don't know.  I have no final answer.

Eggs for Sale

Eggs and chicken wire

I am so thrilled when animals will get close to me.  

Mother Hen? No, fake eggs, shhh

(Moments Photography by Sandy) chickens eggs still life which came first Sun, 29 May 2016 03:14:36 GMT
To Post Production or Not To Post production to digital photography is what the dark room was for film.  Only it's so much easier to access and play with.  The process is endless.  Below are two images.  The first has some post production for maximizing what you can do to match what you see with your eyes.  Cameras cannot capture all that you see without a bit of adjustment.  It is all in the digital image.  But you have to pull out and push back areas to create the balance you are looking for.  The second image uses a preset designed by  

A weed? I think not.

Preset from

(Moments Photography by Sandy) Sat, 28 May 2016 03:03:07 GMT
Art of Pumpkin I was obsessed with pumpkins last fall.  After trying for 5 years to get pumpkins to grow, I finally had one!  The seeds were acquired from my husband's Uncle Forest.  He was known for years and miles around for his large, edible pumpkins.  I wanted to keep the seeds and tradition alive.  So I tried.  And I tried.  And then I put some in little cups to watch and water and baby along.  It worked! The beautiful little seeds sprouted just in time to go on vacation with me.  Yes, I took them with me.  I knew I was going to be gone a week.  It was worth it.  I eventually learned the meaning of jumping for joy.  In reality, I had given up on getting any pumpkins.  After I put them in the garden and vines grew and grew. but that is all.  I looked for a pumpkin to grow, and I looked and looked and looked.  I finally quit looking.  One day I caught a glimpse of the green ball growing and jumped up clapping my hands before I had time to think.  Eventually I had a 33.3 lb pumpkin.  It was large.  It was beautiful.  And this year I'm going to do it all over again.

These pumpkins are store bought and arranged to imitate art - paintings.

Still life imitates art of still life or vice versa?!

Here's a glimpse of my pumpkin...

33.3 lb pumpkin - I was a farmer for Halloween so I could put it in a radio flyer and show it off!

Inspired by class called "Be Still" for still life photography.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) art imitating life growing pumpkins healthy habits still life Sat, 28 May 2016 02:53:55 GMT
Change to Stay the Same I made a change.  It helped me to know that I still haven't changed.  Sometimes it's just alright to like the same thing over and over.  You like it every time, like my Aunt's potatoes and noodles.  I know, potatoes and noodles, really?  Strange, it's one of those things I changed.  Ok, I'll try it.  I liked it.  Now, I love it.  We call those foods, comfort foods.  Food can bring comfort.  Flowers always bring comfort and joy, with less calories.  But if I'm going for it all.  Make it roses and cheesecake and time to photograph it first.

Mother's Day roses bloom every year, just in time...and cheesecake.

Never tried still life? Check out 

(Moments Photography by Sandy) beauty comfort foods still life Sat, 28 May 2016 02:31:53 GMT
Bread of Life Bread is life.  To be more precise, it was life.  Bread that sustains life has nutrients.  It has fiber.  The taste generates a natural saliva upon entering the mouth.  That is not what is on the shelf in most stores.  But there is hope.  Artisan Bread is worthy.  It takes us back to the state of natural wellness that food is meant to be.  No preservatives, no additives are needed.  A pleasure for the mouth and its travels through the body.  

Let us break bread together.

The image below has very little post production.  The image that follows uses a preset designed by  She also offers online classes.

I want a slice of life, shown here.

A feel as Pavlov's dogs...

(Moments Photography by Sandy) bread bread of life healthy habits still life Fri, 27 May 2016 13:16:43 GMT
Gather, Drop, Arrange and Shoot A collection of found objects and stuff.

Gather, drop, arrange and shoot pictures.  In the age of digital photography what a joy it is that you aren't limited to only a few clicks.  Now we can take as many pictures as we want.  Back in the film days, I was limited to my cash flow.  Today I can look and see in an instant the image in the camera.  Back then, I had to take notes to match with images.  It might be weeks or months before I finished a roll of film and had it developed.  Above is a collection of mostly found objects while walking the neighborhood.  Below is a simple placement of a leaf on an antique chair.  Both have a mood and a place and time to be my preference.

Leaves in fall

(Check out for photography prompts, textures, presets, online classes and more.)

(Moments Photography by Sandy) leaves in fall still life Fri, 27 May 2016 03:16:43 GMT
Pumpkins and Pie, Oh My! Oh my, I love pumpkin pie.  I've loved it all my life.  I didn't know how excited I would be to grow a pumpkin and make it into a pie.  

Here's my 33.3 lb. pumpkin...

Homemade pumpkin

And here is a gem: my grandmother's pumpkin pie recipe.  I actually made this pumpkin pie with honey.  It was quite good.

Grandma Jester's recipe.

"Southern Living" fall magazine for 2015 had a recipes for their pumpkin cookbook.  I now have a new favorite and it's a surprise: pumpkin lasagna.  I used spinach instead of kale, and it is now a family keeper.

(Organic - photo prompt for, "Be Still" online class.)

(Moments Photography by Sandy) lasagna pumpkin pie pumpkins still life Fri, 27 May 2016 02:48:47 GMT
Still Life - Family Portraits P.Holley wanted to live by the sea. Now in free floating the seas, she is a mermaid.

Life changes.  Everything is life changes.  Changes are the constant in life.  I know these things, but in the knowing I am still shaken sometimes.  My Seoul mate, whom I met in Seoul, Korea is now just that - a soul.  Her body left this Earth last May.  She had many more things on her bucket list.  Many of those things involved travel.  Her many friends have continued the journey of her body by traveling to far places and far flinging her ashes.  I was one of those friends.  We went to the beach. We finally went to the beach.  It was a most magical time.  A hawk flew with me to the water.  Pelicans put on a show of synchronicity that I was able to record on video.  It was an overcast day, so we had the place to ourselves.  Just her and my best friend of many decades and I were walking the beach.  Some of her now rests beneath the white sands, and some of her resides in places the ocean has taken her. 

(Image inspired by "Be Still" class by

(Moments Photography by Sandy) Seoul mates ashes still life Fri, 27 May 2016 01:54:56 GMT
I Like Tea and Roses Apple Rose for tea time.

Milk and cookies? (Milk and Cookies is the photo prompt for the image making class: Not today, today I would like to have some tea with my apple rose muffin. Ummm, yum!

You slice apples as thinly as possible and sprinkle with cinnimon.  The using store bought croissant dough, you roll the apple slices and put them into a muffin tin.  When I return home, I'll find the exact details and print them here.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) apple rose still life tea time Fri, 27 May 2016 01:33:50 GMT
Using Prompts as Inspiration Kim Klassen dot com ( is a website that has been my "go to" for inspiration.  Her ability to make images that generate emotions I like to revisit keep me coming back.  Currently I am trying to finish up a project I signed up for in December of 2014.  I planned to spend the year of 2015 learning new ways to play with images in post production and develop a style for "still life".  My plans were averted for personal and family priorities.  Again I sit on the couch 800 miles away from home, because my home is not the priority for the next few weeks.  I hope that this is the first of many posts over the next five days, as that is all the time left for my session with Kim Klassen and her "Be Still" class.  Her online class includes prompts, inspirational posts, informative videos, and lovely textures and presets.  She is still teaching and I encourage you to check out her style, that inspired mine.

Prompts: Laundry Time, Cuppa, Quiet Corner, Nature's Bounty

Laundry Day

Cuppa tea and honey - yes, please.

My quiet, creative corner of the world.

Pink eyed, Purple Hull peas - Nature's Bounty

(Moments Photography by Sandy) inspirations laundry prompts quiet spaces still life Fri, 27 May 2016 01:06:43 GMT
Nature's Way Nature has a way of doing that encompases all of us, like it or not.  Again we hear the media tell us that the "El Nino" is the reason for the change in weather.  I'm hoping others are recognizing that what we are being told doesn't match what our picture window and inner self show us.  Nature is.  And I love to look at it in all its states of changes.  I can walk the same path repeatedly and notice differences all the time.  Many times I bring home various gatherings of objects from nature and manmade to create a new still life or adornment.  Precious stones?  Possibly not, but precious none the less to me.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) El Nino changes nature still life stones Mon, 28 Dec 2015 22:35:29 GMT
Holidays the Write Way Write On... the power of writing is still that...powerful!

Racing through the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year the write way: "a proven way to slow down is writing down your thoughts and feelings in longhand, on paper. The ritual is an effective way for you to analyze situations creatively and to stay centered during difficult times. 'The beauty of writing is that it allows you to capture your creative thoughts,' says Richard Quis, co-author of "Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief." - Ted Spiker, AARP Dec. 2015/Jan 2016

Ride OnWrite On - every day

(Moments Photography by Sandy) centered slow down write thoughts Tue, 22 Dec 2015 14:15:01 GMT
Still Life and Real Life After a mandatory "sit and reflect" time dictated by my vericose veins in February, I have learned greater balance in my daily activities.  I now plan my day keeping in mind which activities require high energy followed by activities with less movement.  Now after three surgeries and more than 6 months after beginning a class called "Be Still 52" c/o I have been able to return to this endeaver.  My plan was to work on a class a day.  This idea of being still works well with my new life planning.  I use this class as my "down time".  My hope is to get 4 classes done in a week.  On this day I set up a number of still life ideas to cover several lessons because I am a Global Learner that responds well to knowing the end before I begin.  Below I am enjoying my corner of the world and pausing to enjoy the props.

Activity today: Farmers' Market 

Before the above image - props in place of local honey and green tea, yum.


(Moments Photography by Sandy) balance beat cancer healthy habits real life still life Sun, 27 Sep 2015 02:38:04 GMT
Be Still 52 A journey of 52 weeks is a year, no matter when you begin.  I choose to take a year long journey of making images with a focus on creating images that have a calm appeal.  The class is lead by Kim Klassen - visit her website: to see her transformations of images.  

Below is week 12.  The prompt was pretty pastels and it coincided with the time of year when pastel eggs don the stores.  I, however, am playing catch-up.  More about me in later posts.  Below is an image I entitled "Tea Time".  



(Moments Photography by Sandy) be still 52 image a day picture a day tea time Sun, 27 Sep 2015 01:54:47 GMT
Ebb and Flow of Love I define love as the ability to appreciate something or someone without the expectation of anything in return.  Your essence is love.  Whether you embrace that part of you is much of your journey in life.  How people deal with this love of self and others can be as different as the two images below.  The image is the same but the change made to the exposure of light is the only difference.  May you always live in the light/love or return as soon as possible.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) beauty love quote rose Wed, 23 Sep 2015 15:13:15 GMT
Dark Mood - Create Balance We are human beings.  Anything that ends with -ing usually means there is something happening.  Maybe you are creating, making, sleeping, or any number of activities.  This year I have learned a lot about the first part of the word being.  And it emplies that you don't have to do anything.  It was forced upon me because I had veins in my legs that limited the -ing, so I had to learn to just be.  Now that the veins have been fixed and I'm healing very nicely I can choose my own limitations or not. I am trying to create a balance that keeps the scale from tipping too far in any one direction.  It's a good plan, I think.  And every plan in my life usually comes with a Plan B, more often times than not ends up being the chosen path.  (Below is another approach to the image above, and I rather prefer the softer look.)


(Moments Photography by Sandy) create balance image a day picture a day Tue, 22 Sep 2015 20:07:26 GMT
An Apple A Day Keeps the Dr at Bay What's old is new again.  Just like fashion, many aspects of life seems to "have their day" only to recede into background and then once again come back into the light.  Along with the back to natural trend that is happening in many areas of people's lives, I have also been reunited with a small book I ordered from the Farmers' Almanac called "Apple Cider Vinegar."  It turns out that having some of three items pictured below will help out a lot.  And it tastes like a Granny Smith Apple drink to me. I toast, "To my health," and drink it down.  Here is a list of the benefits:

  1. Every day: I use - 1 T honey (an antioxidant), 3 tsp. ACV, and 1 c. water  I do this twice a day (see #14); book recipe 2 T honey, 2 tsp ACV, glass of water  (I use less honey because honey has so many charbohydrates and I prefer tart to sweet)
  2. Restore energy and combat fatigue and insomnia - 1 c. honey, mix in 2 T of apple cider vinegar.  Store in a wide mouthed jar.  Take a couple of teaspoons before going to bed.  If needed take 1 more tsp a half hour later.
  3. Research by D.C. Jarvis, M.D. "Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health" states that its high potassium content promotes cell, tissue and organism growth. It is also high in other minerals associated with good health - phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, and silicon and trace minerals.  The healing power is activated by the apple cider vinegar.
  4. Regulates blood pressure
  5. Compacts plaque and fatty deposits in the blood vessels
  6. Helps strengthens the heart
  7. Healthy digestion
  8. Treatment for food poisoning
  9. Keep the kidneys and bladder functioning properly
  10. Lowers bad cholesterol levels
  11. Stabilizes blood sugar
  12. Controls the appetite
  13. Weight loss (1 1/2 lbs. a week) 
  14. Combat fatigue. To battle fatigue, take the recipe listed in #1 above between meals, (it will also curb your appetite and cravings)
  15. Relieve arthritis by dissolving calcium deposits and flushing harmful toxins and crystals from joints, tissues and organs
  16. Conducive to the proper oxidation of the blood
  17. Kills infectious viruses
  18. Contains chemicals that are valuable cancer fighters
  19. Soothes sunburn and maintains healthy skin
  20. Ends dandruff and prevents itching scalp, dry hair and baldness
  21. Helps sinus, asthma, and flu suffers breathe easier
  22. Relieves sore throats and laryngitis
  23. Prevent and reverse memory loss

Dr. Jarvis recognizes three type of sickness - those caused by bacteria, those by parasite and the "energy diseases".  The energy diseases are caused when the body doesn't know how to shut down.  The diseases caused include high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, allergies, asthma, migraine headaches, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Drinking the apple cider vinegar (ACV) mixture helps the body shift its chemistry from preparing for constant battle, to allowing the body get to the business of building and storing the reserves it may need one day in the future.

Disclaimer, you are an adult and in making any decisions on your own behalf, you are responsible for your choices.  The information above has helped me and is the only reason I share it here.  To bring down my triglycerides I added some oil of garlic to the ACV mixture.  I also included milk thistle and CoQ10 with my daily supplement intake - my numbers came down from 299 to 64 in two months.  So that has me excited and I'll be toasting to my health with ACV from now on!

Day 20Apple Cider Vinegar - Raw - UnfilteredAn apple a day - to cure many of today's energy dis-eases. We do too much for too long and the body needs extra help to recover. This is my new resource.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) Dr Bragg apple cider vinegar beat cancer healthy habits Sat, 05 Sep 2015 21:26:53 GMT
Today and Every Day - I Make Pictures In June 2014, I decided to join the image posting community on Instagram.  At the time I thought I would make a picture a day.  After sharing this information, I was met with resistance.  People who love me thought I might once again be adding on to my already full life.  That wasn't as much of a deterant as the privacy invasion you have to allow for the app.  So I wained.  I eased back into posting on Instagram because it was fun and I decided that noone else really had any need for checking in on my phone history - really!  Recently, a fellow photographer tagged me in a facebook post about a person who had done just that: someone made a blog about taking a picture each day.  So I started the next day, May 28th. This time I am making myself accountable by posting on my website in a gallery entitled the same as this blog post.  Here's to the next year... You can click on the "View Gallery" link on the upper right if you'd like to look at the comments I made for each image or if you'd like to view the pictures but don't want to start at Day 1.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) daily image a day picture a day Mon, 08 Jun 2015 21:15:44 GMT

Webster describes the word pageant to mean a mere show or pretense.  It also describes it to be ostentatious, or displaying wealth, knowledge, etc., in a way that is meant to attract attention, admiration, or envy.  Many times the word beauty precedes the word pageant when giving a title to the event.  There is no way this pageantry display can ever show the beauty of the love shown here between two sisters.  They both participated in their first pageant and walked away with the same honors.  The youngest also got an award for the best hair.  She insisted that this trophy should be on her head (it has an image of a tiara).  So her Mom used her finger to keep the prize on her head.  And I used Photoshop to get rid of her finger.  These are my Godchildren.  The pictures were taken in my front yard and the studio pictures were taken on the back porch. (You can view the gallery of pictures by clicking on the image above.)

(Moments Photography by Sandy) beauty love pageant pageantry sisterly love Tue, 05 May 2015 21:51:51 GMT
Celebrations of Milestones Woooh - I'm flying!

Celebrations of life are some of life's treasures.  We make an event to document a moment in time.  It's the end of something and the beginning of something else.  Food, fun and pictures. Done. Really? Yeah - it can be that simple.  (Pictured - Year 1 of this young man's life.  Click on the image to view the gallery of photos.)

(Moments Photography by Sandy) celebrations life love simple Wed, 29 Apr 2015 03:28:53 GMT
It Is What It Is What do you see? There is more to see when you look. And there is always the unseen.

Life is personal.  "Life is not a journey you take alone."  If you are a person and even if you're an animal, life is still about the journey of time here on Earth, for now.  In my experiences I have come to know that there is much more unseen that also intertwines in our lives.  Sometimes these forces are like shadows in the reflection of this picture.  It's a undercurrent of love that helps to propel us.  Sometimes its the opposing force like a propaganda given to us in school, taught to us as if it is a truth.  The food pyramid is my current research project.  I've never agreed with the formula.  My body would give me pains for certain foods so as an adult I have learned to eat other foods and supplement with vitamins.  My mother is now dealing with cancer and I am looking at alternative ways to help her heal.  One documentary film on Netflix called "Forks Over Knives" (there is also a website of the same name) shows evidence that meat, dairy products and eggs (along with other convenience foods and packaging) have taken our "American diet" into a large health crisis.  When the scientists in the film, who had already built a positive reputation tried to bring this knowledge to the masses, the classes were cancelled.  What?  Why?  Well it doesn't take long to ponder the answer.  Even without evidence you might suspect that the food pyramid might have to be reworked.  And at the root of all is the money that would shift when the information in the pyramid shifts.  In fact all the children in schools would also have a different diet.  And we would be healthier and that would cause another shift from money in the health care system back to farmers.  Wow.  Our world as a whole would look very different.  I can hope so.  I see people looking for other ways of living.  I'm looking.  I'm finding essential oils that help me.  I looking for receipes that suit my tastes and my budget.  Jesus said,  "Look and you will find."  And in that thinking, it is always important to know what you are looking for and why.  Because another phrase I live by was given in my studies of Wayne Dyer, "Wherever you attention goes, grows."  Personally I like to focus on what is good.  I like to study and make good even better.  I like to learn.  My personal journey involves a lot of learning.  Presently, with my current health focusing on healing some weak veins, I am also learning how to just be.  Just be a human being.  Not always being a human doing.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) food pyramid forks over knives Sun, 05 Apr 2015 02:17:09 GMT
Love Is...

Love is... described in poems, dance, songs, words and works of art, just to begin the list.  You are love.  In the song quote above it says, "I say love, it is a flower, and you it's only seed." You are the only one who can do what you do.  If you don't, then it won't be.  Be who you are and be the love that you were made of.  Love and acceptance is such a powerful assurance to fuel yourself.  As you allow yourself this freedom while you continue forward, you subconsciously allow others.  "Self love is a magic key that opens the door to all things, releasing you from limiting beliefs." - Lizzy Pearl

(Moments Photography by Sandy) love Sun, 15 Mar 2015 20:33:09 GMT
Life Goes On Missing You

     Life goes on.  It does.  Lately I've watched much of life with my left leg propped up parallel to gravity.  And it would take something painful to make me live on the couch in slow motion for these days.  My veins needed professional help and I am grateful for the health insurance coverage that allowed me the special attention needed.  Sometimes life doesn't deliver what you want when you want or need it.  Life is like that.  Today's picture is a reflection of what I do when I want to convey feelings.  I write.  I actually write a lot.  Sometimes a phrase goes though my head and I know it's best to write it down.  The song on the paperwork was inspired by one such phrase I saw while rearranging my clutter.  It focuses on those feelings that have a desire that can not be filled, ever.  "It's one of those days: nothing's wrong, nothing's right.  It just feels that way."  With time and editing it now reads: It's one of those days, Nothing's right, nothing's wrong.  It just feels that way since you've been gone.  And I'm missing you...You've turned into starlight." We all know how that feels to want someone who is not here in form.  The song talks about trying to hold water and searching for rainbows on sunny days.  Some days are like that.  With some mindfulness we can control how these feelings impact us.  I like to stay on the sunny side of life.  And If I'm thinking of someone who has passed on, I try to keep my thoughts focused on the wonderful parts of that person that I enjoy having in my memory.  But sometimes there are those times that you just need a little time to say, "I'm missing you." That is my newest song.

(Moments Photography by Sandy) Fri, 06 Mar 2015 23:31:47 GMT
Brett Callero, Artist - Workshop: Your Life in 60 Frames  

Segment your life, simplify the mode of communication, express unilaterally, and limit color choices is your assignment.  You get 60 squares.  So let us first look at some ways that we can communicate in this "simple" manner. Consider the instructions provided with a new purchase, if there are even any given for products these days.  Sure some are written in a number of languages, but let's consider the ones with only pictures:  pictures of ideas or concepts.  Pictures can be icons, if that is what you are representing. Brett Callero, the instructor for this workshop, is an artist, DJ and Professor at Savannah College of Art and Design.  He continues to break down the mode of communication into icons, indexes and symbols.  An icon resembles something, an index links its meaning by directing, and the symbol has meaning related to it from some experience and without this relation, there is no logical meaning.  And logically speaking that's what college does, it breaks down what we might assume is a whole, into smaller parts.  Brett's art is like that too.  He can take a part or take apart something, put it into a different context and because of this, the meaning changes.  And as is with art, your own perceptions and feelings become changed or revealed by reference.  Who is to say?  Who is not to say?  That is the beauty of art.  You can like it or not like it.  It is still art.

The image below was stolen via tablet screenshot from a site with a continuous slideshow of his work.  

Screenshot of artist, Brett Callero's website. The image is used for a blog post.


(Moments Photography by Sandy) Fri, 27 Feb 2015 23:55:29 GMT
Just Breathe Breathe in: I love you Breather out: Thank-you

Breath is essential for life.  Sometimes that's all you need to do.  That sounds easy enough but it isn't always easy.  I have found that controlling breath can control how you feel.  When you slow yourself down and "just breathe" you can calm everything in your mind and your body.  Listen to the rhythm of air as it enters and leaves your body.  Just doing that will change you.  Simple, right? It is with practice.


(Moments Photography by Sandy) Thu, 26 Feb 2015 03:17:53 GMT
The Journey of 16 years... Music by Sahne Cooley "Dreams & Aspirations"


(Moments Photography by Sandy) Mon, 02 Dec 2013 15:24:45 GMT
Love love & love photography L <3 V e Light writing, or "sparklers in the night" can be a fun and unpredictable experience for all involved.  The idea for making letters instead of just the usual sparkler shake and run came from the four ladies you see pictured here.  It takes coordination to move your hands and not  the rest of your body, but it is only for 3.1 seconds.  So as you can see, it turns out well and this was the first try.  The picture below has the same META data except the seconds were increased to 6 seconds.  There are note worthy differences in the two photos.  Pick your preference and have fun!  Be sure to have a flame throwing lighter in the hands of a responsible adult.  Small flame lighters tend to give blisters to the adults using them.  META Description: Nikon D90  f/25 3.1 ISO 500 +5 exposure compensation Speedlight SB-900

(Moments Photography by Sandy) light painting Sun, 13 Oct 2013 02:25:19 GMT