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Dragons in the Skies

December 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Dragons fly in the rainbow sky.  Dragonflies and damselflies ride the skies darting here and there with quick speed and precision.  On this day the sky was full of them.  It appeared as it they had shown up just for me as a multitude of them gathered above, below, around and flying through the patio where I was standing.  I claimed Disney Princess status when asked, "Did these dragonflies show up for you?".  I stood in gracious awe with a smile a mile wide.  Fly my precious dragons and damsels! It is mating season.  It's time to make more of you for me to view next fall.  Florida is my favorite place to be in October. If you like to see these helicopter insects buzzing around as I do, go to the water in the southern lands of the United States. All along these coastal waters they fly.  I have seen them sparingly in the area during other months.  In October, especially during the third week is a great time to be at the beach and see this insect I claim as a spirit animal.  When you see a dragonfly, be reminded to see through the illusions of life.  They symbolize change, transformation, adaptability and self-realization.  If you are reflecting on life, the change that happens is a mental and emotional maturity looking to understand the deeper meaning of life.  Learning to stay in the moment you are in and learning to relish life as it is playing out is a simple, powerful way to live.  Live in the now.  Be who you are.  Live. Learn. Love. Laugh. 

Dog's Best Friend

December 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Nyx.  She's full of love, as most dogs are.  She can also communicate.  She responds to commands as well.  And she can smile at you if she like you.  She likes me and I'm in love with her.  Her best friend is pictured above.  Fortunately for Nyx, her person owns his own business and she is able to go everywhere he goes.  And she does. On this day, her person picked up a stick to throw for her. 

Awhile later she brought up her choice for a "stick".  It was so big you had to really wind up to throw it. 

Nyx jumped through the grass in complete ecstasy.  It was such a joy to see. Watch her below in this short nine second video.

And when it's time to go home, she rides in style.


Take My Hand and I'll Hold Yours

November 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hands holding hands is a simple act of connection.  And yet this simple act also involves a complex combination of sending and receiving.  The left hand receives energy and the right hand sends energy.  How awesome is it that when you hold another's hand, one hand is naturally sending while the other receives?  Pictured is a couple that performed the ceremony of holy matrimony.  They begin again.  After being married to others and being alone, these two reunited as friends.  They were friends who hung out as couples when they were married to others.  Each spent time caring for an ailing spouse, endured time alone and recognized how lovely it felt to be around each other.  So after a courtship that began at the beginning of this year, we now have more love pouring into the end of the year.  And 2020 can use all the love you can throw at it.  Send love.  Receive love.  Hold hands.

Communication Takes More Than Two

November 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Cloud #10Cloud #10

Communication...we all do it, right?  Okay we all try to communicate but without feedback from the other person, how we can know for sure if the message we intended to send made it clearly to the receiver?  One of the sayings I grew up with is by Alan Greenspan, (according to the internet,) I only ever heard my Dad to say it: "I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize what you heard is not what I meant."  Reread that until it sinks in.  It brings to light an awareness that the receiver of information could have understood the words differently than what the sender meant for the message.  There are ways to clarify if you have the awareness to know when you have made assumptions or if you're good at asking questions, that is a good strategy as well. 

One way to check the information is called mirroring.  You say back to the person exactly word for word what they said to you.  Or you can say back to the person what you thought they said.  The first one is helpful to use when you really don't understand the message.  Somehow saying the same words gives you some insight.  The second one is something I use a lot. You begin by saying,  "What I hear you saying is..."  Then it is helpful to ask, "Am I understanding?  Can you tell me more?"  I have a tendency not  to ask questions but I'm learning how important that skill is for comprehension and understanding.  I'm working on trying to be "more curious".  I just get an idea and go with it.  That would be called an assumption.  I do it a lot.  

To be a good receiver you have to do more than just listen.  In being a good receiver, you are listening to understand.  You might give the sender a statement that helps them to know that you can make logical sense about what they said.  This is the validation step.  If you cannot honestly relate to what the person is saying, ask for more information.  Then make a statement telling them how it makes sense to you.  Say something like, "I understand why you felt ____ because of _____.  That makes sense to me." 

The next thing you can do to help when trying to communicate is to empathize.  This one seems to come the easiest especially when someone is talking about something that brings an emotion you are familiar with.  You are focused on the feeling part of the experience.  You might say,  "I know it felt like _____." And you could take the conversation into a similar experience about yourself.  Then maybe follow up the story with a question, "Is that how it was for you?  

Seven Covey in "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" says to seek first to understand before being understood.  If we became conscious about this and kept it in the forefront of our minds when having a conversation, I think more people would feel validated.  Being understood goes a log way for emotional stability.  Sometimes you have to give that stability to yourself if you aren't being understood but hopefully you can become a good sender and a good receiver.  


Love is a Rose with Thorns

October 28, 2020  •  1 Comment

"Love is a rose but you better not pick it.  Only grows when it's on the vine." - Neil Young's lyrics for a song. The lyric is another way of saying this by the Mysitc Osho, "If you love a flower don't pick it.  Because if you pick it, it dies and ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower let it be. Love is not about possession.  Love is about appreciation." It takes courage and strength to endure some journeys of love.  And to love again when you have loved and lost is understanding the wisdom of the ages as the journey that has no end towards its never ending goal of loving and being love.  As a sceptic you may scoff and wander away only to return to love yourself if no other.  We are all on this journey of learning.  And learning to love our self and others.   For the life with no love has the making of a sad story.  The answer is always love. 

In the late 1980's letters from Albert Einstein written to his daughter, Lieseri Einstein decades earlier were donated.  She was instructed to withhold them until humanity had grown enough in love and life to be able to understand that love is the most powerful energy that exists. He writes, "When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal now to transmit to mankind will also collide with the misunderstanding and prejudice in the world.  I ask you to guard the letters as long as necessary, years, decades, until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain below.  There is an extremely powerful force that science has not found a formal explanation to.  It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and had not yet been identified by us.  This universal force is LOVE.  When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force.  Love is light, that enlightens those who give and receive it.  Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others.  Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness.  Love unfolds and reveals.  For love we live and die.  Love is God and God is Love.  This force explains everything and gives meaning to life.  This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will.  To give visibility to love, I made a simple substitution in my most famous equation.  If instead of E = mc2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the speed of light squared, we arrive at the conclusion that love is the most powerful force there is, because it has no limits.  After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is urgent that we nourish ourselves with another kind of energy.  If we want our species to survive, if we are to find meaning in life, if we want to save the world and every sentient being that inhabits it, love is the one and only answer.  Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the plant.  However, each individual carries within them a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is waiting to be released.  When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieseri, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, is able to transcend everything and anything, because love is the quintessence of life."

 Albert Einstein was able to find the math for the relativity of time and he would be proud to know that a scientist has found the formula for what he describes above.  On Gaia TV, Nassim Haramein, a scientist has a a series called "Quantum Revolution".  In one episode he explains the use of the "black box" that science used in their equations before black holes were discovered in the 1990's.  He continues to elaborate about the separate pieces that physics focuses on.  Haramein was looking for a way to pull all of physics together.  It is not just a theory.  Although his work was not yet published at the time of the video recording for his show, he has the math for a unified force of origin for the universe.  This math proves what Einstein explained above that there is a universal source of energy that emanates and penetrates everything and anything.  It proves the existence of a "Source" energy. This energy, call it what you will, is of pure love and creation that enables all to exist.  Everything emanates from the Source and in time returns to the same Source.

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