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Welcome to Moments Photography by Sandy's blog about photography and creativity.  Always on the prowl for ways to keep learning, trying, inventing and shooting pictures.  I will share my adventures, addictions, and antics below.  Come visit often and share what you will.  Live abundantly, giving, sharing and loving. . . 

Passing From this Life

July 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

If I could write you a letter it would tell you in words what I hope to covey from my heart.  I'm hoping that you already know.  I'm thinking that you felt it too.  And feelings are mostly what we have with animals.  Star, the canine in the image was a dog that lived with a friend of mine.  She touched my heart in ways I"m not sure I have the words to command expression in a letter, but I would want her to know that I felt her love.  She has a tender spot in my collection of memories. I hope she is there when I pass over to the other side after my journey here.  She passed over on the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year and I knew it before my friend called.  We are all connected and she was as special to me as my own dogs.

If I Could Write You a LetterIf I Could Write You a Letter

Living in the Clouds

June 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

      The definition for skyscraper is a building of many stories.  Now, define stories.  My first thought is that in every one of these many buildings are people and all those people have their own story.  That is not the literal meaning for "a building of many stories". But it fits.  Maybe the definition would be better explained if it was a building of many layers, or flights of stairs (no, that brings other images to mind as well), or many floors, walls and ceilings.  And there are so many buildings in this image!

     The image was taken from the highest building in Chicago as the sun was setting in the west.  The light from the sun on the west/east bound streets creates a dimension against the shaded north/south bound streets. This altered version includes graphics, filters, masks and text to add visual complexity and a whimsical edge for the oh, so many stories included within.

WIngs to Fly

May 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Wings to fly only implies flight.  I love the thought of flying.  I imagine what things look like from above.  And if I do get to see a map of an area I'm going to visit using the satellite view, I'm really good at navigating within that space on the ground.  We did a lot of traveling when I was a child.  My Dad was in the Army until I was in my 20's.  Because I lived 800 miles from where my folks lived when they retired, my children learned to travel as well.  We also took trips over 5 hours away from home every summer to vacation with friends.  At the time I was a school teacher so I getting time off was a given.  The road trips gave us time to spend just doing nothing but riding and talking or just riding.  Back then music was the only addition.  No cell phones, no DVD players, no hand held devices were available to distract us from learning our own minds.  I enjoyed the time spent.  But sometimes I wanted the option to fly home.  After everything was said and done and I missed sleeping in my own bed, flight would have been an welcome option. Blossom & Spread Your Wings
Song: "Until That One Time"

Walking Along with Spirit

March 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

You only have to ask.  Ask whom? Well, so here it is, without reference to any published study that I know of, but true none the less: every person on this journey here are on Earth has at least two spiritual guides. So just ask. Ask your guides to guide you.  And then be sure to say, "Thank-you."  It's really that simple.  A journal is powerful too.  I recently found a journal entry from quite a few years ago that was written to my guides, angels, guardians or whatever name you choose. It was written like a letter.  And I wrote the words in my head for the response as well.  Yes, it is an awkward experience and I didn't repeat it which isn't to say that it won't go well for your attempts.  I know there is much power in writing.  Many books are written in just this way of be-ing that enables you to write what you "think".  Wayne Dyer wrote all his books while in this flow of communication.  I have found that it can just as easily be done in my head. I have also begun the practice of saying out loud, "Is there anything else I need to know?"  This is especially helpful before leaving the house.  It's pretty awesome most of the time.  If this concept is a new one for you...
Walking Along with Spirit
Song:"Be to Be You"

try it> cONSIDER the concept of your own spiritual self.  Ask for guidance and you will receive it.  Be observant.  The messages come sometimes as feelings.  Or you might glance somewhere in the room, so wonder what is there that you might need.  Words of course are the easiest reminders, and sometimes they only come once.  So act on them.  Or notice what difference it made if you didn't.  Don't beat yourself up with any phrase that has the word "should" in it.  Live.  Learn. (the "typo" errors, ie: no period available and random capital letters - yes, spirit loves to mess with my electronics...) Love. And enjoy this mysterious journey we call life.

Photo ARTist

February 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The images below were created with a theme in mind.  I am learning by doing.  Most of my Photoshop and camera skills are self-taught.  My first image using my new skills is in the previous blog post about Lizzy Pearl.  Below are the next two images I have made while taking an online class called "The Photo Artistic Life" by Sebastian Michaels. More on all that at a later date.  I have truly enjoyed learning new techniques and leaning into the curve of leaning for creating a composition, which is still in the self-discovery stages.

I designed this for the NSAI, National Songwriting Association International facebook page that I manage for my local area chapter.

The image below is my collage of how I see myself as an Artist.

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