Using Prompts as Inspiration

May 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Kim Klassen dot com ( is a website that has been my "go to" for inspiration.  Her ability to make images that generate emotions I like to revisit keep me coming back.  Currently I am trying to finish up a project I signed up for in December of 2014.  I planned to spend the year of 2015 learning new ways to play with images in post production and develop a style for "still life".  My plans were averted for personal and family priorities.  Again I sit on the couch 800 miles away from home, because my home is not the priority for the next few weeks.  I hope that this is the first of many posts over the next five days, as that is all the time left for my session with Kim Klassen and her "Be Still" class.  Her online class includes prompts, inspirational posts, informative videos, and lovely textures and presets.  She is still teaching and I encourage you to check out her style, that inspired mine.

Prompts: Laundry Time, Cuppa, Quiet Corner, Nature's Bounty

Laundry Day

Cuppa tea and honey - yes, please.

My quiet, creative corner of the world.

Pink eyed, Purple Hull peas - Nature's Bounty


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