Lemons Love Life

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Sometimes when you are in the midst of turmoil in a life changing experiences, a breakthrough like the sun parts the fog, and appears.  This appearance came in an email that explained the benefits of lemons.  Lemons, the fruit fashioned in color like the sun is a killer of cancer and thus dons the title “Lemons Love Life”.  It’s a small package of large impact.  Here are the facts as I know them:


 In the morning, put lemons in warm water to drink before breakfast.  This will hydrate your body and flush out toxins.  It increases digestion and liver functions.  It regulates blood pressure and bowel movement.  It battles inflammation, reduces joint pains and fights cancer by keeping the body alkaline.  Whew – and so much more… Here's a link to more information from David Wolfe's website.


Additionally, you can add lemons throughout the day.  Especially if you are in a battle with cancer, the simple process below may be just what your body needs to get healthy again.  Lemons are alllegedly 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy.  


During the day, you can add lemons in cooking and drinking.  I got this information in an email from the website: The Hearty Soul.  If you subscribe to theheartysoul.com,  you’ll receive a download with even more information about lemon, garlic, honey and how to use them for healing properties.  Here is the website.  I’ll summarize it below.


Take lemons, wash them and cut them in half to get the seeds out.  Then freeze them.  You then take them from the freezer to grind them up with the peeling intact.  Put this ground up lemon in ice cube trays to freeze for use later. I added a little water to the blender to make it easier to grind up.  The ice cube trays pictured are flexible and are smaller than regular ice cube trays.  That is good because the flavor is more intense than just a squeezed lemon, so you don't need much.   I put one in water and let it melt.  Then I added ice to make a cool, refreshing beverage.  If I didn't eat the lemon along the way I could make another 24 oz. container of water and still have the lemon taste.  Goodness and Good-bye to toxins and cancer!  

If your taste buds prefer a lighter version, try infusing water with lemon slices and letting it set for 3 hours.  This makes a drink that replaces electrolytes (#11 in article below). Check out the recipes in the article listed below and the science behind the healthy habit of lemons.  And remember to also drink plain water as noted in the negative side effects at the end of the article (really, it's not bad...just keep in mind your choices.)


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