Pink Light of Love

January 12, 2019  •  1 Comment

Love is the Way HomeLove is the Way HomePink is Love
Song: Love is the Way Home
Pink light of love comes to Earth.  Breathe in its essence.  It is not bound by conditions.  You do not earn the love.  It just is. You cannot lose this love for it is constant and unconditional. Feel also the goodness of the pearlescent light which contains all colors.  Be healed with the giving and receiving of the green light replenishing and balancing life.  Embrace the violet light of transition, transformation and transmutation so that all your experiences are profoundly moving.  And bathe in the purple light for wisdom and spirituality. Awaken to this resonance within, transcend judgement and negativity. This awareness and release will allow more space for the light to come in as there is no void in the universe. You can choose what fills you up.  Choose love.


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