I Am Home

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       Hopefully the words  of the song below will speak to you as is.  If not, listen to the music by looking up Lizzy Pear_singer Sandy on You Tube (not today, April 29th because I haven't taken the time to learn my recording software but soon.)  I will post a link below when I do!



"Love Is The Way Home" (c) by Sandy Gates

Home is        a warm, cozy feeling       like you belong

It's sharing, caring, giving      life purpose

It’s not a place or          house of your own.


Love is       a never ending, growing force        which makes us strong

It’s how we clothe spirit          that’s within us

A light on a path           all of our own


               Love is born to be given away

               Love is how it all began one day

               Love is the way

               Love is the way home


I know that         everything I have         is nothing

Compared to how I give          and how I receive,

Only love remains          when I am gone



       When you need love

                              Be love. Give it away.

                              When you need love.

                              Give your love away.


Verse 3







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