Dragons in the Skies

December 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Dragons fly in the rainbow sky.  Dragonflies and damselflies ride the skies darting here and there with quick speed and precision.  On this day the sky was full of them.  It appeared as it they had shown up just for me as a multitude of them gathered above, below, around and flying through the patio where I was standing.  I claimed Disney Princess status when asked, "Did these dragonflies show up for you?".  I stood in gracious awe with a smile a mile wide.  Fly my precious dragons and damsels! It is mating season.  It's time to make more of you for me to view next fall.  Florida is my favorite place to be in October. If you like to see these helicopter insects buzzing around as I do, go to the water in the southern lands of the United States. All along these coastal waters they fly.  I have seen them sparingly in the area during other months.  In October, especially during the third week is a great time to be at the beach and see this insect I claim as a spirit animal.  When you see a dragonfly, be reminded to see through the illusions of life.  They symbolize change, transformation, adaptability and self-realization.  If you are reflecting on life, the change that happens is a mental and emotional maturity looking to understand the deeper meaning of life.  Learning to stay in the moment you are in and learning to relish life as it is playing out is a simple, powerful way to live.  Live in the now.  Be who you are.  Live. Learn. Love. Laugh. 


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