Four S words

March 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

4S words: sun, sorry, scary, sensible.  The sun gives me the sensation of hope and a bright attitude unless there is too much and then it wears me down and I feel like I cannot move or I’ll become exceedingly exhausted.  Sorry can soothe me if you care to be connected to my weariness and empathize that you want me to feel better.  Or sorry can mean that I’m sorry or too miserable to amount to anything at this time. This can be scary, if I’m looking at this present moment as if it will continue in all the moments that follow.  Being scared like this can be a motivation to do things differently if I choose to.  This fear has its place in helping to make decisions.  But fear as a tactic for making someone damaged so that they will need you is not acceptable and will cost your Spirit for this lifetime or the next one.  So let’s use our senses to be sensible. Will this fear or being scared help in this situation of social distancing?  If the fear keeps you distant from others, then yes it has done its job.  If being scared is your new normal, then no it has taken over your senses and is not allowing other feelings and sensations to monitor a balance. Sensible is helpful for the decision making that is currently before us.  Use this word to make sense of your reality.  What do you sense in your body?  Are you identifying the feelings?  If not, then these feelings can control you or others who observe these feelings in you can use them to their advantage.  Sense your feelings, identify them, make conscious choices by being mindful of what feelings you have and what the body tells you in forms of tension, pain, or unnecessary hunger for example. Sensible denotes too the process of making a decision that is practical, useful when implemented and with wisdom, likely to be of benefit to you as self and you as a collective.  Be sensible in this virus situation, that can make you feel scared, and sorry among many other feelings and get out in the Sun to feel its nourishing rays while you connect to the Earth and all the living beings, creatures, elementals and elements. Your thoughts create.  Be mindful.



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