The Heart Knows

August 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment


The heart knows.  It does.  We want to think but the heart doesn't.  It feels.  And it just knows some things.  I was not taught by others how to decipher the heart but I did learn some about how it works.  I learned to lean into feelings and be aware how people, places and decisions felt.  I was taught to write the pros and cons prior to a large decision.  This is a logical and well thought out approach.  It is an accepted practice.  I don't dismiss it.  I just know that there is also the way of the heart.  The heart uses the right side of the brain.  It bypasses the Ego (edge God out), who's sole purpose is to protect you - think flight and flight.  And it likes to spin out your thinking with anything that has an emotional charge.  So maybe you've heard "Follow Your Heart".  I interpret that to mean feelings.  How do you feel about what you are doing, where you are going, or who you make a part of your life?  If your mind isn't sure what that even means, think about things you do that make time disappear.  You are so involved with what you are doing that you don't notice time passing.  These are the times when you are involved in the game of life with your whole self: body, mind and heart.  Your heart is actually more powerful than your mind.  What?  I know!  Let that Ego wrap itself around those words.  But it's true.  Science can even confirm it.  Greg Braden, an author, and scientist can give weave science, spirituality and the Bible for how the heart works gives facts and experiments to confirm this.  In in the videos, "The Language of the Divine Matrix"  he tells how the Bible was edited by Constantine.  In the editing of the Bible the sentences that gave power to the people were edited out.  It is the power of the heart feeling the prayer and feeling the result of the request as if it is already received that gives strength to everything.  Wherever your attention goes, grows.  So if your prayer is about something you lack then you are reinforcing the lack in your life.  If your prayer feels the gratitude for receiving then you will receive more.  More feeling is more better.  I'm not saying all feelings are good. I'm just saying that what you feel is important and carries information.  Some say "it's a gut feeling."  Close enough.  Sometimes you just have a feeling and you know, even if you don't know how you know.  Learn about yourself.  Begin the journey of trusting your feelings.  You don't have to understand to begin the journey.


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