Put a Lock On It

January 14, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


Put a lock on it and throw away the key, forget the combination or bolt it.  But the truth will still prevail.  In the world of light and love that honors and stays in constant contact with the Creator, God, Source, or All That Is will prevail.  If in doubt put the power in your hands by using prayer for your intentions.  Or be at peace with these words from Jesus, "Do not concern yourself with the folly in the world.  It is more important for you, as a light worker to expand your energy out.  Focus on the good.  Focus on the light.  Be the calm in the storm.  Pull strength from me for I am your strength and your redeemer.  It is good to be outside on a daily basis.  Mother Earth and its inhabitants are healing in their essence as you are but your mind takes you far from its center off and on during the day.  I remind you to know how you breathe.  Focus on that breath when you need to calm the body so in turn it can calm the mind.  I am with you always.  You are part of me and I am part of you."



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