Love Yourself 2 Be Original

March 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Be OrginalBe Orginal

Love yourself. Just do it.  Love everything about yourself.  You can dislike an attribute you have.  But then I would think you would be actively trying to improve that part of yourself.  For example, I don't like it when I'm having to race Father Time to get somewhere.  So I've learned to get dressed first.  If there is anything else that I want to do before I leave the house I allow it up to a certain time.  I then get my keys and purse and I'm out the door feeling fine.  But if I only give myself a certain amount of time to get dressed and then out the door, I get to feeling stressed and inevitably something out of the ordinary happens and I'm out of time, pushing the limit.  But I still love myself.  It's a must but it's not a given for most people.  So many people look to the outside world to validate them, to give them some feeling they're looking for.  It's a bottomless pit.  It's like going shopping to give yourself a "treat" or "you deserve it." That's what Amazon shopping app will tell you to do.  But the good feeling won't stay.  It is only when you can recognize the voice in your head and teach it to be nice to you that you know you are winning.  Love is a powerful emotion.  It means that you support yourself.  You forgive yourself.  You take care of yourself.  And you don't let other people who judge you get into your head.  So what if that person says something about you that you don't see as your truth.  Anyone who makes a judgement is only showing you something they have not healed in themselves.  Just because someone says something about you doesn't make it true. So just go on. Know yourself.  Spend quiet time with yourself.  If you can't do that then I'm going to say that you do not love yourself enough.  You are enough.  You were made that way.  Maybe life didn't affirm that for you but now you know that you need to do that for yourself.  No one else can love you any more than you love yourself.  That in itself should be enough to make you want to learn to be kind to yourself and love yourself through it all.  When you take full responsibility for yourself and make the change to take care of your needs in a healthy way, joy is the side effect.  You become happy.  And you will embrace the wonder and joy that is truly your birthright.  And in doing all of this you'll embrace the unique journey that is yours.  "Live the highest ideal now.  See a future based on the belief that you are cared for in the universe, that you are growing toward higher consciousness, that love, truth, and self-acceptance are already yours. You do not have to achieve these states in order to live them now.  Living them now is how you will achieve them." Deepak Chopra "The Way of the Wizard"


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