Act, Dream, Plan and Believe

April 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Act, dream, plan and believe or believe, plan, dream, and act.  In my way of thinking, if you believe in an idea, you might make a plan.  As you formulate the plan, inspirations and dreams might come into your mind to suggest an impact on the idea and plan that you are formulating.  When you act, that is still not the final step if you keep your awareness on additional inspiration that sometimes appears as you are in motion.  Inspiration likes to find you working.  Creativity is like a river that is always flowing.  If you get into that flow, it will carry you.  Keeping your awareness and focus in the moments that are unfolding as you work allows you to stay in that mindfulness that is connected to the timeless.  In this place of knowing all is encompassed and empty.  


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