WWIII: We The People #1 Truth Prevails

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WWIII: We The People #1 Truth Prevails

And now, (finally) the truth is getting into the mainstream media.  The United States Government says the virus may have come from a Lab in Wuhan.  The rest of the truth seekers have known that for almost 3 years.  You can try to lock up lies but the truth comes out… eventually.

Below is a link for a video I found of a scientist, Astrid Stuckelberger who noticed the changes in the Implementation Plan of the W.H.O. and other related topics outlined below the link.



The original plan for the WHO had respect for humans and rules in place that protected individual rights.  Well NOT ANY MORE. She covers these changes.  Here is the link to publications on the WHO website.


It helps to know the specific name for a document and on my computer there were over a thousand pages of documents.  To get a in depth review of their work I suggest the link below.  James Roguski keeps a close, diligent eye on these people who appointed themselves to be in command of our lives.  During the week of Feb. 20 – 24 these people held meetings to decide how to take over the decision making of health of the world and place it into their own jurisdiction and more specifically the ONE man in charge of the WHO.    Any politician in the United States who grants to another the rights we have in our own Constitution is liable for treason.  May we stand vigilantly in opposition to anything that circumvents the sacred document of the Constitution.



There is mention of the Governments that are Corporations.  The United States became a corporation in 1871 and uses the Social Security Number and birth certificates on people as if we are commodities.  This link is a deep dive into that subject and how it was dismantled by one person! See the first video.  The way the evil ones have used words and syntax against us all these years blows my mind.  Our legal system is based on Admiral Maritime Law of the Sea. In the video you’ll see that America in Latin means: No mercy for sheep. A=no, meri= mercy, ca = sheep. (I haven’t watched any of the other videos on that link.)



She gives the real reason for the PCR test and how it is a research device NOT a diagnostic test.  It was not approved by any quality control or international consensus EXCEPT the WHO.  Astrid goes on to explain how the sensitive area in the nasal passages gives access to a person’s DNA.  Additionally she makes mention of the nefarious plans for placing additional elements on the swab to put into people unknowingly.  I suspected that could be an option and again I was laughed at for not wanting to have anything to do with the free test kits sent to the house by the Federal Government.


Near the end of the 30 minute video (at the top of the blog post) you can see the concern and revulsion for the preplanning of this virus and how history has repeated itself.  She connects the dots of these plans for world domination by the few.  She goes on to expound upon the business connections with Bill Gates.  He is the largest financial contributor to the WHO.  He also owns GAVI the company that produces vaccines.  Rockefeller is involved and partners with banking for funds and donations.  The global conspiracy by these billionaires continues until WE THE PEOPLE stand together and in all ways possible stop the complacency and ignorance and compliance.  Then we can get back to living with love, truth and integrity. 

This video is a short clip of Bill Gates telling how he wants to depopulate the world.



This last video is a call for indictments for a number of major players.  It is the justice that needs to be served to those who perpetrated these crimes against humanity.








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