Allow the Stars and My Love To Guide You

June 24, 2019  •  Leave a Comment



I was painting the inside of my 17' Sanibel Sailboat when the news came.  Painting is always a big project and a big deal but it is also a way for me to be Zen.  When I paint, I just paint.  I had already put on a primer coat equipped with the mask for my protection.  And I painted an ocean blue on top on this primer.  Mom was on the phone.  I had expected good news from her doctor's visit.  But no, it was not what I had expected.  Her cancer numbers plummeted when she added lemon water, chlorella with cilanto and reduced the intake of sugar.  We brought them down from 1400 to 300 in only a month.  This report was to be a celebration of freedom.  Alas, the number was 4777.  So, we knew that 777 is God's number for completion.  The number 4 I had to look up and it is for Angels.  So I took the news as best as I knew how.  I got off the phone.  I cried.  I went back to painting.  And in the stillness of of my mind while painting I heard the words: Allow the stars and my love to guide you.  This gave me a calm in the middle of my dread.  I know there is no death and that I would be the one to help her transition.  So I painted this inside my boat with some stars.  Then later I called her back to tell her the silver lining.  Since she knew her time was limited, she could plan every thing.  That was a nice gift.  And she did.  There was no probating the will after Mom's passing.  All the paperwork was in place.  All the hard work and savings that she and Dad worked for went to their off spring.  They left us with an even greater gift of love.  Love, the greatest force of all.  Love paints us with strength, confidence and a calmness that lives on and beyond the stars.


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