Reimagined Time Frame

June 11, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Reimagined Time Frame

Time, so what is it?  We see what the passage of time does to plants, growing children, etc.  We talk about it a lot.  People who think too much about times that have passed are not seen as healthy, if it keeps them from living in the now.  As in right now, this only moment is all there is really.  You could miss it though if your thoughts aren't calm or focused on what is going on around you.  If your eyes are looking at your phone which is showing you other things to think about, your thoughts are probably not there in the room, they are in the phone.  Ok, but isn't that also true for someone who is reading a book?  Books are said to "take you places".  I'm not against either one.  I actually like both. I do think to myself, "Is this worth spending time on?"  I don't watch TV much because I don't think it's worth my time.  Time, that precious thing we have, we give but we cannot get and hold onto.


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