The Creative Flow

June 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


Which came first the creation or creativity? It is said that creativity exists but it has to find you working.  So here I am in the midst of expanding my creative flow within many areas of my life.  I love music.  I love photography.  I love having a garden.  I love learning.  I research how food impacts the body.  I study Spanish.  I meditate.  I'm a seamstress.  I recently put t-posts in the ground and put up a fence around my garden to keep out dogs and rabbits.  And I write songs.  I paint, but not pictures, just paint stuff like closet doors.  That's pretty Zen.  Not the ooh, ahh kind of painting but it does create a new look for the doors I painted and the rooms they are in.  I think it's important to allow yourself to make or create something.  Some people do it with food.  Some people don't spend any time alone or in silence.  Both of these factors help the energy flow of creativity.  Ideas come to me when it's quiet enough to hear them slip in.  Or in the early morning when I am waking from sleep I get ideas.  The shower is a good place for creativity as well.  Anything you put your focus on will expand.  Sometimes you just have to start and not be in too much of a hurry so you can get ideas along the way while you are creating.  I do that a lot when I am playing with Photo Shop. I enjoy the unexpected, random, out of the blue type ideas.  They lead me down into projects and in places I didn't expect.  Everyone can be creative.  It takes intent, practice and focus and consistency.



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