Flowers of the Sun - Sunflowers

September 16, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Let me introduce you to this year's portraits of the Ladies of the Sun, flowers known as Sunflowers.  Maybe it's the yellow that brings such joy to my face when I see them.  Maybe it's a root connection to the state of Kansas that embraces these beautiful plants to my heart.  Perhaps the delicate nature of the petals and the way they expand the Sun'ts light is what draws me to them.  All in all they do all of these things.

The watercolor picture was done by Lillian Grimes, an artist and neighbor of my grandmother. in Chanute, KS.  She also painted.  I  have a painting of a cactus in bloom by L.Grimes, passed down through the years to adorn the wall of the spare bedroom.

They map the Sun.  From the early glimpse of light to the fading rays that bring the evening, the sunflowers follow the path of the sun across the skies with their faces affixed to the face of the sun.  Ladies of the Sun grace our lives for just a little while in the days of summer.  And in the winter the seeds give nourishment to the birds, as I put them inside after the petals have fallen and the birds have munched on a few here and there before I get them collected.  And I save some seeds to plant for I love to see these flowers of the Sun in my own yard each year.


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