Through and Into

October 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

When the opportunity arises and your choice is to go through and into - what do you do?  You can think it through.  That is what I was taught to do.  It's one strategy.  One that uses the left side of the brain, the part of the brain that is logical.  It can think about the pros and cons of a situation.  This will help you to know what you want.  Or sometimes you figure out what you don't want and that is a way to go towards what you do want.  That is the purpose of darkness in your life, weither that be a situation, a person, or an object.  When you use your thinking to discern that you don't want whatever it is, that thinking leads you to go for what you do want.  There is also another approach.  You can go into.  Into what?  Go into how it feels.  Physically feel into the words, the situation, the opportunity.  How does it resonate with your body when you think?  Feeling is an indication that the heart is sending you messages.  These messages aren't as clear cut as words but given time and practice you'll learn to have confidence in going with a feeling instead of a master plan designed in the mind.  This way of being uses the right brain.  It is our source for creativity.  To honor this means of knowledge is to venture on a path less understood by the masses.  However, those who have embraced the feelings and innate guidance that is available to everyone have found this knowing surpasses understanding at times only to be fully understood after taking this leap into the faith within.


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