Life is a Beach

October 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Life at the beach is my favorite.  I find myself taking deep breaths.  Sigh. There is something about the sound of the ocean, the energy in the air, and the vision of the water as it continuously touches the land with a variety of strokes.  I know the science behind the ions and it certainly resonates with me.  I like the way it feels.  I like the feeling of anticipating a swim in the ocean.  I love the bouyancy of salt.  Swimming in the ocean gives me the feeling of vastness and freedom.  After pushing the water around all you have to do is lean into surface tension with arms and legs spread to rest gloriously looking at the blue that surrounds you.  Life is a beach.  It is warm sand between my toes.  It's the resistance of pushing the sand beneath you so you can make your way to the water.  Going to the beach is not just for vacation time.  I spend time in my mind every day going to the beach.  And when my physical body gets to go there too, it's all the better.


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