Time Flies and Hearts Fly

January 06, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Time flies and hearts do too!  It's all energy.  You might be used to hearing that the time just flew or got away from you.  I know I've experienced it.  I may have experienced the stirrings of the heart while growing up and not known it.  Now I know that the heart sends messages to you in the form of feelings.  Sometimes you can interpret the feeling to mean something and put words to it.  When the heart flies, it is sending meaningful messages in the same way yet there is no distance that can restrict the dealings of the heart.  It is only in the receiving that we sometimes don't know to allow and thus block the message in full.  You know, those times when you think of someone and learn they were also thinking of you.  Or you feel safe even though the situation may not be in your best interest.  You can pretty much bet, that someone has you in their prayers or has protected you with loving intention. The heart is at the base of the messages we send when we pray.  But it is NOT the words that create the power.  It is the feeling.  Recently a world wide prayer was sent to help extinguish the fires in Australia.  To help me feel the prayer I used words to myself about feeling the rain as it touches my skin.  Smelling the dust as it rises from the dry Earth.  Sensing the relief of the soul and body as it soaks in the gentle drops of water falling from the sky.  And releasing the tension of the body as gratitude washes over you allowing you to rejoice in the answer to the prayer.  This process is what Jesus meant when he said that we were to claim the victory or answer to our prayer as if it has already happened.  The feeling part in the scripture about the faith of a mustard seed that can move a mountain was removed from the Bible when the Gospel of Thomas was removed and the rest of the verse describing that the mind and the heart must marry as one, then... The editing of the Bible was done under the rule of Constantine.  Gregg Braden provides a lot of information in videos if you care to check out the resources he has put on the internet.  He was a scientist that searched to prove what Mistics trust is given to them in their heart.  


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