I Choose the LIght

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I choose the light.  Call me a do good-er. Good is good, right?  Parents definitely promote it.  Your peers may not.  You will be criticized no matter what you do.  You need to only do what really matters to you.  Easy, right?  It is easy after you know what matters or who matters to you. Your own matter, as in your body is a good place to start.  Taking care of your body is really important yet not fully embraced as a young person unless you were given a physical challenge that forced you to make adaptations.  My personal struggle is maintaining a body that likes the food I put into it.  I was raised in the 50's.  At that time the establishment provided and encouraged packaged foods, white bread and canned foods.  I didn’t know anything else until I went off to college.  Keep in mind I did not live in the same place as I grew up an Army dependent. To do my body good, finding fresh foods was a game changer.  My body did not like fried foods.  Thankfully I wasn’t born in the south.  My children were but I did my best to cook healthy meals. In the last five years I have learned a lot about cooking fresh foods.  It seemed a large challenge at first as most changes do.  But it really isn't hard.  If fact you cook in less time.  It's the addition of new ingredients like ginger, deactivated nutritional yeast, chia seeds, hemp seeds and herbs that make the meals a combination that takes practice.  Fresh foods will make you feel lighter.  Science has proven that as we age we really don’t need as much food as is encouraged.  It has also been proven that we don’t need to eat meat or dairy if we want a light body free of disease.  After researching food for the past 4 years, I am not quick to take any recommendations from doctors that are emerged into the thinking of the 50’s.  I am encouraged by the movement that is focused on organic gardening, lessening the footprint on Mother Earth, and leaning into a plant based way of eating.  I believe that much of this is because way too many people have allergies and babies that will not tolerate the packaged food that contains so little nourishment causing these young parents to find new ways to take care of their young.  I was the only person I knew growing up that had allergies.  Now everyone is familiar with allergies.  It might surprise you to know that I do not have any allergies.  Let that sink in.  No allergies!  This is due to my change in diet to the lighter choices of plants. I started the journey by trying to find a way to increase my body’s metabolism.  I read and followed the book “Hot Belly Diet” that begins with many account of people reversing their diagnosis of diabetes.  So at the end of the month I felt better than I ever had my whole life.  I was in my fifties.  I continued as a vegetarian for the first year and a half, only eating seafood when I went to the beach twice a year.  In the second year I noticed that eating shrimp brought back the tension in my gut I had lived with my entire life.  So I quit eating meat.  Yes, all meat.  It has brought me a lighter body, a healthier body and an abundance of ease in my body.  My body that keeps me grounded to this planet.  The planet, Earth would be better served if more people lived in the light of knowing that plants, not dead animals are the fuel for our lives.  Look at the pictures of the light emanating from plants.  This is what you are eating.  You are eating light energy.  Eat light.  Be light.



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