Take My Hand and I'll Hold Yours

November 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hands holding hands is a simple act of connection.  And yet this simple act also involves a complex combination of sending and receiving.  The left hand receives energy and the right hand sends energy.  How awesome is it that when you hold another's hand, one hand is naturally sending while the other receives?  Pictured is a couple that performed the ceremony of holy matrimony.  They begin again.  After being married to others and being alone, these two reunited as friends.  They were friends who hung out as couples when they were married to others.  Each spent time caring for an ailing spouse, endured time alone and recognized how lovely it felt to be around each other.  So after a courtship that began at the beginning of this year, we now have more love pouring into the end of the year.  And 2020 can use all the love you can throw at it.  Send love.  Receive love.  Hold hands.


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