The Star That is You

April 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

The star that is you is always with you.  You are never alone.  It does feel that way if you live in your head.  So don't just live in your head.  Get back into your body by looking at your body.  Look at your hands.  Really look at them.  You might even do something simple with them.  Notice as much as you can about the movement in the body.  And breathe with the intention of paying attention to the air flowing in and out.  Again, breathe in.  Breathe out.  It is in noticing your body that your mind will become calm.  If it tells you anything.  Just notice it.  You don't need your mind to tell you how you feel.  Just feel.  Where is the energy in your body?  Take a breath and imagine that the air is coming up from the Earth under your feet.  Follow the breath to your waist.  Then with noise like you're trying to cough something up, continue the release of the air.  Imagine the air flowing up from the waist up through your chest, into your head and out the top of your head.  Then reverse the flow.  Inhale a breath from the top of the head to the waist with noise and then without sound from the waist down to the Earth.  This is a way to pull in your essence. Your star or spirit essence.  I first learned of this breath and practiced it in groups of five.  A full breath is from the Earth back down to the Earth.  I was making a long drive and practiced this breathing several times during the day.  At the end of the long day of driving I didn't have the usual fatigue and my body adjusted without the usual symptoms.  So I continue practicing this kind of breath every day.  Try it.  And when you are ready to add on look up Mula Banda.  It uses this breath with constriction of muscles which adds more health practices for the body.  



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