The Light Is Falling

May 06, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Feel the Sun.  The Light is falling.  It's bright.  Maybe it's hidden behind the trees or clouds.  It just is.  There's nothing else like the Sun.  Scrunch your eyes so you won't hurt them and barely peek at the sun as I did lying in a hammock on May 3rd after a World Wide Meditation (that occurs every Sunday, CST: 7:11 am, 10:11 am, 1:11 pm Meditate any way you choose for 30 min.)  I could see colors of teal, purple, pinks, greens, and blues unlike any colors I'm used to seeing when I face the Sun.  My phone camera captured them in the two images below. They are untouched by Photoshop.  The beauty is exquisite.  The feeling .... you decide.


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