Hang Out

June 06, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

The recognizable Moon hangs in the sky.  Usually it hangs out with Venus.  And Venus is there in the lower right. Between the two is Mercury.  Mercury generally hangs out closely with the Sun so we rarely see it in the night sky.  On this night, May 24, 2020 it looks nearly equal distance from the Moon and Venus.  You had to be intentional to see it on this night.  Even though we were poised and ready with binoculars, you had to hang out long enough to get your eyes adjusted to the fading light and you needed to know where to look. But after you see it, you almost can't "not see it".  Maybe its because you know its there so you just relax into waiting for it to reveal itself to you.  Life is like that: it's important who you hang out with because you will be seen in the light of those you are with, you can relax in the knowing that something exists even when your eyes can't confirm it directly and look around to see the simple beauty that is always with you.  It is the mind that creates the misery of time constraints, and judgements, so just feel yourself into the moment, relax, and find the beauty in your surroundings.  If it's not there, move to where it is and take only the people who enhance the experience.  -Samsung Note 9 image, propped on the arm of a chair for stability; edited to for light and contrast


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