Through the Darkness to the Light

June 09, 2020  •  1 Comment








"It may seen dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part". (Jason Mraz, 93 Million Miles) Out of the darkness and into the light are the many horrors that need to be fully seen to change.  After feeling the uncomfortable and giving names to these feelings we can lesson their hold on us so we can work to be rid of them.  Keeping the focus on the solution is how we move forward.  Moving forward is the goal.  Keeping the focus on what we want brings it closer to existence. The fight perpetuates the problem like the War on Drugs.  You can't fight for peace, you must be it.  If we want equality for all then what do we do?  How do we put the focus on making sure that all people are treated with respect?  First, we must be respectful of our own self.  Then we make sure we are respectful and honorable to others, all others.  And that is certainly the message I heard when I read about Jesus.  I've always thought that skin color was a test to this principle of goodness.  But that is easy for me because I was raised to treat others fairly and to not judge someone by their material possessions, job, social status, or looks.  Many others were not taught these ways of being.  I am a caucasian woman who retired from teaching because of prejudice and lack of morals in the ruling establishment.  We have those same problems throughout the world.  We also have caring people who would have equality and justice for all.  I think there are more of us than there are of them.  Perhaps the congregation of peaceful people can make a change.  It has in the past.  There are many inequalities, race is only one.  It will take a conscious effort to focus on what we want for our world.  I want a world where everyone can have the basic needs met without having to work an entire lifetime to get them: shelter, food, water, clothing, and a pursuit of happiness.  It can happen.  The masses have to one by one be committed to the ideal that those in power adhere to the very laws that are put on us.  And these laws also support the community of the earth, not its possession by a few to extort for gains.  If we are all in this together then together we can make it happen. We keep our focus on the light, even if it can't be seen with our own eyes, we know it exists.  Even though we can't see our way out of this darkness, we can still move towards doing our own part to lesson the suffering of ourselves and others.  We can continue to put our thoughts on the solution, seeing all others as brothers and sisters.  It's not just words, they are your brothers and sisters, act accordingly.


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