Sun Days

June 18, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Sun, sun, sun ... what would we do without the Sun?  Not much, I'm thinking.  It's the center of this Galaxy.  It's been appreciated and celebrated for eons.  This week the Sun which represents the Father gets eclipsed by the Moon, representing the Mother on June 21st, 2020.  The current distorted energies of power, greed and control of the masculine in turn have affected and suppressed emotional expression, nurturing and intuitive energies of the feminine.  But the shift for balance is here. The masculine is being covered up by a solar eclipse on Father's Day!  These intuitive feelings that grace the feminine spirit so strongly also exist in the masculine.  We all share the same energies in different degrees.  Shifting the acceptance of these innate abilities as a way of being and thinking instead of the strong reliance on logic will serve humanity to heighten their awareness to the subtle, caring energies that will allow all to thrive on the abundance that the Earth has to give instead of a reigning few.  These emotions have been coming up and demanding to be healed since the moon was eclipsed two weeks ago.  You can see the collective consciousness playing out in the streets all around the world.  This will continue to demand attention in an effort to birth a new way and come full circle with another lunar eclipse in two more weeks.  Go within.  Spend time alone or in nature.  Embrace all that is you and brought you to this place and time.  Acknowledge and be thankful for those "worst moments" that helped you to better times.  These are the sacred events that have helped to develop your spirit, your resilience, your need to change, whatever it was for you. And you needed to allow yourself the opportunity to grow whether you grew or not was your choice.  The glory of choice.  The birth of yourself over and over again to the best version of yourself, or not - still a choice.  It's interesting that the word resilience has the word silence in it with an extra "I".  Could it be that in the silence you find the way to get to that extra "I"?  Tesla said that is where he found his answers.  Thomas Edison used to take "short naps" (meditation, I'm thinking) to find his next inspiration.  You are eclipsing the distractions of the day and your thoughts when you go to the place of silence and stillness within.  This place is your spirit.  You can't live without it.  Yes, you can ignore it and claim it doesn't exist but that doesn't change the truth.  For some it takes a great act of illness or an accident before the spirit is found or a new direction more suited to your spirit.  The accidents and illness change you like the rhythms of nature change what is around us.  The rhythm of change that is constant.  It's the act of eclipsing ourselves and allowing a reset.  Breathe.  Slow your roll and give yourself the chance to grow.  Allow the feelings and memories to come and go.  Detach from them.  They are not here, not now.  Look at them like you might look at the Sun or Moon.  See them for what they are.  Find the beauty.  Get outside and feel your way in a different way.  Then you'll know that even though an eclipse brings the darkness, (we don't get to see the eclipse in this part of the world) coming out on the other side is like a new day. It's like a new chance or a birth of some kind.  Rejoice in the newness.  Be you.  Soak up the Sun and bathe in the shine of the Moon.  You can heal and have it all and so can everyone else.  We can all share the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, Justice, Love, Peace, Joy, Trust and Harmony.  None of this is new, they are all as old as the Sun.  But we can have a new day under the Sun with our new selves in new ways that accept, support and encourage each other.  WE can have something new under the Sun.  It's going to take ALL of us.  Maybe it starts small but the start is the important part. And the continuous change an important component.  WE will all be better for the change.


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