WWIII - The Quiet War, Silent Weapon No. 1, Reframing

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playbook for WWII was a trial run for WWIII.  This history lesson started so many years ago but we will focus on our current situation.  In this episode we expose the foundation of mind “reframing” and how it is practiced. Let’s see how the current events fit in with the “Reframing Agenda.” I have added some current events after the /, forward slash.  I’m sure you can think of many more.

  1. Confusion + Fear = Anxiety.  Psychologists know that a frightened and traumatized mind becomes suggestable to submission and behavior framing./ Consider the confusion about this current disease, how to treat it, how to keep from getting it and the daily “news” of death rates  and effective treatments hidden from the public – see video of a biochemist, Andreas Kalcker,              https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2021/11/biophysicist-andreas-kalcker-chlorine-dioxide-is-a-100-effective-cure-for-covid-2679383.html  (or visit: stop world control .com)         who has researched chlorine dioxide for 13 years. The clinical trial confirmed the efficacy and shuts down this health crisis as it is 100% effective.  It is also extremely cheap.  After saving the country of Bolivia, he has now been censored, defamed and his research has “disappeared” from the internet.
  2. Make the people fearful of each other and see themselves as a danger to others. This inherently makes people feel loathing and stress for themselves./ Social distancing, mask wearing, inability to gather as the social beings that we are.

That’s all you need to set up an abusive relationship.  Now the government, CDC, Media, Tech. are the abusers and the public in subservience.  In this Stockholm Syndrome, the abused is now open to suggestions of behaviors by the very ones who are creating the stress.  The abused will do what “needs to be done” to alleviate the confusion, fear and impending anxiety./ The virus was created in a lab (more on that in Silent Weapons, No 3).  The media projected numbers of deaths and fear day after day.  The “vaccine” was dubious under Pres. Trump and then it wasn’t in the current Administration and then it was required (a continuation of: confusion + fear = anxiety).  Reframing the mind of the public into a "group think" is the end goal of this silent weapon.  Lead them when they are most vulnerable in the direction you want them to go.  (This is taken mostly from David Icke's "Perceptions of a Renegade Mind", 2021. He has written many books on the agenda of this Satanic Cult.  This book starts with a brief history into this cult.  He has had to publish his own books as the censorship of truth has been a prevailing wind for many years and ever more obvious recently.)

"Evil counts on you not believing it exists.  It counts on your arrogance." - Carolyn Myss

"Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those not regarded as members of the herd."

-Bertrand Russell


Summary Notes: Create a problem.  Wait for the response.  Give the answer to the problem. 

The following are examples of abuse.  


  • Call names/ CNN, MSNBC, name any news station and listen to the constant opinions and judgements spoken as facts
  • Say one thing. Do the opposite/ Biden claims he is the president of unity. Then he claims all Americans live in systemic racism.  Biden says the unvaccinated are the problem while the medical community has evidence that the vaccinated are "shedding' to all others, causing them problems.


  • Grabbing, hitting, punching/ Riots called “Summer of Love” - the television called them peaceful, violence is used to get “their way,” after the court case of Kyle Rittenhouse the news asked why protests need to be peaceful.  Creating chaos again sets up: "Problem, Reaction, Solution" (David Icke). If the Federal Government wants to have ultimate control of a police state throughout the whole United States, this is a starting place.

Threats and intimidation

  • Abusers make threats and intimidate / contact tracing, you lose job unless you do what you are told, Antifa, CNN threatens to punish and reprogram all voters not of the Democratic Party right after the "election" of 2020.


  • Abusers limit activities and interaction/ masks for air travel, test to prove your health, exposure to sickness requires quarantine, lockdown for all people to “slow the spread”, no group gatherings or church, etc.


  • Abusers control the money or obligated by monies given / Take away the livelihood of small businesses, restaurants, home health care, etc., make people dependent on government monies. The W.H.O. made false claims that the "virus" was spread by using cash. This is a push to make everything with money digital (bit coins, online checking, digital "vaccine" passport, etc.  Now Biden is proposing legislation to access your checking accounts) so it can be accessed by technology.



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