Resist Tyranny

September 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

  When you are afraid you make different choices than when your body is not in a stress mode.  Perhaps you have noticed the fear factor that has permeated our news, and into every aspect of our lives for a virus that has a 98% recovery rate.  Why the suppression of information for treating this virus?  To answer that question you might also wonder why there is such a push for getting a shot that is experimental and is known to change your DNA.  Do you make your decision with fear in mind?  Maybe you think,  "I need it so I won't get sick."  Or do you consider the suggestion that by getting the shot you are protecting others? Or do you look again at why there is a a large collection of videos giving ways to conquer this virus that have been relegated to a completely different section of the web?  In other words, censored.  This censorship "of course" was to protect the viewer from getting "misinformation".  It might surprise those doing the censorship that discernment of information is what your mind is for.  And I'm thinking that the ones who are moving information around must think they are smarter than I am.  You know, kind of like most people think about animals.  So if you're smarter than the animals you're in charge of, then you get to control the lesser.  Oh my!  Could that really be the plan?  Yes, it could.  Maybe not.  But I'm seeing a desperate attempt from the powers in charge to push this shot on as many people as possible.  They tried to give incentives.  That didn't work.  Then the narrative was to guilt and encourage everyone to get the shot.  Again, too many people were not interested.  So now it's a push it in your arm if you want to work, eat, travel, etc.  The people who have these drugs and nanites already in their body can't understand why the rest of the population don't do it.  I could almost rest my case on that.  Not being aware of what has been taken from you is part of the shot, among other complications.  No worries.  If you have it in your body and want to clear it, there will be ways.  Hopefully, censorship won't make it too hard to get that information out too.  When you hand over to someone else your decisions, you lose part of yourself.  Many have done that with a doctor.  In this way they are trusting a system that was built for profit and although it has helped many, it is not a wellness business.  If you are well, you don't need a doctor.  If you can heal from this virus, you don't need a shot. Regardless of your decision, it needs to be a choice not a mandate.  This is a free will planet but it won't stay that way if we don't stand together for choice.  Stand for freedom or you may not even remember what that means.


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