Aura of Colorful Emotions

August 31, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Your aura is composed by your emotions.  Emotions are feelings that you experience repeatedly in life.  These emotions can rewire your brain so that you actually attract more of the same.  People will say that bad things happen in three.  Maybe that is no more than an answer to where you are placing your attention.  Are you complaining about the situation?  If you are making a practice of talking about your sorrows or negative talk about how things "should" be, this is just a mind exercise for things that you have absolutely no control over.. So essentially you just have an opinion.  Or are you looking for the lesson and moving on?  Sometimes it is difficult to rise above the lower vibrations of anger, and grief.  But the sooner you can rise to a more peaceful state the better events will unfold.  Emotions command your life.  You can command your emotions if you are conscious of the process and how it feels in the body.  It's the body where the emotions live.  Using your words carefully will help you to change how your life unfolds.  If you could see the colors that surround your body you'd have an idea of how someone else feels or commands their life.  Blue is trust.  Healing is green. White is all colors. Gold surrounds those who have attained a heightened perspective of life and are filled with pure love.  Your aura can change as you change.  You change when you take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and feelings.


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