WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #12 Emergency

June 17, 2022  •  1 Comment

WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #12 Emergencies  What? Who? Where and When?  These are the questions that you ask and need answering if an emergency arises.  These are the questions that I had to answer when placing a request to go out as a teenager.  My Dad wanted to know that I had thought through the event.  In theory that will help you to avoid getting in a tight spot.  You don’t want to have an emergency situation.  But if you do have one, having a thinking brain is helpful. 

Well, it’s no surprise that the evil thinkers in the world are using the emergency scenarios to lead us into a controlled crash.  First we had a planned health crisis.  It was practiced as Event 21 with the self-appointed leaders of the world in Davos only months before it was presented to the globe.  Fast forward to 2022 and they again practiced a scenario called Monkey Pox.  When questioned about it, the response was that it was just a coincidence. I guess that means both of them were just coincidences.  Right? The plan was to create an emergency so they could implement new strategies for “taking care of us”.  The self-appointed experts of the N.I.H., C.D.C., W.E.F and the W.H.O. are included in this gathering each year at Davos, Switzerland.  This emergency was to be solved by creating a vaccine.  The W.H.O. has a vaccine agenda for its goals and it should come as no surprise that Bill Gates is the largest benefactor.  If they can succeed to propagate fear then they have ways to strip you of your means to take care of yourself.  Just like in the previous post where the feudal system has you to give yourself to this other/person or government for protection from (in this case) an emergency and YOU now allow them to tell you what to do.  The W.H.O proclaimed an emergency for the planed pandemic.  The FDA allowed injections called vaccines for the emergency.  In this way they can now make available a shot for the emergency of the disease COVID.  But wait, a vaccine can only be used if there are no other ways to combat the problem.  And so we saw the obvious censorship of all doctors that gave claims for other ways to survive the so called Coronavirus.

Breaking news from Sunfellow on COVID-19, @ Rumble.com onJune 17, 2022: Pfizer admits to lying to the Government about the efficacy of the "vaccine" on June 15.  Now their line of defense is that since the FDA and high government officials were in on the lie, that makes it OK.


If you’re interested in where the censored information goes because you might want to learn about what is being said so you can make you your own mind…Here is a link – at the writing of this blog post there were 8,303 pages of censored videos.  Also check out the new avenues for open thinking. There are a number of them.  I like the format on Rumble.



If you’d like more information on how the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) changed from being about health to surveillance, see the amendments proposed for May 2022 meeting.  They didn’t go through with voting on them thanks to the smaller countries that brought up concerns about it. Thankfully each country only gets one vote.  James Roguski keeps a close eye on their activities and many others did too with the live broadcasts which brought to light some of the areas we need to be concerned about.  One major concern was the W.H.O. putting themselves in charge of announcing an emergency and putting themselves in charge of EVERYONE’s heath. If keeping a close eye on their activities keeps them from overstepping on my life, we all could take a turn.  James certainly has a history of doing this.  Here is his information and 2 videos for the interview with Sarah Westall.







Gas is now in the emergency category.  Prices are impacting every sector of the society.  The government is acting like the gas companies can just lower the price and it’s primarily the fault of their gluttony.  Exxon was not pleased and wrote a letter explaining the refinery process and the policies that impacted the problem. Oh, and Russia is to blame as well….Russia, Russia, Russia – I heard that when I was a little girl and they are still pulling that card out to play on us.

Journalist Savanah Hernandez references the letter mentioned above and news on the food crisis coming below.


Farms and food processing plants are in an emergency state in progress.  Farmers are being paid to destroy their crops.  Other farmers are unable to maintain and bring to market crops they have because of the fuel prices being too high.  Farms are being sold off at higher than market price to Bill Gates and the country of China.  And now they tell us the heat killed ten thousand cows.  It’s always been hot in Kansas.  I’m not buying that explanation at all.  Nor do I believe the baby food industry is to blame for the lower production of food.  Fact checkers will report there is “no evidence” that food processing plants are being purposefully burned.  Ok, but that doesn’t change the hard facts that 99 have burned in the last two years.  Another coincidence?

Elections are still being touted as the way to bring back the country.  Just wait for the Red Wave in November, I keep hearing from people who still believe we have a democratic process. But considering that the last presidential election was highly unusual and suspect AND isn’t allowed its day in court I am not holding my breath that we have fixed the problem.  What problem some say?  Really, because it was obvious there were problems. 

The movie “2000 Mules” allows you to see through the cameras what was happing at the drop boxes.  Make up your own mind.



If you disagree with the government you might find yourself defined as a terrorist…





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The first thing that has to be done is to understand what is going on. The silent weapon is a secret weapon that can't be seen or heard by the enemy, but it can destroy them. This weapon is used in times of war and peace.
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