WWW III Quiet War - Silent Weapon #13 MISinformed Consent

August 21, 2022  •  1 Comment

Before you step foot in the direction of your making ask yourself, "Have I researched this enough to know or do I have a knowing within?"  You might not ever get a yes answer for the first part of the question these days.  But there are truth warriors out there that have been digging for data and been on a quest for truth even though you won't see it mainstream.  We, the seekers of truth have found other ways to connect and share information.  Some like the author in the link below have tracked how the changing stream of information was mostly lies.  Definitions were changed to support these lies after the lies were given into the mainstream of information.  The article makes statements and links the source of the statement within the article.  Make up your own mind.  If you had any of the shots for this claimed to be virus, your DNA has been altered from its original state.  Read on.


Update 10/04/2022 Graphene Oxide is used with 5G for Mind Control.  See video below


Update 10/4/2022 The "vaccine" changes the DNA


See blog post: WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #3 Bioweapon for additional information

Update - 1/23/23  Here's proof that the vaccine puts technology into your blood.  It also appears that even the nonvaccinated have technology in their blood.  This video shows the blood under a microscope.  There is evidence that the colloidal gold has in impact on these nano particles.



Movement for #stoptheshots video.  See also stoptheshots.net


In the video above, over 40 doctors speak out in support of #StopTheShots
The doctors are listed below in the order of appearance in the video.

Dr. Marivic Villa
Dr. Michael Uphues
Dr. Kat Lindley
Dr. Bob Apter
Dr. Mary Talley Bowden
Dr. Paul Alexander
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Avani Gupta
Dr. Bruce Boros
Dr. Myhuong Nguyen
Dr. Ben Marble
Dr. Pierre Kory
Dr. Chris Shoemaker
Dr. Grams
Dr. James A. Thorp
Dr. Sally Priester
Dr. Lynnell Lowry
Dr. Chris Hall
Dr. Fynn
Dr Rob Lowry
Dr. Moon
Dr. Steve Latulippe
Dr. Molly Rutherford
Dr. Calvin Blount
Dr. Erin Greer
Dr. Bryan Tyson
Dr. Mollie James
Dr. Terry Lakin
Dr. Claire Zengerle
Dr. Anthony
Dr. Angie Farella
Dr. Aaron Williams
Dr. Debra Viglione
Dr. Avery Brinkley
Dr. Neelu
Dr. Villa
Dr. John Witcher
Dr. Sonya Naryshkin
Dr. David Vella
Dr. Sigoloff
Dr. Bryan Ardis
Dr. Judy Mikovitz








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