WWIII: We the People #5 Know Your Mind

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And so this mind game and propaganda began many years ago.  This first video slows down the "National Anthem" that was used at the end of the day, back in the day when T.V. went off the air.  You will see the sublinear messages: Trust the Government, Consume, Stay Asleep, Don't question the Government, etc.  Wow!  I remember they got caught doing that in the 70's.  They said they quit. Right?!



Update: Here's the Nazi's play book on how to manipulate the mind...

In 1945,  Allen Dulles brought 1600 scientists from Nazi Germany into the United States.  It was called Operation Paperclip.  He clears all their records and makes sure they are not involved in the Nuremburg Trials.  All of them would have certainly been put to death for crimes against humanity.  He put them into government positions and gave them unlimited funding because he loved what they were doing with mind control.  So this in part is how the United States Government became so corrupted and the world is following. 

1.  Make sure the body is malnourished. 

2. Get heavy metals into the body.  Aluminum was the metal of choice at the time and is in many vaccines and blocks receptors in the brain.  The most recent shot has graphene oxide.

3.  Have a negative stimulus so there is punishment if you don't do what you are told to do.  (Examples: No mask, no entry. Must have a vaccine to put your child in school. Pay taxes. Driver's license, car license, taxes on the land your house is built upon etc.)

4.  Repeat messaging - these are heard on the news and on commercials.  For the Covid crisis, there were "experts" or celebrities that would lie to you every day of the week.

Now what you have is persons who are open to suggestibility and willing to be controlled in their mind.

Go deeper into the rabbit hole...


Try not to judge harshly those who got caught in the web especially the young adults who spent a lifetime in the indoctrination.  The “powers that ought not be” began this programing of the mind before I was a child.  So my children who are in their 30’s grew up with the T.V. and the introduction of the internet.  Now we have generations that have all of that all the time!  It’s everywhere.  All these marketing devices are telling you to only trust your 5 senses. This type of living puts the ego in charge and focuses on the self.  Our strength comes from the 6th sense.    This is the intuitive part of you that is still connected to God. It is the knowing that you have within you.  You have to learn to use it just like you have to learn to use your body.  Notice that all the “things” that get made fun of is part of the trappings of this mind control.  Remember how the propaganda told everyone to get the shot and were “name calling” anyone who did not do what the TV was telling you to do. It's tell-a-vision and it has programs; the names give a clue to the purpose of this technology. The social system of control allows the many to control each other.  The ones at the top cannot do this control, they need the help of people doing to each other.  Brainwashing is at the front of this agenda of mind control. 



Sarah Westall coverage of Mind Control:

Update, June 6











Psyop and other mind control activities:





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