WWIII Quiet War - Silent Weapon #19 Snake Venom

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Your God given body has a capacity to heal.  We have been programmed to go to the doctor.  I can still remember using salves and homemade potions to get rid of a cold.  There were no pills to help me with allergies when I was a child.  Dristan entered the market in the mid-70's but you were only allowed to take it for 10 days.  Fast forward more than a couple of decades and now the medical doctor is supposed to know how to handle anything you have a symptom for.  But we got dupped again on this C-19 disease of 2020.  It is not a virus.  It mimics a virus.  The ingredient that does it is venom.  There are 38 different types of venom in the manmade sequence.  The video below gives a good history with Dr. Ardis.  At around 25 minutes he mentions ways to heal from the shot if you got one and how to get rid of "long Covid" - nicotine, is the answer. No lie.


Words written by UK Essays (link below) 

Snake venom is adapted saliva that is formed by distinct glands of only certain species of snakes. The gland which secretes the zootoxin is an alteration of the parotid salivary gland of other vertebrates, and is usually located on each side of the head underneath and at the back of the eye, capitalized in a muscular case. It is offered with large alveoli in which the venom is stored before being transported by a vessel to the base of the fang across which it is expelled. Snake venom is a mixture of different enzymes and proteins which many of it not harmless to humans, but some are very toxic. Snake venoms are ordinarily not dangerous once ingested


  • Snake venom involves enzymes, proteins and substances with a cytotoxic, neurotoxic effect and coagulants:
  • Phosphodiesterases are used to affect the target’s cardiac system to decrease the blood pressure.
  • Phospholipase A2 lysing the cell membranes of red blood cells leads to hemolysis
  • Snake venom hinders cholinesterase causes loss of muscle control.
  • Hyaluronidase enhances permeability of tissue that boosts the rate of incorporation of other enzymes into the target’s cells.
  • Snake venom frequently contains ATPase which promote the hydrolysis of ATP
  • Amino acid oxidases responsible for the yellow color of the venom of some species

Some are Neurotoxins: Fasciculins Dendrotoxins α-neurotoxins

And other is Cytotoxins: Phospholipases Cardiotoxins Haemotoxins

(Snake venom)

Uses of snake venom:


Snake venom contains molecules with hemostatins (coagulation modifiers) that may be activators or inhibitors of coagulation process and some are basis for hemostasis tests

Such as Prothrombin Activators which are the best considered snake venom hemostatins. They are presently termed according to the taxonomic name of the snake of origin and advanced classification according to their cofactor condition




Group A (no cofactor requirement)

Echis Carinatus

Ecarin A

Group B (requires calcium)

Echis Carinatus

Carinactivase B

Group C (requires calcium and phospholipid)

Pseudonaja textilis

Oxyuranus scutellatus

Pseutarin C

Oscutarin C

Group D (requires calcium and phospholipids and Factor Va)

Pseudonaja textilis

Pseutarin D

Less Common Uses:

Thrombin-like enzymes (SVTLE) snake venom is used for fibrinogen breakdown assay and for the fibrinogen dysfunction detection. SVTLE are not repressed by heparin and therefore used for assaying antithrombin in heparin-containing testers. (Snake venom uses)

Effect of Snake Venom on Human Body

When human is bitten with hemotoxic venom by a snake, the venom decrease blood pressure and increase blood clotting. The venom also hits the heart muscle may causing death.

Cytotoxic venom causing death of tissues. Many cytotoxic types of venom also extent through the body increasing permeability of muscle cells.

Neurotoxic venom interrupts brain function and nervous system it produces paralysis or deficiency of muscle control.

Some animals have normal protection to snake venom, and immune bodies can be brought through cautious applications of managed venom; this technique is used to make the anti-venom treatments. (Effect of Snake Venom)


The full article in link below:



Additional information about this bioweapon, publications showing transhumanism agenda, Dr help in blog post below





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